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Went to the best camera equipment rental shop in Flatiron last week…Adorama. Amazed by the selection, knowledge and expertise of the staff and this!

Look at the “PricePort” which is a listing of all their available equipment and prices. So creative!

PS: If you FourSquare check in you get $5 off



“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes even when the people in it do.”

HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

faceoff at Smashbox Studios

Smashbox Faceoff was just sublime. Thanks for the invite Luke! Went to check out the amazing photography with a little Sass and my girl Rebecca! Stylish and talented crowd included Smashbox’s Lori Taylor, photographers and models alike.

me and sass

first the art…
…then the peeps
the ladies of GRACE Model Management

Smashbox peeps

hey cutie… LOL

Liza of ULMagazine
me, rebecca + sass! 
*photography by the talented and entertaining Scott Nathan

What’s WRONG with this picture?

It’s because of stuff like this that I love the internet! That’s how most of us discover some of the not so hidden talent the world has to offer. I’d never heard of this artist until I came across the picture of The “N” word blogger (below), one night while searching “weird pictures” on Google… don’t judge me I! lol
Anyway Asger Carlsen is a highly acclaimed photographer, born in Frederiksberg, Denmark and he currently lives and works in New York, NY. He started working as a “Street photographer” in Copenhagen, and has since done a great deal of freelance work all over the world, and has won a tonne awards.

Asger Carlsen: Wrong Series
The beauty behind The “N” Word: lover, dancer, sinner, giver, muse. She got no filter. Tells it like she sees it. Viewer discretion is advised.Check out her blog here!
Asger Carlsen: Wrong Series
Asger Carlsen: 0 Series
Asger Carlsen: 0 Series
Asger Carlsen: detour Series
Asger Carlsen: detour Series

See? More proof that if you have a dream, and work hard to make sure you make that dream happen, anything is possible. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, “you can’t”.
visit his website here!
He’s got some dope work!
I think the whole concept of the “Wrong Series” is really cool. He’s just pushing the limits, and that’s really what I love about art. It makes you say “huh?” *tilts head to the right, intrigued and confused*. The power of the mind paired with passion is a fantastic thing!
Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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