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Soft Surroundings Las Vegas Opening

Soft Surroundings, a leading luxury lifestyle brand for busy women of all ages, maintains its dedication to providing an extraordinary shopping experience by announcing plans to open its first Nevada location at The District at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson. The Grand Opening celebration on Friday, March 10, will include an all- day event with exclusive gift bags valued at $200 for the first 100 customers, as well as drinks, treats, beauty treatments and more for all customers throughout the day.

Soft Surroundings is committed to helping their customers look and feel their best by providing stylish and comfortable clothing, accessories, and beauty and home goods while giving them an effortless shopping experience. The brand is best known for their extremely soft fabrics, global inspiration, customer service and convenience. Most of the apparel and home goods are designed exclusively by and for the brand. The beauty department in the store will also feature complimentary cosmetic and skin care consultations, as well as regular beauty events.

“We couldn’t be more excited to finally bring Soft Surroundings to the Las Vegas area, specifically to The District at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson,” said Sr. Vice President of Retail, Danny Boddy. “Our brand is all about slowing down life’s rigorous pace and taking the time to rejuvenate and take care of one’s self. We feel strongly that this is something that the women throughout the Las Vegas Valley can relate to and we are excited to give them an opportunity to experience what we are all about. We offer beautiful apparel, luxurious bedding, globally curated furniture and beauty solutions, all hand chosen for today’s busy woman. Our passion for customer service and the integrity of our brand gives us the ability to share our story and hopefully make our customers’ lives a little more fulfilled and enjoyable.”

The District at Green Valley Ranch location will be the 45th store for Soft Surroundings and is part of a seventeen store expansion planned for 2017, their largest expansion year to date.

Located in the trendy outdoor shopping plaza: The District at Green Valley Ranch.

The philosophy of Soft Surroundings is always Putting yourself first, you can take better care of friends and family and hopefully live a happier, more fulfilling Life. 

This was my first experience inside a Soft Surroundings storefront. As soon as I arrived I could feel the positive energy in the air. There was such a great turn out!

While talking with Jessica (representative of Soft Surroundings) she explained to me that the founder (Robin Sheldon) travels around the world to find unique inspiration which is demonstrated in their fashion.

They carry all kinds of beautiful items ranging from women’s clothing, beauty products, home decor, jewelry, and small unique gifts.

It’s the ideal one-stop shop to purchase items for yourself, your home, or a friend.

Clothing Collection: Comfort and style

Softness of fabric is priority.  Making it easy to look great!

At Home Collection(from bedding to furniture): Their exclusive design is purposely made to promote physically and mental calmness.

Check out and #livesoft

-Zuly G Schoeppner


Cabinet Éphémère travels to Toronto

Montreal’s nomadic fashion boutique Cabinet Éphémère travels to Toronto

Toronto, ON – This October Québec’s top designers will join forces with their Toronto counterparts to offer a glimpse into their vision and creative process with the 7th edition ofCabinet Éphémère – the Conseil des Créateurs de Mode du Quebec’s nomadic pop-up shop at the famed Rally Gallery, a cultural showcase and meeting space at 12 Ossington Avenue in Toronto’s trendy west end.

From Wednesday, October 5 to Saturday, October 8,, 2016, Toronto fashion lovers can shop Fall/Winter 2016 direct from the rack and pre-order Spring/Summer 2017 from some of Quebec’s and Toronto’s most famed women’s, men’s and accessory designers.

One of Canada’s most celebrated designers and a pioneer in the Canadian fashion industry, with three decades of tradition and excellence, Maison Marie Saint Pierre has chosen Toronto as the location to launch her menswear focused capsule collection. Accustomed to drawing from the masculine aesthetic to dress women, Marie Saint Pierre makes her first foray into the world of men’s fashion. Having noticed a growing number of clients opting for her most androgynous looks, the designer decided to create a number of unisex pieces to appeal to both genders. Visitors to Cabinet Éphémère in Toronto will be the first to purchase and see this new collection in person.


Quebec-based designers also presenting their collections will include original jewellery for the independent-spirited woman from Anne-Marie Chagnon; environmentally conscious high-end leather goods from By Kilani; Eläma, a line of sophisticated fashion-forward fur and outerwear pieces recently featured on Dragon’s Den; timeless fashion with a modern touch fromLAMARQUE; ready-to-wear pieces from Les Poupounes de Luxe who are setting a new standard with their clothing for women of all sizes; Louve Montreal‘s assertive minimalist handcrafted jewellery; avant-garde unisex designs by Pedram Karimi; elegant cocktail dresses and gowns from Rush Couture; Wallo’s sleek designs and colourful printed womenswear; genderless apparel from the creative design team from WRKDEPT; and bold, edgy menswear from Xian.

