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Toronto Talent: Amazing @AndrewisMusic

Sometimes during my research, I take the time to look around Youtube for fun new trends. I made an awesome and unexpected discovery today! As most of you know there has always been a soft spot in my heart for musicians, writers, artists and this guy has me swooning. He is handsome, talented, extremely creative, funny, witty and on to something truly magical.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.02.51 PMAndrew Huang!

I am completely in love with this amazing talented guy! <3

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Why I Love @LanaDelRey

Indie-beauty Lana Del Rey is getting ready for her hits, ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans,’ to be released on October 9. Lizzy Grant, her real name, has influences such as Nina Simone, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, and many more.

Have you seen her hit YouTube video?

The smoky sounding singer became a star online when she posted her music video. Growing up in Lake Placid, NY, Lana Del Rey has made a place for herself in the world. Remember the name and voice ‘cause this girl isn’t going anywhere.

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Art Exhibit:Because The Kids Don’t Play ~ Bryan Espiritu

“They must see before they watch. They must hear before they listen.” – Bryan Espiritu

I am so excited about this event! For the longest time I admired the workings of Bryan Espiritu (pronounced Eh-Spirit-tu) & knew nothing much more than how to properly pronounce his name. The clearest conclusion I came to was that he was involved in a multitude of different creative projects (including The Legends League)… & that he is so cute ‘for an asian guy’.

When I received an invite to this event I was not only excited but engaged. Thoughts of what I’m going to experience when I get there circulate, I am enthused and entertained.  Even in all of my unpunctuality, I’m bound and determined to get into this event. See below for the event trailer. If you enjoy art, creativity, talent and humanity… I’ll see you there. Don’t miss the ‘Wishery – Disney Remix’, pulled from The Legends League Blog.

BTKDP Teaser from JC on Vimeo.

99 Sudbury’s GLASS FACTORY

99 Sudbury Street

Toronto, ON

Musical Score by Dj’s Mensa, Wristpect, Lissa Monet & Kaewonder

Performance by The Airplane Boys

Click HERE for more info on Facebook


“Behind the wishing well…”

I am so excited! xo


#NP ~ Teedra Moses

I should’ve said… “MS. Teedra Moses”… because she deserves the title! This woman’s voice is beyond hypnotic, beyond soulful… its what I love to call ‘real music’; feels like the music I was raised on. That is meant with the utmost accolade. Her newest track came into my view when my boy Harold posted it to his wall and it flowed through my facebook newsfeed! Thank you social media! “R U 4 Real” is on a heavy rotation right now… here is is… press play

… then re-play. xo



For music streams and new tracks visit Teedra Moses’ myspace

or her official site