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Spring Toys from Antsy Pants + Perfect for Easter

What could be better for spring and summer play both inside and outside? Antsy Pants has some of the most colorful and fun toys available. These toys encourage active and imaginative play. Parents love to see kids engaged with Antsy Pants’ gymnastics toys that gets kids hopping, jumping, balancing, and tumbling. The new stepping stones encourage color learning through movement, while the Hoppity Hops are so cute, parents will want to display them in kids’ rooms.

And for Easter-basket sized toys (and non-candy alternatives!), Antsy Pants’ felt food, jump ropes and kites are the perfect size and perfect price points.

Antsy Pants, a brand with the mission of bringing back imaginative playtime with toys that encourage kids and families to create, imagine and build together, has announced its new spring and summer toys for 2019. Antsy Pants’ new kites, jump ropes, stepping stones and colorful play covers continue to help families get active and imaginative, both indoors and outdoors.

“With eye-catching designs and bright colors, our active play toys make moving fun for the whole family,” said Anna Weifenbach, Brand Director, Antsy Pants. “These toys are great for body and mind and encourage physical activity, creativity and imagination.”

According to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, only one in three children are physically active every day. New spring Active Play products from Antsy Pants encourage physical play and include:

Kites, Age: 5+, MSRP: $11.99.Kids can take fun to new heights by gliding through the breeze and diving in the wind with the Antsy Pants Kites in Flamingo, Shark and Fish designs.

Jump Ropes, Age: 4+, MSRP: $10.99.Jump for joy with jump ropes in new mermaid and  shark shapes, joining rocket ship and ice cream cone shapes. Featuring hand-painted wooden handles, the jump ropes are the perfect size for at home fun and on-the-go exercise.

5 Piece Stepping Stones, Age: 4+, MSRP: $19.99.  Kids can test balancing skills and learn colors while jumping from stone to stone. Made of approved phthalates-free PVC and containing no heavy metal elements to increase durability and flexibility, the stones are stackable for easy storage and can be used indoors and out.

Stepping Stones are the perfect complement to Antsy Pants’ other gymnastics toys including Giant Inflatable Tires, Age: 4+, MSRP: $19.99; Gym Mat, Age: 4+, MSRP: $39.99, and Gym Balance Beam, Age: 4+, MSRP: $39.99.

Unicorn and Dino Hoppity Hop, Age: 4+, MSRP: $34.99. Kids can grab hold of the unicorn’s ears and hug the dino’s neck while sitting and bouncing for hours of fun. Easy to inflate and deflate for on the go and storage.  

In addition to the new Active Play toysAntsy Pants has a full line-up of award-winning Build and Play toys encouraging creative construction and imaginative play. These popular Play Kits are made with Snap and ClickTM connectors to ensure structures are quick and easy to build, along with being safe and strong for hours of play.

Start with the Antsy Pants Build and Play Poles and Connectors Set (78 pieces), Age: 4+, MSRP: $49.99, which can be used alone or add a creative cover (sold separately) and build a lemonade stand, farmers market, clubhouse, camping tent, cottage, cafe, wild west jail, or puppet theater (each cover: Age: 4+, MSRP: $19.99). No tools necessary, simply snap and click. All-in-one Build & Play Kits with the poles and connectors, as well as the fabric covers, included, are offered in the following fun styles: Pet Clinic, Pirate Shipand Pop Star Stage (eachAge: 4+, MSRP: $49.99).

All new items are available exclusively at Target stores nationwide and online at A selection is also available at Meijer stores and in Canada at Indigo. With each product purchased, Antsy Pants helps support KaBOOM! and ParticipACTION, non-profits dedicated to ensuring that all kids get a childhood filled with the balanced and active play they need to thrive. For more information on how Antsy Pants gives back, visit

About Antsy Pants

Antsy Pants aims to change the way kids everywhere play for the better to promote originality, exploration and activity. By getting kids and families creating, imagining and building together again, Antsy Pants is bringing back imaginative playtime! The play structure’s limitless possibilities are encouraging active bodies and inspired minds. For more information about Antsy Pants, please visit:


New Year, New Games!

You know how hard it is to keep kids to play the same game again and again. Yes, that’s why we need new games. But, where to find new games – fun and cool enough to let kids just stay there to play with?

No worries! Goliath, a leading global toy and games company, announced its acquisition of the Vivid Toy Group from Privet Capital for an undisclosed sum.

Vivid is one of Europe’s leading independent branded toy and games companies, distributing, licensing, designing, manufacturing and selling a combination of in-house developed toy and games IP and third-party licenses. The Company has distributed critical partner brands in over 60 markets worldwide to leading retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Auchan, Carrefour, Mueller, Smyths, Target, Tesco, The Entertainer, and Walmart. The Company is headquartered in the UK (Guildford), and has additional sales and marketing operations in France (Paris) and Germany (Frankfurt), as well as operations in China (Hong Kong). Vivid’s core product lines are toys, games, and arts & crafts.

Vivid is best known in the industry for EMEA distribution of the iconic Crayola brand and association with blockbuster brands over the years such as AniMagic, Moshi Monsters, Thunderbirds, Bratz Dolls, Nella The Princess Knight and many others. The company recently announced a major partnership with Corus Nelvana as part of its exciting innovation pipeline into 2019 and beyond.

