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I ♥ My Metro Man

Gone are the days of college boyfriend sweatshirts and beer pong ‘dates’. These days, the men we date can talk about salvage denim, the hand of the fabric and exfoliating their skin. The Metro Man is the new Renaissance Man with an American Express and a love for luxe everything. Such practical beings they are, looking for the best quality product and comparing marketing prices. We shop aimlessly, falling for the little ribbon bow or a sparkly Swarovski detail, yet the Metro Man looks at ingredients, claims and results. Dating this man is no easy task. With his perfect lips moisturized with Lip Agent and his perfect recall of your favorite dessert, you are almost defenseless.

He likes his Tocca candles and his apartment to be just so. He can romance you all night and still be ready for his 10 o’clock. I know his secret because I have used it too. The Metro Man raises the bar to level perfectly with your Louboutin Daffodils. What’s not to love? Good thing you are perfect just the way you are.

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Winter Booties

What are you going to do this winter? Shearling or fur?

Louboutin Toundra Fur Boots
Burberry Shearling Aviators
Oh the hard choices in life!

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What to Wear That is White?

In all honesty, white is not my favorite colour to wear, so there isn’t much ‘white’ going-on in my closet! I’ve been keeping my eyes open, but even to this moment, I haven’t found much that peaks my interest… So, I’m heading out this afternoon in search for something to wear to Mr. Warner’s All White Wear Affair but before hand I thought I’d play around with some ideal looks. xoxo

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