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@CrabtreeEvelyn Festive Gifts Have Arrived!

I’ve been a huge fan of Crabtree & Evelyn since I can remember. Their luscious bath and shower gels are always on my wish list during the holidays and their gift sets are always at a great price point (meaning there’s no excuse to not gift me during the holidays, haha!).


This upcoming holiday season, Crabtree & Evelyn are unveiling a brand new range of goodies, such as their peppermint-scented holiday soaps (all $5), shaped as Santa, snowmen or beautifully decorated stars. I love them—these are definitely going on my wish list in December!

holiday soap holiday soap

But my favorite addition to Crabtree & Evelyn’s collection has to be their holiday home fragrances. I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to candles and fragrances so I was over the moon when I received my Gilded Chesnut Home Fragrance in the mail. This new scent combines roasted chestnuts with warm spices, ripe autumn berries and whipper butter with musk and a sweet cream accord.

gilded chestnut


It’s a soft, cozy and definite Holiday fragrance I’m loving in my apartment this time of year. It’s a paraffin wax blend and the candle comes in two sizes, small ($12.50) and large ($35). The small candle burns for 20 hours and the large (which I have now) burns up to 50 hours. That’s a lot of burn time, but I’m shopping for more because I can’t stop lighting this one!

Crabtree & Evelyn has also carried their Gilded Chestnut scent to fragrance oil, fragrances botanicals, porcelain diffusers, and even a fragrance spray—yes, please!


Stop by your local Crabtree & Evelyn store to pick up some of their seasonal goodies or shop online at


The B-Exquistic Body Brush

Whether you want a perfect back, want to exfoliate or scrap off that sunburn, you need to use a body brush! It will delicately remove dry and flaky skin. The handle is bamboo and it is so eco-chic. I am so happy to add this tool to my shower routine!  The b-leve b-exquisite body brush is great to use with body wash or natural soap.

You can get one at your local beauty store!


Seasonal Goodies from @LushCosmetics

What beauty brand can brag of the 100% Against Animal Testing 100% Vegetarian 83% Vegan* 60% Unpreserved* 38% Unpackaged Naked (with no outer pack!

Lush Cosmetics has been a long time favorite of mine and proudly Canadian! In case Santa didn’t give you what you wanted, you can get  some of their seasonal goodies for yourself.

Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub ($5.95) – Start the night off by scrubbing up with the big man! A fun sugar scrub to help you eliminate all the overindulgences and toxins of the celebratory season. Use in the shower, work in circular motions all over the body and allow the sand and sugar to reveal brighter and smoother skin. Vegan

Popcorn Lip Scrub ($8.95) – A tasty treat to prep your pout! Take a small amount of this lip scrub and apply to lips in a circular motion – the castor sugar will gently scrub away any dry flaky skin while the organic jojoba oil will soothe any redness and soreness. Follow with your favourite LUSH lip product to keep your kisses mistletoe ready! Vegan

Had A Very Shiny Nose ($23.95) – Perfect for the person who had too much to drink, these little treats are scent-sational to wash your body with. Sandy Santa will polish skin while the olive oil and mandarin juice in Olive Branch softens and uplifts. The splash of gin in Mr. Punch will give a kick!
Contents: Sandy Santa sugar scrub, Olive Branch shower gel, Mr. Punch soap


@ClaireHartM Might like @SoapandPaper

One of the my fav Instagram Stolen From Grandma has really put me in the mood for all things vintage. When I saw these hand lotions, I immediately thought! Oh – how granny appropriate!  Can’t wait to try these!

Keep your hands nourished all summer long!  Soap & Paper Factory Hand Cream has a rich, handcrafted, subtly scented emollient cream full of essential oils.  Packed with ultra-hydrating shea butter, meadowfoam, borage oil, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to feed dry skin, Soap and Paper Factory Hand Cream is the ultimate in natural skin nourishment. Each one comes in a beautiful, recyclable aluminum tube with stunning floral designs.

Geranium: laced with patchouli and ylang ylang, this scent imparts balance and energy

·         Gardenia: mysterious, alluring and feminine, a truly irresistible blend

·         Lavender: a calming stress-reliever, perfect for bedtime application

·         Green Tea: a pure, crisp, detoxifying aroma that awakens the senses

·         Verbena: a truly uplifting woody, floral scent

·         Jasmine: an intoxicating, flower fragrance that promotes inner peace


Who needs a Heart…

when A heart can be broken?
Filthy Cute!

Filthy Cute — Shaving Soap, 1 bar

This scent blend is just too freaking cute. Adorable. Tempting!
Blending white peach and red raspberry with a floral bouquet of lily and magnolia, the scent is very feminine but not perfume-y. The fruit adds a nice complexity to this fresh scent.

Scent Strength:

The shaving soap’s formula contains extra glycerin (for better razor slip), conditioner and vegetable protein for an extra-thick, rich lather.

The ergonomic shape is designed to fit snug in the palm of your hand while you lather up for silky smooth legs! It works wonderfully as a body soap.

3 ounces/85 grams

Buy it on etsy here

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