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NEW Hot Sauces from Moore’s Marinades and Sauces. Tasty!

I’m excited to let you know about Moore’s Marinades and Sauces NEW line of hot saucesWith four flavors to choose from — a milder mustard with cayenne to an explosive habanero — there is something for everyone’s taste buds. Here’s the product line-up:

Spicy MustardA little tangy, a little sweet . . . perfect for when you crave that mustard taste but want the added kick. Contains mustard seed combined with chili peppers and cayenne peppers. Try it in Moore’s Hot Cheese Mustard Dipping Sauce.

Jalapeno: If you love green salsa, this sauce is for you. Made with tomatillo and cilantro with just a hint of lime, this sauce pairs perfectly with Mexican dishes. And Bloody Mary’s 🙂 —check out the recipe here.

HarissaThis sauce takes the heat up a notch with its unique blend of roasted chili peppers, habanero peppers, cayenne peppers and touch of garlic. Truly a unique taste, perfect for adding the perfect amount of fire to any dish. Want a unique snack? Try Moore’s Sweet and Spicy Harissa Popcorn.

HabaneroFor those that like their food as hot as it can get, this naturally smoky sauce made from Costa Rican habanero peppers pairs perfectly with any foodCheck out this recipe for a Habanero Monterey Jack Burger.

Excite your taste buds and add extra flavor to your all favorite foods with Moore’s NEW Hot Sauces. Don’t just add heat, add Moore Flavor.

$3.29 for a six-ounce bottle


Savor Spooky Snacks This Halloween With Moore’s Marinades & Sauces

I believe you had a blast at your Halloween parties. Whether you’re hosting or bringing an appetizer, Moore’s Marinades and Sauces makes it easy to whip up a spooky treat of ghosts, pumpkins and mummies. Check out my recipes below!

Savor Spooky Snacks This Halloween With Moore’s Marinades & Sauces

Make the holiday devilishly good with endless recipes & flavors

This Halloween, I took a break from pumpkin spice and whipped up some snacks everyone would love with Moore’s Marinades & Sauces! 

Whether you’re trick-or-treating with the kids or throwing a Halloween bash, Moore’s makes it scary-simple to achieve devilishly good treats with endless recipes and flavors. Halloween is just around the corner, so cook up some creepily creative dishes with Moore’s!

Sometimes, the best way to face our fears is to eat them. Put a spooky spin on your favorite recipes with Moore’s Spooky Snacks! Dying for a delicious appetizer? Shape the Moore’s Honey BBQ Chicken Cheeseball into a pumpkin for a themed snack! Once the cheeseball is chilled and ready to be served, just cut off the top of the green pepper and place it on top of the cheeseball to be the pumpkin’s stem. Lastly, cut the black olives in half and use them to make a scary Jack-O’-Lantern face!

We know what you’re missing – mummies! Wow your family, friends and neighbors by morphing Moore’s BBQ Pigs in Blankets into magic mummies. By strategically wrapping crescent rolls around the cocktail wieners, you can add eyeballs and just drizzle the finished snacks with extra Moore’s Honey BBQ Wings sauce to give them a little spooky style!

Perfect for any occasion this season, Moore’s will make it hard not to play with your food. Put an eerie twist on your favorite recipes with Moore’s Marinades & Sauces!

With hurricane season devastating the country, Moore’s is committed to giving back through Operation BBQ Relief. Founded in 2011, OBR is comprised of a Disaster Response Team of over 4,420 volunteers and competition BBQ teams. Able to quickly mobilize its deployment teams to any area across the country to provide hot BBQ meals, compassion and hope to those whose lives have been affected by disasters, they are essential to any community. Providing over 1 million meals to 21 states across the country, they have served nearly 6,000 meals a day.

In support of the positive work of Operation BBQ Relief, Moore’s pledged to donate $0.10 for every bottle of marinade or sauce purchased, doubling its 2016 pledge to $20,000.

About Moore’s Marinades and Sauces

Moore’s Marinades and Sauces began over 30 years ago at a family-owned steakhouse in the small Alabama town of Jasper, and quickly became a staple throughout the South for its delightful, hickory taste. Since then, Moore’s has expanded its line to include a number of mouthwatering favorites like the award-winning Moore’s Buffalo Wing Sauce. The full line of marinades and sauces can be found in retailers throughout the nation. For more information, visit


10 Father’s Day Gifts That He’ll Actually Take Out of The Box

To the Dad who loves to take care of the skin

Over the years, Murad’s acne line has developed a huge cult following because of its efficacious formulas. Murad is now adding to their sought after line with the NEW Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment.

A fast-acting, invisible gel that reduces blemish size and redness in just four hours, Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment features maximum strength Salicylic Acid to clear pores,

smooth skin and treat acne at the source by killing bacteria.

Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment is formulated with a patented complex that features thyme and pine extracts to fight irritants while preserving skin’s natural balance. Horse chestnut and oat extracts help to reduce redness and soothe the skin, for an even and clearer complexion. ($22 from


For the Tech Loving Dad 

Wraps Headphones

You can never go wrong with a cool tech gift. Wraps Wristband Headphones eliminates the frustration of searching for your headphones with it’s anti-tangle storage feature. Wear it around wrist when you’re not using them and pop them into your ears when you are ready for a jam session. Designed by British designers, Wraps features superior sound, attractive styles and high quality material. Whether they are on your wrist as a stylish and comfortable bracelet, or in your ears as great sounding headphones, Wraps guarantees to be a must have accessory that also finishes off any outfit perfectly. 

For the Outdoors Lover


Groove Life Rings

Perfect for the athlete, “hands on” professional, or outdoors lover, Groove Life Rings are the active, silicone ring designed for heavy duty work. The world’s first breathable active ring that is not only comfortable, but functional, Groove raises the bar on traditional silicone rings with its flexible material, patent pending inner breathable design, and bold colors. For those who work hard with their hands, traditional precious metal bands just aren’t practical. They can snag on tools or clothing when working, damage sensitive materials, or even get lost when removed for safekeeping. 

For the Dapper Gentleman


Add some personality to your dad’s wardrobe with unique styles from DAZI. A good tie can completely transform an outfit. These high-quality skinny ties come in a variety of unique designs, styles, and colors that perfectly match any suit or outfit — at a very affordable price! With DAZI, high quality meets affordability.  Priding itself in offering some of the best skinny ties that money can buy, these fashion accessories are the perfect gift for a modern dad who always likes to look dapper. 


For the Dad Who Needs a Good Night’s Rest


There’s nothing like waking up reenergized. For the hardworking dad who deserves good sleep, Dreampad is the perfect way to give him a peaceful slumber. The Dreampad is a technology-based solution for reducing stress and improving sleep. The product is a comfortable pillow which uses patented technology to ease you into a peaceful sleep through relaxing sounds and gentle vibrations that only you can hear. No more time wasted counting sheep or tossing and turning throughout the night- Dreampad is a spa for your brain! 

For the Man With Good Taste

Glazze Crystal

Your dad will enjoy sipping a rich Burgundy or a smooth whiskey from one of the beautiful styles from Glazze Crystal! Crafted with either 24k gold or platinum, these hand painted glasses are delightfully decorative. Hand cut in Turkey, this gorgeous glassware comes from a centuries long tradition of high quality craftsmanship, beauty and innovative designs. Hand-cut, engraved, blown and painted glassware ranging from champagne flutes to luxurious liquor glasses, add Glazze Crystal for an enviable, elegant atmosphere in your abode! 


For the Golf Enthusiasts

Tin Cup

Surprise your grandfather, uncle or dad this holiday with a classic game of golf. Make this experience even more special with  Tin Cup, a 100% stainless steel ball marker proudly made in the USA. Their personalized cups are the perfect gift for the gold over and with 150 to choose from you’re guaranteed to find the right one. Simply insert your favorite ball into the half tin that comes with a uniquely designed stencil, easily color in the design, and presto, you’ve added some uniqueness to your putt and golf gear. Tin Cups are sold at Dick’s Sporting GoodsPGA TOUR SuperStoreThe Paradies Shops (Airport Shops)Roger Dunn Golf Shops, and hundreds of golf pro shops for the standard price of $19.95.



For the Ultimate Grill Master


Moore’s Marinades and Sauces

Now your dad can flip with flair! For the dad who loves to chef it up, Moore’s makes whipping a meal together easy with their delicious marinades and sauces. Over thirty years ago in Alabama, a family-owned steakhouse put their signature touch on their poultry and beef. It quickly became a staple in their small town for its delightful, hickory taste.  Whether you crave a sweet, sticky taste or a hot, tangy flavor, Moore’s has a stellar lineup of products that your dad will love. Marinate and savor ‘Moore’ flavor than ever before in your wings, burgers, and meats!

For the “College Was The Best Years of My Life” Dad


Mark the spot that means the most to your dad! Whether it is his favorite city, town or locale  UncommonGreen‘s Home Town Maps Barware collection specializes in creating one of a kind glassware with the maps of your most cherished places.  Go beyond your average cup and choose a top quality glass that is designed with the streets and neighborhoods of your father’s beloved hometown. Each map is etched intricately and wraps entirely around the glass from top to bottom, achieving a striking effect. Make it extra personal and add a custom text to make your Father’s Day gift truly unique. Your father will love this cool way to represent his hometown. 

For the Wavy Dad


Don’t let chafing ruin your beach fun. DryFins trunks (for men and boys) come with a smooth, silky liner that keep you pain-free and comfortable, in and out of the water. DryFins is anti-chaffing swimwear that will keep you pain-free and comfortable so you can enjoy your water adventures worry-free! Plus, DryFins are great to wear for strolling around town — go smoothly from the water to the land! Designed for guys by guys, DryFins is an adventure apparel brand for active men and boys who love to swim, boat, fish and hike.