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Winter Glamour Party at J. Sisters Salon

Last Wednesday, Social Exposure Media kicked off 2012 with the Winter Glamour Party at the famed J. Sisters Salon inside the Limelight Marketplace. Guests were invited to experience spa-like treatments, hair-styling, makeup touch-ups, baked goods, sponsored cocktails and VIP gift bags.

The Winter Glamour Party is a part of the “Social Exposure Intimate Series,” which focuses on bringing people together to talk shop in unique environments while experiencing luxurious services, products and goods that are specifically targeted to their demographic.

The well-attended event was filled with beautiful faces, many of whom took the opportunity to add some glam with mini-makeovers.

Sweet treats were all around. The cupcakes tasted like marshmallows!

Next, I tried a Hypnotiq cocktail.

The red bottle is the newest Hypnotiq flavor, Harmonie. It has a great berry flavor and goes well with Champagne.

Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey is a perfect for the new whiskey drinker, with it’s extra smooth and mild taste.


Other sponsors of the night include:
Mina D. Jewelry
Real Beanz Coffee
Voli Vodka
Soy Spacasso
Rain Africa
Angela Angiulu Personal Training Certificates
Sophie Blake Jewelry Designs
Alzerina Gomes Jewelry
Jennifer King Style


Winter Glamour Party in NYC Tomorrow

Here’s a great idea for after-work playtime in NYC tomorrow, January 25!

The Winter Glamour Party will feature:

  • Salon treatments by the famed J. Sisters Salon (best known for Brazilian blowouts and topnotch waxes)
  • Whiskey tasting sponsored by Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey (a new, sexy whiskey for the younger NY crowd that doesn’t know they love Whiskey yet)
  • A full blown candy bar
  • Glam-inspired cocktails sponsored by Hypnotiq Harmonie
  • Gorgeous jewelry designs by Mina D. and Alzerina Gomes
  • Glamorous makeup touch-ups and men’s grooming by Jennifer King, Valerie Star, Stacie Simmons and Marisa Cohen
  • Real Beanz Coffee (a new, health-based, energizing canned coffee drink)
  • Beauty product samples by Soy Spacasso, The South African Store, Rain Africa, Perrier

Here are the deets:

When: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Where: The J Sisters Salon (inside the Limelight Market Place), 656 6th Avenue
Time: 7–11pm
Admission: $20 at the door

See you there!


More Divaliciousness!

Toronto’s most Divalicious summer event is back for round 2!! For my familiar divas, Why should you go? Well because I said so lol, but also because… you can get your party on, while gettin your pretty on with the beauty services that will be offered throughout the night! You can get your hair done, nails done, there’ll be tonnes of vendors featuring our fabulous local designers, and MORE! Newbies you should go too! So when and where? Thursday August 5th, Roosevelt Room, 6-9pm. I think you should go! You should GOOOO…. oh there will also be $5 Divalicious Martinis AND a live fashion show! F-U-N!

ps: This year’s sequel features a fashion-forward twist courtesy of Shop Socials.

The event is hosted by Shop Socials, and there will be lots of free giveaways and door prizes! So make sure you guys go out and get your mingle on with over250 Divas!

Get your tickets here! (ps: they are cheaper before the 10th!)
stay classy ladies 🙂
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2 more sleeps till DITC!!!

Oh my how time FLIES!
All my Divas in The City I hope you’re READY!! It’s only a couple more days till we’re sipping cocktails and rubbing shoulders with all the movers and shakers this city has to offer!

Make sure you come out with your Cute, Clever self and get Connected!
If you STILL haven’t gotten your tickets, GET EM HERE!

ps: There’s also a post-event networking event! It’s FREE, so RSVP here!
See you there!

*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*


Flud Watches

Many networking and business skill books mention that it is important to always have a ‘what’s it’ when you are out and about. Whether is it that interesting tie, a unique hair accessory, a punch of color in your wardrobe or an interesting pin on your lapel or crazy shoes… the ‘what’s it’ is a great conversation starter. From the book, How to Talk to Anyone they suggest you always always have something like this when you are any event and also take notice of other people’s ‘what’s it’.

A great spring summer ‘what’s it’ I totally dig is the fresh FLUD watch. They are perfect for industry types like us when we are out and about. You always know what time it is, you have a dope accessory and you keep them guessing.

Here are my top picks:
#1. Boom Box

#2. Turn Tables

#3. Big Ben

Mine’s on the way! Guess which one I got!