Toronto is represented by refined and trendy womenswear from Amanda Maria; Cara Cheung‘s high fashion luxury with urban street style clothing for women; and elegant evening and modern sportswear from menswear designer Christopher Bates.

Bilingual media personality and fashion ambassador Glen Baxter hosts the four-day pop-up shop, starting with a by-invitation-only VIP launch reception on Tuesday, October 4 where distinguished fashion media, celebrities, personalities, bloggers, influencers, and buyers will meet the designers in person to preview their Spring/Summer 2017 collections and shop from their current Autumn/Winter 2016 collections before the event opens to the public.

“Montreal’s Cabinet Éphémère is no ordinary pop-up shop!”, exclaims Baxter, “I am thrilled to see this highly curated concept come to life here in Toronto for the first time with some of Quebec’s hottest designers sharing the floor with some of Toronto top talent.”

This is the first time Cabinet Éphémère has travelled outside of Quebec after a number of successful runs in Montreal. The concept shop was initiated in 2013 by designer Marie Saint Pierre – then President of CCMQ. The idea was to bring together a group of talented designers to offer fashion consumers a carefully-edited selection of high-end and couture collections. Her intuition was right; over 4,000 visitors attended the first edition, held in a trendy sector of Ste-Catherine Street West. In May 2014, the event was held during Montreal’s innovativeC2MTL event and later that same year at the prestigious Ogilvy department store where a collaborative partnership emerged and has been getting stronger ever since. The event is now in its 7th edition with Toronto and it’s planned to span several seasons.

The CCMQ is on a mission to bring together the best in established Montreal fashion with the best in Toronto fashion to empower local fashion, facilitate market and network opportunities in order to ensure growth and sustainability of their businesses.

The Cabinet Éphémère is an event fully funded by the members of the Fashion Designers’ Council of Quebec,’’ says Linda Tremblay, General Manager of the association. “This pop-up was created to be an adaptable and flexible event to promote the high-end collections of Council members. The event has now reached its maturity level and we feel confident we can successfully launch it in Toronto, where our designers’ collections are very well-received by fashion consumers and have been celebrated through their participation in the past during Toronto Fashion Week.’’

For interviews with Glen Baxter, Linda Tremblay, Marie Saint Pierre, high-resolution images, samples, or further information, please contact Gail McInnes at or 647-283-1931.

The CABINET ÉPHÉMÈRE is a new kind of pop-up boutique that offers a privileged foray, a confidential glance at the creative process of fashion designers.  In a trunk show atmosphere, both eclectic and organized, these architects of objects without boundaries propose their collections to the public. The main objective is to bring together, in one venue, designers with a similar creative approach and vision and the product originality and quality that draw consumer attention.   It’s a most inventive answer to the standardized and commonplace mass-market clothes boutiques. The concept is simple and, today, we have proof it is effective. For more information, visit

The Fashion Designers’ Council of Québec is a professional, nonprofit association, founded in 2011.  Its mission is to promote the talent of more than 100 Quebec fashion designers (accessories, clothing, and jewelry). The Council is a confluence point for emerging and established designers that proposes to them promotional and commercial projects – such as Cabinet Éphémère – locally and abroad. To learn more about the organization, go to the association’s Facebook page at

Maison Marie Saint Pierre has been an established Montreal designer label for over 25 years. It is a true institution on its way to becoming one of the top luxury brands in Canada. The importance of its creator’s work was honored in the recent Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards with the Prix d’Excellence, presented to celebrate the exceptional career of a fashion designer. Marie Saint Pierre has an approach that combines artistry, intellect and innovation. Her creations are based on significant amounts of research and development focused on clothing functionality. The company employs a team of artisans who work closely with local manufacturers, allowing a 100% local production.

Glen Baxter is a Brand Ambassador, Content Producer and bilingual journalist specializing in fashion and design. He is best known as the Host of CTV’s IN FASHION, which aired across Canada and around the world for over a decade. Over the years, he has interviewed A-List celebrities and fashion heavyweights like Tom Ford, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Gianfranco Ferre, Donatella Versace and Karl Lagerfeld just to name a few. He has appeared on Canada’s Next Top Model, Canada AM, The Marilyn Denis Show, eTalk, CP24, CTV News Channel, The Morning Show on Global, CTV Morning Live and the Breakfast Television shows across Canada. A world traveller, he has visited more than 50 countries with his camera and has exhibited his photography in five solo shows, raising money for various charities. He is a recipient of the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.


Shop African Designs on

There is a new online destination to check out if you are into unique items to furnish your room, office and life.

Check out the new online destination for fashion, skincare, and design objects from African Designers.

