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Event Recap: @WMCFashionWeek Days 3, 4, 5, and everything in-between.


So fashion week came to an end on Friday, and as sad as I was to see it go, I was also extremely relieved lol. I could finally give my feet a rest, and my afternoon naps could pick up where they left off… I kid 🙂 I was really excited for this season, I guess missing the last season, had me craving all the wonderful streetstyle, and of course; I couldn’t wait to see what this round of designers had in store for us.


What did I think about World MasterCard Fashion Week F/W2013? Hmmm…. It was nice. Honestly, I was exhausted by day three and there seemed to be a certain je ne sais quoi missing this season. I didn’t bother filming any of the shows after day two because everything was going to be online anyway, and let’s be honest the quality of IMG’s video is way better than mine 🙂


However, despite the exhaustion I loved catching up with and meeting Toronto’s fashionistas, and I’m always inspired by the designers who show their collections. I wasn’t thrilled by majority of the collections, but I’m always inspired by the courage that these designers have to show their collections, to hundreds of very picky and very fashionable fashionistas 🙂

My Favourite shows from Days 3, 4 and 5?


pic credit: George Pimentel

Day 3: Christoper Bates (YES, YES, YES!),  DUY and LINE Knitwear


pic credit: Kenton Magazine

Day 4: Vawk and Matthew Gallagher


Loved Vawk!

pic credit: National Post


 ugh I LOVED!- Matthew Gallagher

Day 5: Caitlin Power, PAVONI and the Lucian Matis off-site show.


photo credit: George Pimentel


 The “Baileys” dress!- Lucian Matis



This show was my life!

My highlights this season?

  • I LOVED Korhani, Bustle gave me life, and PAVONI? PAVONI took my breath away!
  • I made a few best dressed and beauty lists, which was kinda flattering I can’t lie 🙂 Thanks to GLOW Magazine, Fashion Magazine, BlogTO, and everybody else that made this lil girl feel a lil special 🙂


I always think my liner looks a lil off so this was very comforting lol 🙂

  • I got to catch up with my fellow blogger fashionistas who were all looking beyond FLY honey! *two snaps*
  • * The street style. Despite the crazy cold weather, Toronto fashionistas were not going to be swayed, because they BROUGHT it through wind, rain, snow and shine!

There was a great deal of black on the runway this season… I’m a sucker for bright colours and bold prints so all the black leather, fur etc. obviously this wasn’t my thing, but I will say that all the collections were really well made, and the attention to detail was ON POINT. Two very fashionable thumbs up.

I can’t wait for World MasterCard Fashion Week S/S2014 because there’s bound to be lots of colour! Woohoooo 🙂 A big congratulations to all the designers who showed this season, I can only wish I had even half of your courage to follow my dreams!

Until next season 🙂

Stay fly!



#WMCFW Faves: Mercedes Benz Star-Up @DUY_Collection


What can I say about the DUY fall/winter 2013 collection? It was beautiful. It had everything a girl needs; fur, leather, beautiful gowns, ugh I loved it! I wanted every piece that came down that runway, it was wonderful 🙂


Here are some of my favourite pieces!

gp4_9690 gp4_9708

gpm_9772 gpm_9815 gp4_9756 gp4_9769

gpm_9448 gpm_9469 gpm_9498 gpm_9678 gpm_9772 gpm_9815 gpm_9876 gpm_9899 gp4_9776 gp4_9838


Congratulations on a beautiful collection!

Happy Fashion Week-ing!


photo credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG


#WMCFW Faves: Bustle

bustle timthumb

I cannot begin to even describe just how much I LOVED THIS COLLECTION! The polka dot accents, the printed blazers, the mixing of floral prints and polka dots; everything about this collection was giving me life! I was ooh-ing, aaah-ing, and trying my best not to look a damn fool by drooling over this collection! I loved it!

gpm_8190 gpm_8227 gpm_8304 gpm_8319 gpm_8326 gpm_8351 gpm_8360 gpm_8392 gpm_8414 gpm_8464 gpm_8501 gpm_8526 gpm_8544 gpm_8568



Congratulations on a fantastic collection!


photo credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG


#WMCFW Faves: MIZ by Izzy Camilleri

miz by izzy camilleri

I was gutted that I missed the show, but I definitely fell in love with a few pieces from MIZ by Izzy Camilleri.

Here are some of my favourites.

miz by izzy miz by izzy2 miz by izzy3 miz by izzy4 miz by izzy5 miz by izzy6

miz by izzy9 miz by izzy7


I love houndstooth, I love leather, I love fur, I love bold pieces of clothing that still maintain a delicious portion of femininity. I loved this collection.

Happy Fashion Week-ing!


photo credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG