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I love Target: Kids Shoes

Went to Target to check out the awful Rodarte collection and found myself a great little surprise! Yay to having small feet and being able to fit into kid’s sizes!  Did you know a kid size 4 is = to a lady size 6?

Oh so cute!

That means you can now expand your favorite shops to include Gap Kids, Zara Kids, Old Navy Kids and now Target Kids!

Girls’ Xhilaration® Necole Beaded Gladiator Sandals – $16.99
Get them at Target

The Long-Sleeve Minidress

Trend alert! The long-sleeve minidress is this season’s staple silhouette and I love it. I want one! Look how these lovelies are rocking it.

NYE at the Borrough’s
Sienna Miller in Balmain ($20,000 dress+ omg)
Blake Lively aka Serena on Gossip Girl

Wear your LSMiniDress with stilettos to show off your legs! I think they look the best short, with a boat neck and embellished.There are amazing ones at FCUK, ASOS, and on Polyvore of couse. I love this look because I think it’s so flattering for most body types. I have been seeing this in Japanese Street Fashion for years.
This is how I wanna rock it.

What do you think of the LSMD trend? Rock it or pass?


Smell Famous

Everyone knows that the economy stinks but the perfume industry sales doesn’t! Celeb perfumes have cashed in even more than record sales lately. It seems like every single celebrity has their own scent now and more are popping up everyday. More than 3 million bottles of celebrity fragrances were purchased from department stores last year.

i smell cuter than you*

If you plan to be in Germany this March, you should check out the The Global Art of Perfumes conference. The Summit has secured the participation of sponsors and supporters, such as the City of Duesseldorf, the fragrance house Symrise, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Sniffapalooza.

A key highlight will be a presentation by Li Edelkoort, one of the most renowned trend experts, with 30 offices worldwide, and one of the most influential voices in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I want to go!

Back to why it smells like money… They’re better than clothes, music and even movies. That’s because the cost of creating a perfume can be relatively low. The perfume house doesn’t have to pay for the “juice” — that’s industry slang for the stuff inside the bottle. A different company — a fragrance manufacturer — develops it free, then the two firms share the profits.

“It is the single best tool for monetizing celebrity that’s ever been created in the history of the world,” Burr says of perfume. “It is a kind of financial alchemy the likes of which we’ve never seen.”

Brand spanking new for 2010
Fergie with Avon

Beyonce – Heat

Kim Kardashian

Eva Longoria – Eva

Jlo – Blue Glow

Guess who has the best seller of all time? Britney Spears range accounted 34% of the market, Sarah Jessica Parker 16%

Coty develops perfumes for Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Sarah Jessica Parker. Timiraos says having one of those names on a bottle saves millions of dollars in advertising. And for Spring 2010, Coty will be launching the new Beyonce ‘Knowles-Carter’s new scent is projected to rake in US$20 million over three years.

Wow wee. I think it’s time to make a HeyDoYou perfume ^_^

What would it smell like?

Shine Junkie Lipgloss

“it’s like icing, cupcake kisses”

Staying glossy is uber important to me. I am fussy when it comes to the consistency (not too goopy), the pigment (not too sheer), the feeling (not too sticky – ew MAC lipglass) and the smell (not too fake) when it comes to lipgloss. I think I found the one. The true love, the match made in heaven, the one that makes my heart sing! BED HEAD SHINE JUNKIE LIPGLOSS in SORBET.

BED HEAD TIGI is well known for their unique hair product packaging and the product that is the real deal. Irreplaceable and can really do the job for the funky ‘do’s. TIGI are products that I swear by and makes my life that much easier. I have been using their products religiously since I first discovered them back in 2005.

This, I cannot live without. I put it on my hair damp after the shower and blowdry it! It’s like some Rumpelstiltskin magic!

Anyway, the tried and true product that I just got my hand on is the BED HEAD TIGI Shine Junkie Lipgloss in SORBET. They don’t sell it anywhere in Toronto. NOWHERE. I haven’t been able to find ANY BED HEAD COSMETIC at Toronto Salons (only hair products).

This gloss is high color (amazing pigment), non sticky and doesn’t make your lips peel. Very addictive, creamy formula and is the must have for Spring and Summer 2009. My good friend from UK has brought me a case of them because of my addiction… They are exclusively and only for HeyDoYou readers. [Buy ONE NOW] I have only a limited supply and when they are gone, they are gone. The color is Sorbet. It is does not have glitter, it’s a creme lipgloss with an overdose off shine. It almost has a lacquer finish – there really isn’t another gloss I can compare this to, it’s like cupcake icing for your lips.

It is completely wearable for a fresh day look or night out with the girls. The shine factor is insane… mirror shine, cupcake kisses. Let me know what you think!

I am pretty sure the closest color to this is PANTONE 812 M or #ff5f71 in web colors ^_^

Euphoria Spring Temptation

euphoria spring temptation

Introducing Calvin Klein’s Euphoria Spring Temptation—a limited-edition luxury that gives her an irresistible new way to bask in Euphoria. The fresh, seductive scent evokes the dreamy fantasies that have been stirring under the cover of winter.

I love ‘Limited Edition’ anything and this is no exception 🙂 I smell more fresher than you.

Head to Sephora, the Bay, Macy’s, Shoppers and let me know what you think!
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