KAWREE promotes African creators and designers and showcases their expertise in fashion, beauty, and design objects.
Here are some of my favorite items!
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.13.52 PM
Eva Sonaike: pink Aburi tray with its palm tree design from our best-selling Aburi collection.
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.16.12 PM
tala mermaid skirt
Raffia is a socially conscious clothing company from Ghana. All the handwoven cotton textiles are sourced from indigenous artisans in Northern Ghana (the poorest part of the country) who use centuries-old loom weaving techniques.
Raffia economically empowers these gifted weavers and, through elegant high end clothing, showcases the beautiful things Ghana’s North has to offer.

6 Tips To Look Great This Winter Without Splashing The Cash

We want to turn heads when we walk down the street, but we may not always have the cash. Unfortunately, looking our best is expensive. The best outfits, the best accessories, even the best makeup and lotions do not come cheap, which is a problem. Looking our best should not boil down to our budget, and thankfully it doesn’t have to anymore. As it turns out, we can look amazing without having to spend a fortune in the process. All you need to know are the hacks that can make it happen, and luckily they are listed below.

I hope you enjoy!

#1: Create A Budget We sometimes let our hearts rule our heads when we shop. Even though we know we cannot afford an item, we can persuade ourselves otherwise. At the end of the month, the credit card bill arrives and it is plainly obvious we were kidding ourselves! The problem is that we don’t have any hard data to prove that we cannot afford an item. We have a gut feeling, but that is not very scientific. With a budget in our hands, we can physically see that we don’t have the cash, or how much cash we have to spend. Budgets are a great way to keep finances up to date and stop those spontaneous shopping sprees.

#2: Shop Online, But Not Very Often The internet is a great place to find a bargain. The only thing with the Internet is that it is too good. Bargains and sales are everywhere due to the competition, so there is more chance that we will buckle. Although each item may be cheaper than their high street counterpart, together they are a lot more expensive. What makes it even worse is that we don’t shop with cash – we shop with plastic. When we don’t physically hand over the money, it makes buying an item a lot easier. As a result, we can go overboard and spend too much. If you do insist on shopping online, visit sites like Discountrue to find the best deals and bargains on the web.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.28.01 AM

picture file


#3: Go Out And Shop There are two main reasons why we should go out and shop on the high street. The first is that there are lots of bargains in-store, all we have to do is find them. The second is that we can pay with cash. When we pay with cash, we are a lot less flexible with our spending patterns. In fact, most of us hate to hand over cash because it psychologically scars us for life! And, if we needed any more persuading, shopping on the high street is a lot more physically demanding than shopping online. We spend more time surfing the web because we can do it remotely, which means there is more chance of us spending more money.

#4: Take A Friend With You If you are heading out to the high street, take extra precautions. Although having a budget and paying with cash are good strategies, they don’t always work. What we need, most of the time, is to hear the voice of reason. As we start to lose our heads, we need someone who we trust to bring us back down to Earth. A friend is someone that will always tell us the truth no matter what the situation. So, if we are starting to lose our cool, a friend can give us a slap in the face and pull us together again.

#5: Shop Vintage If you are not already aware, retro is coming back into fashion. Whereas we would once have been lambasted for wearing retro makes, nowadays we can wear them and look fashionable. Fashion isn’t exactly easy to understand, is it? But, it doesn’t have to be simple as long as we can take advantage of the trends. By shopping at vintage stores and also shopping for classic makes, we can save a fortune, plus we will still look the part. In fact, we will look even better than normal because everyone will think we are fashionistas for being up to date with the latest trends!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.28.07 AM

picture file


#6: Do A Review One question that we need to ask is, do we need to go shopping? For the most part, we love to shop, but that doesn’t mean that we need to shop. When we buy items for the sake of it, we are wasting money. All it takes is a thorough review of our closet to see whether we need to shop.

Looking our best doesn’t always have to an expensive venture.


Giveaway: Center Stage Selfies @stylinity

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 8.17.03 PM

Stylinity Selfie Stage at $19.99

It’s 2015, step up your SELFIE GAME with the Selfie Stagefrom Stylinity. Available on, the patented wall-mounted smartphone cradle —which can be hung in multiple ways— helps the lucky recipient get just the right selfie shot.

And, thanks to Stylinity —the new app that makes selfies shoppable— that photo can pay off big time.  Just download the Stylinity app from iTunes or Google Play and tag any selfies with items featured (fashion, beauty products, furniture, etc.). Sharing that tagged image on social media could reap big rewards — if friends or followers click through and buy something, the sharer earns redeemable cash and products as well as access to exclusive experiences.

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Good luck! Winner will be announced 1/20/2015


Pretty Things at @Eastandlo

A brand new online boutique opened recently!  The brand’s debut collection features knit tops, woven tops, knit dresses, woven dresses, maxi dresses and skirts, along with denim shorts, rompers and jumpsuits. The best part? Everything from the brand is under $100!

To celebrate the debut collection, the brand is offering 25% off everything with the discount code “EASTANDLOGIRL” – I am sure you will find something you like!

Twitter: @eastandlo
Instagram: @eastandlo