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LOVE it: Pretty and Soft Curls with @MixedChicks

20130601_143214I’ve been looking for a good leave-in conditioner for my natural hair for ages now, but haven’t been able to find one that delivers. You can only imagine my excitement when I received a lovely package full of Mixed Chicks goodies in the mail a few weeks ago,  AND in that package was a leave-in conditioner! Now because I haven’t had much luck with leave-in conditioners, I was a little apprehensive about how well this conditoner would work, but I’ve heard good things about Mixed Chicks products so I was more than down to try.


Sunday is ‘Hair Day’ and this is when I do my usual co-wash, deep condition and re-do my protective style. So for the last few Sundays I’ve been using the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner before putting in my twists/flat twists. I’ve noticed that it actually takes me a shorter time to do my twists/flat twits as the conditioner softens my hair right away, and there are hardly any tangles, therefore less breakage. Score!


Defined, fluffy, shiny and healthy curls, I couldn’t ask for more!

Since using Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, my hair is still soft, and fluffy even after taking my twists out, and one of the best things is that there is no flakiness, which is what used to get on my nerves when I used other leave-in conditioners. I’ve also noticed a significant amount in breakage. I know that we lose about a 100 strands of hair a day *gasp*, but I still don’t like to see my hair break, so I love that my hair barely breaks, if at all, before and after using the Mixed Chicks conditioner.


  • Instantly soft
  • Little to no breakage, which means increased retention, therefore increased growth.
  • Did I mention super soft hair????
  • Defined curls
  • No flakiness AT ALL!
  • Increased moisture and shine.
  • I live for how sleek and defined my twists look!

20130624_190945Radiantly rollin’ with Mixed Chicks!

Big thank you to Mixed Chicks for sharing this with me, and for bringing my leave-in conditioner hunt to an end! I can’t wait to try the other goodies!

Have you tried Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner?  What are your thoughts?



@Verb Products for your Hair

Just this last week, Verb Hair Products launched nationwide at Ulta!

Having come up empty on their search for a high-quality, low-price line to carry in the stores, Birds Barbershop ( co-owners Michael Portman and Jayson Rapaport spent the better part of two years developing their own. The result is a six-product, professional unisex line with all of the items retailing for just $12 each.

What’s more, everything in the Verb product line is water-based, vitamin-enriched and contains a natural UV protectant tested in the Texas heat (the Verb Styling Cream actually can serve as “sunscreen” for your hair!). Bad stuff-free (no parabens or sulfates) with a barely-there scent, the products leave a clean, crisp finish that won’t linger. Verb is made in the United States and created without animal testing. All canisters are recyclable, although some people may find the packaging hard to throw away.

I have been using these styling products for the last week and I give it 2 thumb up!  The scent it fresh and the product is not sticky at all.  If you are looking for a new styling product to switch up your routine, make sure you try Verb!

Find out more about their products below:

The Verb Products line they created features six products retailing for $12 each, including a color-safe, paraben and sulfate-free Verb Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner; Verb Sculpting Clay and Verb Forming Fiber; and Verb Styling Cream and Verb Finishing Polish. Six more products are in development for future release in ULTA’s retail locations and at All will retain the $12 suggested retail pricetag.

“When we went out looking for an affordable, stylish and high-quality line to carry in our shops, we couldn’t find one,” said Verb Products & Birds Barbershop Co-Founder Jayson Rapaport. “After securing a manufacturer and nurturing great talent in-house, we realized that not only is it possible to create professional quality at an affordable price, but also long overdue. We’re thrilled to have a nationwide launch partner like ULTA that sees the same potential in Verb that we do,” added Co-Founding partner Michael Portman.

Using their 100+ employees in their five rocked-out barbershops-salons as their lab, the business partners applied their award-winning formula – affordable, straightforward and salon-quality – to hair products. The result is a line that stands toe-to-toe with luxury and prestige brands that are twice and triple the price. Verb debuts with six SKUs.

Finishing Polish
This lightweight finishing cream controls flyaways and provides shine, definition, and a refined finish without leaving the hair weighed down. Sweet almond fruit, green tea, and bamboo extracts along with organic argan oil polish the hair while sealing frayed and frizzy ends.

Forming Fiber
Verb Forming Fiber provides a strong, all-day hold with flexibility to re-work styles, leaving hair with a matte finish. Fiber is gluten-free and contains extracts to help thicken and increase the fullness of hair.

Hydrating Conditioner
Verb Hydrating Conditioner is a deep moisturizer that repairs damaged hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Our conditioner provides intense nourishment, yet washes away without leaving hair feeling weighed down. Keratin Protein and a complex blend of 18 other proteins that absorb easily into the hair to retain essential moisture.

Hydrating Shampoo
Verb Hydrating Shampoo offers a gentle cleanse that replenishes moisture, preserves color and protects against heat styling. Leaves hair soft, smooth and tangle-free. Our shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, and is vegan friendly. Quinoa protein is used to penetrate the hair to nourish, repair damage and protect against environmental exposure.

Sculpting Clay
Verb Sculpting Clay provides medium hold, natural texture, and pliability to re-shape hair throughout the day. Our clay is free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, and is vegan friendly. Sunflower seed extract provides thermal protection against heat styling.

Styling Cream
This lightweight formula smoothes and refines hair while taming frizz and providing subtle hold. It offers protection from heat, leaving hair with a soft, satin finish. It is free of parabens, gluten, and is vegan friendly. Argan and jojoba oils smoothe the hair while building body. Bamboo, Green Tea, and Sunflower extracts provide antioxidants, strengthen hair, prevent breakage and protect against heat styling.