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Delicious Addition to West Village @OttosTacos

If you are a NYC foodie, you will be excited about this one! Otto’s Taco, that we love and know from East Village by St Mark’s Place is now open in West Village too at 10th St and 7th Ave!

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On Monday, I was excited to finally go check out this new spot for a lunch date with Tai! Since we most love and miss Cali tacos, it really hit the spot! We got to meet both Otto and Joe (Owner and Chef) and enjoyed sampling almost everything on the menu. They even have Mexican Coke!

The NEW Otto’s is located at the NE Corner right on 7th at Charles. It is the perfect spot for affordable, delicious and authentic tacos, guac and yummy horchata too.  Word on the street is they are about to open a Hell’s Kitchen location soon too.

The Churros are out of this world cakey, chewy, crispy and sweet all at the same time.

Otto’s Tacos is an LA-inspired grab-and-go taqueria, focusing on freshly prepared tacos. All of the tortillas, salsas and marinades are made from scratch. Otto’s mission is to bring a bounty of bold flavors from the kitchen onto your plates… one taco at a time.

The Masa Fries, the creamy Guac, the authentic taco’s with recipes from Otto’s mom and family secret concoctions make this meal totally amazing and satisfying. The huge thing in the front with to GORGON, it is an invention you can only enjoy at Otto’s Tacos. The restaurant has 16 seats, delivery, take-out and the same quick, fresh menu. This award-winning Gorgon is also available, as an off-the-menu fan favorite.

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131 7th Ave S
New York, NY 10014
b/t 10th St & Charles St in West Village

*If you want to try an awesome Cali taco  while in NYC on Otto x Heydoyou –

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Antojeria La Popular: Killer Mexican Tapas @lapopularnyc

I absolutely adore SOHO for shopping but beside Bar 89 I haven’t found a good place to eat. But lo and behold, 50 Spring St has a new spot that is easily going to be a regular in my books! Antojeria La Popular is a cute Mexican street food place that just opened and I went for a tasting! It was totally FAB. Everything was delicious, divine and the server was knowledgeable, making great recommendations.

You must check this out!

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Antojeria La Popular brings the heat and flavor, the breathless rolling salsa, the zesty freshness and thick warm quality of Mexican food to New York City. Crispy and chewy, crackling and crusty with moist, steaming interiors that transform fresh corn, La Popular will slay past misconceptions of so-called tex-mex to deliver real recipes from the far reaches of our vast territory. From the beaches of Baja California and the Riviera Maya, to the mountains of the Sierra Madre, Mexico has an incredible variety of crisp and vibrant flavors to offer. Chipotle chilies, bright green tomatillos and crispy corn tostadas provide a unique canvas for our recipes. Antojitos, the corn-meal based street snacks of Mexico, are pressed and molded by hand into different shpes and typically act as carriers for salsa, cheese, stewed or grilled meats. It’s messy business with the melting chesse oozing, the red sauce dripping and the crunchy tostadas falling to pieces in your hands. Vingerar, salt and lime smeared upon your chin. But that’s the great joy of Mexican street food. La Popular enjoys mixing the best selection of locally-grown such as minced onion, plucked cilantro and a smoky slur of chipolte peppers. This rich culinary culture inspires the joints delicious tostadas and ceviches. Served “Tapas Style” La Populartastefully pairs its dishes with an assortment of wines, beers and sangrias. Their in-house “Chocolateria La Popular” menu offers Mexican-inspired hot chocolate, dulces, coffee and paletas ‘to-go’. La Popular experience is completed by efficient and customer-friendly service, housed within a contemporary Mexican “Antojeria”.

The most delicious spongy and caramel flan



An antojito (Spanish pronunciation: [antoˈxito]) is a Mexican street snack designed to satisfy a craving (Spanish: antojo), and translates literally as “little whim”. Many antojitos have become regional icons of Mexican cuisine and can be found in almost every region, although there are a few local variants that are exclusive to a specific place. An antojito does not count as a full meal, but an appetizer, even though portions are large and substantial. Antojitos are frequently consumed on the streets or markets and considered informal cheap food.


TELEPHONE: +1 646.476.3567

Mexican architects and brand designers couple Andres MYT and Regina GLVDK, family members behind Taka Taka and Vive la Crepe creators, just opened “Antojeria La Popular” Mexican Tapas in a joint effort with a team of Mexico City-based partners. The menu was designed by GLVDK and her father and executed by chef, Andrew Figueroa. Inspired by Mexico’s rich culinary culture, their delicious ceviches, tacos and tostadas are served “Tapas”-style. The idea behind them is to try a healthier, and less known, side of Mexico in a tasting of 3-4 tapas; gluten free and vegetarian options are available. Each tapa represents a state within the country and is inspired by local flavors and memories. To bring out the finest flavors in their Tapas, “Antojeria La Popular” tastefully pairs its dishes with an assortment of wines, Mexican beers and sangrias. In addition, “Antojeria LaPopular Tortilleria Kiosk will have freshly made Blue Corn Tortillas to offer a selection of quesadillas, corn in cup (“Esquites”), Mexican Sodas andMexican Hot Chocolate” to go for the fast-paced New Yorker. Inspired by traditional Mexican eateries “Antojerias”, La Popular’s interior design is enhanced by its authentic materials and Mexican motifs with a contemporary twist. As part of La Popular’s character, GLVDK invited a team of talented Mexican women to collaborate on this project, becoming a hub for creative and empowering ideas.

Sirloin, shrimp, tilapia Ceviche “Tribilin”(Distrito Federal)
Mole roasted Beets (Puebla)
Corn off the cob, “Morelos Style”(Morelos)
Raw tuna, mango, habanero,” Jicama taco” (Guerrero)
Salmon pasilla chile, “Blue corn tostada” (Tijuana)Bacon, shrimp, cheese “Pita taco” (Sonora)Crickets on ”Blue corn tostada” (Chiapas)Chicken mole “Corn tostada” (Michoacan)
Sirloin cheese “Corn tostada” (Zacatecas)

“Señorita” Cilantro, agave, lime, serrano chile, albariño wine
“Guava Mimosa with cava”
“La Tropicosa” Beer with orange, grapefruit soda, lime and tajin rim

Mole chilaquiles

Selection of Mexican Candy by “La Newyorkina”
Mexican hot chocolate with guajillo chile
Ceviches $6.95
Zihuatanejo tilapia, cucumber, cilantro, mango, red onion and habanero
Nayarit shrimp, green olives, cilantro, red onion, serrano chile, oregano, avocado and olive oil
Campeche (V)** palmitos, cilantro, salsa verde and mango
Distroto Federal sirloin, shrimp, tilapia, serrano chile, red onion in a “tribilin” sauce

Botanas $3.95
Puebla (V)** mole roasted beets, crema fresca, and toasted sesame
Yucatan salsa verde, habanero and queso fresco
Tabasco poblano rajas, corn, crema and chihuahua cheese
Morelos corn, queso fresco, epazote, mayo, lime and chili powder

Mar (From the Sea) $5.95
Veracruz** salmon, avocado, serrano mayo on a corn tostada
Colima raw tuna, avocado, crispy leek, chipotle mayo, salsa verde on a blue corn tostada.
Jalisco (GF) shrimp, red cabbage, cilantro, red onion, chipotle mayo, valentina on a jicama tortilla
Guerrero (GF) raw tuna, mango, habanero, serrano mayo on a jicama tortilla
Baja shrimp, beans, avocado, chipotle mayo on a a flour tortilla
Tijuana salmon, queso fresco, poblano chile, red onion, pasilla mayo on a blue corn tostada
Sonora bacon-shrimp machaca, queso chihuahua, avocado, poblano, chipotle mayo in a pita bread

Tierra (From the Land) $4.95
Oaxaca beans, queso fresco, avocado, salsa verde on a blue corn tostada
Chiapas crickets from the pacific coast, avocado, crema fresca on a corn tostada
Michoacan chicken, mole, queso fresco, lettuce, toasted sesame, crema fresca on a corn tostada
Sinaloa** chicken salad, serrano mayo and carrot escabeche on a corn tostada
Zacatecas sirloin, queso chihuahua, salsa verde on a corn tostada
Potosi chicken, beans, lettuce, cream, salsa verde, cilantro on a corn tostada.
Tamaulipas sirloin, beans, queso chihuahua, red cabbage, pasilla mayo, salsa verde in a pita bread.

Chilaquiles $7.95
Traditionally eaten at breakfast or brunch. Sliced tortillas, chicken, crema, cheese, onion, cilantro and the salsa of your choice:

Verdes green salsa
Rojos red salsa
Mole mole with sesame seeds

Lunch Special $14
1 Ceviche Or Botana
1 Mar Tapas
1 Tierra Tapas
1 Paleta

Prix Fixe $40
For 2 People Min. 6pm Till Close.
1 Ceviche
1 Botana
2 Mar Tapas
2 Tierra Tapas
1 Dessert

Postres (Desserts)
Paletas “La New Yorkina” 3 seasonal flavors $8
Flan mom’s secret recipe $5.50
Chocolateria Popular selection of mexican candy $8

Chocolate Mexicano
Soy, Skim Or Whole Milk / Ask For Our Month’s Selection: Hot / Iced.
Taza cacao, orange, ginger, chipotle chili, cinnamon, vanilla, salted almond, guajillo chili, coffee, salt and pepper $4.50

Happy Hour
Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm Only By The Gl. 2 For 1.

Beer + Wine

Cocteles Tropicales $8.50
“Rosarita” blood orange, agave, lime, prosecco
“Senorita” cilantro, agave, lime, serrano chile, white wine
“Maria Bonita” (mexican bloody mary) clamato, worcestershire, maggi, lime, valentina, beer and salted rim.

Gl $8 / Pitcher $28.
Cava blood orange, mango, guava

Gl $8 / Pitcher $28.
Red & Seasonal

Mexican Beers On Draft modelo especial $7
Bottled pacifico, negra modelo, coronita $7
“Cubeta” 6 coronas on ice Bucket $30.

Cocteles Con Cerveza $8
Chelada beer with lime juice and salted rim
Michelada beer with lime juice, worcestershire and salted rim
La Tropicosa beer with orange, grapefruit soda, lime juice and tajin rim

Aguas & Refrescos $3
“Agua Del Dia” (Horchata, Jamaica, Tamarindo)
Boing Mango & Guayaba
Sidral Mundet
Sangria Senorial

Vinos By The Glass
Tintos $8
Belle Ruche / Cotes Du Rhone / France 2010
Alta Vista / Malbec / Argentina 2010
BV, Cabernet Sauvignon / California 2012

Blancos $8
Martin Codax / Albarino / Spain 2010
Lapostolle / Sauvignon Blanc / Chile 2011
William Hill / Chardonnay / California 2010

Freixenet / Cordon Negro Brut / Spain $9** Non Spicy, (V) Vegetarian, (GF) Gluten Free.