Founded in 1980, Goliath is a world leading, privately-owned, international games specialist. In 2017, NPD recognized Goliath as the #1 preschool games manufacturer and #3 children’s games manufacturer in the USA as well as the #2 overall games manufacturer in France. Using the combined scale of the Pressman, Goliath and Crown & Andrews game portfolios, Vivid will launch brand new games for 2019. Being well-known for its major investments in digital marketing, social media and TV advertising, Vivid will get the full benefit of Goliath’s global marketing team.

“The acquisition of Vivid by Goliath represents a bold new chapter in our company’s story,” said Tony Hicks, Chief Executive of Vivid Toy Group. “With Goliath’s backing, we are well supported to build a world-leading portfolio that will continue to strengthen the company’s excellent long-standing customer relationships with the world’s leading retailers.”

“We are extremely pleased to have acquired Vivid, which we believe has significant growth potential. With a long history of working together, we know the Vivid team well,” said Adi Golad, Chairman and Founder of Goliath. “They are a highly professional, world class business spanning toys, arts & crafts, and games with an impressive track record of ‘end-to-end’ excellence in each of its core functions, from procurement and product design to marketing and sales by its unrivaled distribution network and retail relationships in the UK and broad network worldwide. We welcome our new colleagues to the Goliath family and look forward to building a great business together.”

About Goliath

Goliath was founded in 1980 and is one of the few remaining family-owned global toy and game companies. Goliath is an international manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of products. Examples include Wahu®, Sequence®, Rummikub®, Rubik’s Cube®, Phlat Ball®, Tri-Ominos®, Wordsearch™, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo™, Gooey Looey™ and Catch the Fox™.

The company has continued to see substantial growth with the acquisitions of Pressman Toy®, JAX®, Tucker Toys® in the US, Crown & Andrews® and Britz ‘n Pieces/Wahu in Australia, Modelco® in France, and Elephanta® in New Zealand. Today Goliath is the 2nd largest game company in France and 3rd largest in the USA.

Goliath is a market leader in TV-promoted games and strong in many other toy categories, such as puzzles, arts & crafts, outdoor, activity, and novelties.

Goliath products now sell in more than 75 countries worldwide and the company has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. For more information, please visit 

About Vivid Toy Group

Based in Guildford UK with offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and China, the Vivid Group is an independent, privately owned toy, games and arts & crafts company that sells in over 60 countries worldwide. Key lines include the iconic Crayola across EMEA and properties such as Nella the Princess Knight, Thunderbirds, Animagic, Fungus Amungus, Genie Girls, Disney Emoji, Phlat Ball and Squeezamals. For more information, please 


Toys Cars Your Kids Won’t Get Bored With

Drive The Kids to Excitement with Modarri Cars
Remember spending your childhood days outdoors, hanging from trees, riding bikes, playing with cars… letting your imagination run wild?! Life was FUN! Bring that same energy back– whether you’re a kid or kid at heart — and help fuel your creativity with Modarri Cars.
Modarri is the ultimate toy car — letting you become the designer, mechanic and driver. Named Popular Science’s best toy for two years, these cars will stand the test of time, never needing batteries and never breaking.
It’s time to have fun!
A lot of toy cars are fun for a minute but then the drive to play with them sputters away like an empty gas tank. That’s probably because they have limited play value, provide no real challenge, or they fall apart as quickly as they’re bought; but Modarri cars drive kids wild with excitement through endless, creative play.

Modarri cars are durable, finger-powered toy cars with interchangeable high-quality parts, real steering, suspension, rubber tires and no batteries needed. Your kids design and build their own models using their imagination and creativity. 3 cars together can be designed over 35,000 different ways! A Modarri car can be built in less than a couple of minutes using the quick assembly system, which features built-in screws that don’t fall out.

Because there are so many new designs to be discovered and they can be driven just like a real car, your kids will be captivated for hours, taking them away from the iPad and TV and inspiring an old-fashioned love of play.

Modarri Cars received Popular Science’s prestigious “Toy of the Year” … not once, but twice! And they’re so popular, you’ll find them throughout Universal Studios at Jurassic Park, Transformers and the Fast & Furious. They even have an entire area dedicated to Modarri “Build-Your-Car”.

While little ones love these realistic, fun toys, adults really like playing with them too, because it’s fun to design cars no matter what age you are!

Why Your Kids Will Love Modarri Cars:

  • Customize Your Ride – Your kids can design and build their own car just the way they want it – choosing the wheels, suspension, chassis, fenders, hood, frame, color pallet and more!
  • Real mechanics – With a patented steering system, real suspension, tight turning radius, and finger-sized bucket seat, you drive them like no other car and you can actually “feel the road.”
  • Finger driven – Do tight figure 8s, wheelies, slalom racing or any car tricks you can think of!

About Modarri Cars:

Trevor, Brian and David grew up playing with toy cars and never grew tired of them. These 3 car-loving dads set out to make the “Ultimate Toy Car” by combining everything they loved about their favorite toy cars, and then making the experience even better. That’s why they designed Modarri cars to be durable, customizable, realistic and easy to build!