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Nicole ‘Stiletto’

Miss Nicole ‘Stiletto’ is a makeup artist at Donato Salon & Spa and a beauty columnist for My City Toronto. Here is Nicole at the Fashion Showdown – I just LOVE this look! What a doll. Tell Nicole she is fabulous here.

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BDG Solid Pocket Knit Skirt Urban Outfitters $38 USD

and of course some banging python heels! Miu Miu Python platform sandals $985 USD


Tent Trendsetters

So you say you have nothing to wear…well, these people don’t seem to have that problem. Are their closets fuller than ours? or their minds just way more creative… Steal their looks!
Fashion permeates Toronto and all the stylish gather under the tents this week. Where are all these people hiding the rest of the year? After hibernation, the fashion frenzies pop out twice a year, with powder, patent and glossified?
We found the best:


TIFF Opening Gala

stylish people always have a way of finding one another

last burst of summer + fresh mochas into the fall

get into marketing and PR cuz this is how glam is actually looks 🙂

me likey the gents

bananas + brown sugar + rum on a waffle!!?? are you kidding! YUM!

She’s got it right, short hair and dope earrings 😀

Liberty Grand


Sexy Rock n Roll + Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier was born in southern France in the city of Avignon. From the beginning, he was drawn to the rock and roll style. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mick Jagger, but lacked the singing voice. Christian then moved into fashion, building the impressive portfolio you see today

Ultra Supper Club cleared the tables and put in a runway for Christian Audigier‘s glitterly LA Rocker Glam. The show was amazing, the models had tons of attitude and the classic rock music made feet dance and blood pump! In the sea of satin and platinum blondes, I was able to find a few fashionistas with true style and rhythm of their own!

Details matter! Not everyone will notice – but the few that do, are truly impressed, inspired and loving it!