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Review: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost ($47 CDN) is a new lightweight gel facial moisturizer that is water-based, packed with marine antioxidants as well as free of phthalates, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfates, gluten and parabens!!!

The first time I tried a gel moisturizer was two years ago when I was in Hong Kong. I remember being enthralled with the rose scent and wishing  thatI could have re-purchased the product when it finally finished, but I was NOT willing to pay exorbitant customs charges and could not find a local supplier ☹

A few weeks back, when I saw an advertisement for Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost on the Tarte website, I was hyped to learn it would be available in the Canadian market soon, because I couldn’t wait to test out this gel moisturizer.  Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost was released alongside a line of other skincare (including SPF and a cleansing gel) as well as make-up products and brushes. The packaging for these items is super cute – gold embossing on turquoise, pink and purple!

The moisturizer comes in a jar, which I prefer, since I can use as much as I need. However, be mindful not to leave lidded products open for too long as this usually compromises on their quality. The moisturizer is thick, clear and has a strong floral (lavender) fragrance.

Once I applied the gel onto my freshly washed and toned face, I noticed that it felt very refreshing and hydrating. It also absorbed quickly and easily into my skin.

I had no issues applying my regular makeup routine on top of this moisturizer although I did find that I looked “shinier” (the moisturizer I was using prior is advertised to reduce pores and sebum flow, and to be anti-shine and mattifying). I also used this as a PM moisturizer and found that my skin remained hydrated throughout the night.

Although I am not sure I will disregard all moisturizers I have used before (nor can I say that I will refrain from trying new products on the market), I can safely say that since I’ve been re-introduced to the world of gel moisturizers, I don’t know if I could return back to cream moisturizers. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost really provides a boost of hydration to my skin and feels refreshing and light. Not to mention, this gel is packed with anti-oxidants.

Currently, Rainforest of the Sea Drink Of H2O Hydrating Boost is only available either at, Sephora stores, or on

If you’ve had experience with this product, please share your thoughts.

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The Oil of Life: @Argania1640

100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Oils are so special and they will moisturize your skin and hair more than any lotion you can find! Recently I received a mini bottle of Argania1640. Because of the richness of the argan oil, you only need a few drops and a little goes a long way. Using 2-4 drops daily, I have seen my complexion improve drastically! When I lived in LA, my skin was tanned and had this glow. I am hoping that using Argania1640 will restore my California sunkissed look.

Isn’t it cool how a little bottle of goodness can go so far? I never believe in ‘miracle’ products but I do believe results when I see them! You can use it everywhere, hair, nails, skin…

Argan oil is an organic oil pressed from the seeds of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa), which grows only in southwestern Morocco.

Moroccan women have been using Argan oil for centuries to rejuvenate and protect their skin, hair, and nails. The powerful natural ingredients in Argan oil give your skin a healthy, youthful glow. They help to smooth your hair, minimize frizz and split ends, and restore strength and shine all the way to the roots. Argan oil has an incredibly high concentration of Vitamin E and essential oils (including Omega 3, 6, and 9), which combine not only to moisturize, but to actually lock in that healing effect.

Pure Argan oil from Argania 1640 can be used on its own or combined with your favorite beauty products. Try adding pure, organic Argan oil to your daily beauty routine, or adding it to your favorite shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, or body lotion, and see the amazing results for yourself.

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DermaQuest K-Q10 Rich Moisturizer

My mom is not a big fan of makeup but she is definitely a skincare fanatic.  I know that Asian women spend a whole ton of time on their face and skin is #1 on their list.  A glowing soft complexion free of blemish, large pores and scars is the most desirable.  Back in the day, baby skin means you weren’t out in the fields working and because you stay indoors, your skin is virtually perfect.  This mentality of course is not practical for 2012!

Skin regenerates the most when you are sleeping so a great moisturizer is the most important. DermaQuest K-Q10 Rich Moisturizer utilizes powerful antioxidants and natural exfoliators to help diminish the visible signs of aging while providing rich, deep hydration. Formulated to fight free-radical damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and lift and firm the skin.

DermaQuest offers scientifically proven formulas to help you achieve healthy, youthful and clear skin. From their inception in 1999, they have produced high-performance products and are committed to focusing on the practical science of skin care. Each line is formulated to address specific skin conditions ranging from anti-aging to acne. Their mineral-based makeup line perfects and improves the overall condition of your complexion. Their state-of-the art facility and on-site lab continue to create skin therapy products that are not tested on animals and remain gentle on the skin.

You can get it on DermStore!


Winter-Skin Blues No More @lovephilosophy

Every year around this time my skin starts to get dry. I decided this year that I would try something different than just my usual moisturizer that I use everyday. I was suggested to use a serum, which is now officially part of my daily facial routine. 🙂

I bought Philosophy: When Hope Is Not Enough, which is a facial firming serum. For $38 you get 1 oz, which is a bit pricey, but you also don’t have to use a lot!

This product tightens up your skin, hydrates it, and minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

I cleanse my face, put a little bit of this on, some moisturizer, and I’m all set. And when I put on makeup, it goes on so smooth. This product absorbs quickly and I definitely feel it replenishing my skin.

The one con I have though is that I don’t like the smell! It’s just when you put it on, otherwise the scent goes away. Definitely worth it nonetheless!

Check out their Facebook and Twitter! There are many other products that this skin care brand has!


@Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex

At one point I would have never considered using an “anti-aging” product. I don’t have any wrinkles and I have a feeling it will be a while before I have to worry about them. But that was before I realized that these products provide amazing benefits to skin, even before the signs of aging appear. It’s called preventative skin care…

I have been using Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex ($79.95 for 1 oz) for the past few weeks. I know, I know–the name alone makes sound like it should be in my grandmother’s medicine cabinet, but I’ve had very positive results!!

My skin is smoother, softer, and even though this is a rich cream, I don’t have any of the oiliness that has plagued me in the past (go figure!). It also helps reduce discoloration and uneven skin tone. As the name implies, you can use it day and night and it has built-in SPF 15.

If you want to try it before you buy it, Hydroxatone offers a 30-day trial. Visit their website for details:

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