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My Favorite Summer Snacks @RothCheese and #PRESSELS

snackSummer pool parties, weddings and easy snacking! My favorite snacks have several key criteria: low calorie, delicious and addictive.   Pressels are New York Style bagels converted to a tiny cracker. They are flat, fun and salty. Imagine a pretzel texture and crunch with the shape and saltiness of a bagel. This a grown up LUNCHABLE that you can take to the next level. They come in a bunch of flavors and are great with soft and hard cheese. What’s your favorite cheese?


I discovered an amazing cheese!  Emmi Roth USA  is adding three new flavors to their Roth® raclette lineup: Mediterranean, Five Peppercorn, and Roasted Garlic. It is extremely delicious and the classic Swiss-style cheese is mild in flavor with a creamy texture and unique melting properties. These bold new flavors put a modern twist on taste by adding ingredients like garlic, peppercorns and sun-dried tomatoes. The come in wedges like this and won’t last long with a mouse like me around!


Raclette adds depth and an element of surprise to an array of recipes, dips and sandwiches thanks to its superb melting capabilities. It can replace cheddar and mozzarella to pump up the flavor of pizza, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, pasta and more.

Roth® raclette and the new flavored raclettes are available at, and will be rolling out in grocery stores nationwide in 2014.


Easy Snacks with Pressels

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.18.11 PM

Something new and interesting to a spread with PRESSELS, which offer the crispy crunch of a potato chip with 80% less fat.

Available in three flavors, Original, Everything and Sesame, PRESSELS is the first all-natural, non-GMO certified, pressed pretzel to hit the US snack market. PRESSELS make for a unique guilt-free treat that is the perfect dip dunking substitute for chips. Buyers will also be happy to know that PRESSELS has no food coloring or artificial flavors, no cholesterol, no preservatives and zero Trans fat.

The three thin and crispy PRESSELS flavors are available in 7.1 oz. sizes and retail from $2.99 – $3.99.  They are available in select local grocery stores and online at

Can’t wait to try these!