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Beauty: Leaf & Rusher Beverly Hills

I have done the TO/LA flight 23 times already this year but this past trip was different because I flew with my goodies from Leaf & Rusher!

They have a travel pack full of ‘Skin Tonic’ that is just made to combat the dehydration being in a plane causes.  It was fantastic!  During Film Fest, I had a few impromptu sleepovers and all of the products came in very handy.  Esp the Green Tea facewash… You know he doesn’t have the skin care that you need! So whether you are jetsetting or pillow talking with your new boo, keep L&R in your purse.. just in case!

The ingredients are super premium with natural oils and ingredients like Buriti Fruit. 
TX Lips – It’s an anti-aging lipscrub, that dissolves and you and keep on or rub off. I like it and I left it on! 
Green Tea Wash – This is a soap free cleanser, took off my makeup well and even the mascara. The scent is not overpowering and a little bit goes a long way. Foams up just enough and not too much. It’s ideal for shaving too, if I decide that I actually love him, I just might leave it in this bathroom next time for him ^_^
TX Formula – This moisturizer is basically heaven in a bottle. There are seaweed extracts and algae that makes you look like you skinnydipped in the fountain of youth.  Yippee.. Winners all round.
I have a few more products I haven’t tried yet… But so far so good – the scent and packaging is lovely and not overly gender biased. I like that. 

Quality is impeccable, what you pay is what you get!  Thank you Leaf & Rusher (If you are a Beauty Blogger, make sure you let them know @leafandrusher on Twitter)

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Ca Voi

HM SOUNDSYSTEM bridges design, music, and art to create one-of-a-kind visual and audio experiences for their fans. HM SOUNDSYSTEM provides an all-encompassing sound that pleases the toughest conniseur’s ears, while at the same time making everyone shake their rears. They perform at numerous music, fashion, and art events as well as throwing their own roof-raising parties. In the art realm, they bring their unique aesthetic to their graphic design works and photography which can be seen on the DESIGN page. HM SOUNDSYSTEM is currently working on various music, fashion, and art projects to be released soon.

Here is the details for the launch of their jewelry line this Saturday!  
Sat Sept 11
Mountain Bar
Downtown LA

Amy Pham is the name of the designer.  Like how puppies resemble their owners, an artists work also reflects the creator!  Amy is damn cute and so are her pieces. See more here

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Michelle Shaprow

This songbird is both beautiful and intelligent. I don’t know what to call her genre of music.. i think it’s called… dance? Gentle Jazz?  I am not 100% sure but her lyrics are soft and her melodies are perfectly ambient and is a refreshing break from top 40 music.  She is 24 yrs old and graduated from YALE majoring in psychology, music and cognition. My kinda girl!

She is DEFINITELY not mainstream yet and will absolutely blow up so you can get on it first here… 🙂  She is from LA and has a Facebook page but a protected Twitter (with 300+ followers). I read this interview on here while researching for this post. I love her track FERRIS WHEEL.  What do you think?

Her inspiration comes from artists like Imogen Heap, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Bjork, Jill Scott…. and she loves the energy of Gaga and Drake.  She will be a common household name soon so keep a look out for Michelle Shaprow!

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Pink Carpet Soiree welcomes Secondlook Jewelry

Before written language, or the spoken word, there was jewelry. In the late 1800s, British archaeologist Archibald Campbell Carlyle said of primitive man “the first spiritual want of a barbarous man is decoration” . More than just a curio from the past, jewelry, like art, is a window into the soul of humanity, and a poignant reminder of that which separates humankind from the animal kingdom — a desire to capture the essence of beauty, to posses its secrets, and to unlock its mysteries”.

I am so excited to welcome SecondLook Jewelry, a LA based jewelry line to the ultimate Sex and the City Party!  When I first saw her stuff, all I could think of was CARRIE CARRIE CARRIE.

Second Look Jewelry combines vintage costume jewelry with new materials to update, recycle and create a second look; a new statement piece.

Each piece is carefully put together and One of a Kind. 

A signature of mine are the hand sculpted, hand painted resin flowers tucked into many of the designs. Come meet Ann Raymond, the talented designer behind SecondLook Jewelry and you can request a particular flower and colors for a custom piece. 

 You know how Carrie loves her flowers. We are no different!

See you on the Pink Carpet!

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Pink Carpet Soiree welcomes Creatrix Designs

Beautiful and wearable art from the talented Creatrix Designs!  Each piece is made with high quality stones, Czech glass, Swarovksi crystal, semi precious stones and sterling silver…. wearable art for every woman.

We are so excited Creatrix Designs will be a vendor at the Pink Carpet Soiree! Get a sneak peek if you are curious. They hail from North Hollywood.  Get ready to shop!  

I think these pieces are so Miranda.  Absolutely love it!  

Did you RSVP for the event yet?

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