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The average American Throws Away Over 322 Plastic Utensils Every Year. We Can Do Better.

Year of 2020 makes us to rethink a lot of things – how many things do we really need, and what should we do to have a better world. One thing certainly in my mind is to waste less and try to protect our earth as much as I can. The first thing I do is trying to avoid using unnecessary plastic products.

GoSun Flatware ™ is a reusable, stainless-steel cutlery set to stop single-use plastic. Fits in your wallet, purse, or pocket—making it ideal for camping, travel, & take-out. It is a great way to save the world, and it fits in your wallet. GoSun Flatware is the only reusable utensil set that fits into your wallet, so it’s always ready to go. With Flatware, you’ll never have to reach for single-use plastic again.

GoSun Flatware’s design is simple, compact, and versatile. Using Flatware is easy. Just pop it out of its case, slide the utensil until it clicks into place, and enjoy. There is no compromise of strength, comfort or ability to scoop, skewer, slice, stir, or spread. Let’s save the world and get your GoSun at here. GoSun Flatware can be a great option for this coming Christmas stocking stuffer. Surprise your family, with a good reason.


We all deal with anxiety sometimes. Most of the things designed to help us cope are either literally toys, or conspicuous and cumbersome. Calm Strips are sensory adhesives. They are made from a thin but extremely hardy and durable vinyl. Crafted to help with sensory needs and fidgeting by grounding you in a calming scene and giving you a gentle, but textured, surface as a stimulus.

Calm Strips feature a water-resistant, textured finish that is equal parts durable and satisfying to the touch. You can scratch at them with your nails if you are looking for a rougher feel, or rub them with your fingertip for a more soothing experience. You get the resistance you want without worrying about scratching fingertips, nails… or laptop screens.

“It’s as if there is sand under the paper rather than on it. Nothing sharp or uncomfortable. It’s textured, but not rough.“

                                                                –  Barbara G., one of Calm Strips customers

Calm Strips use a high-quality reusable adhesive to ensure them stay wherever you attach them. They also leave little or no residue on when you remove them. This means you can peel or pick at Calm Strips… and they can be reused time and time again. The materials are rated to stand up to the elements, including water and sanitizing, for up to 4 years.

Each design is carefully selected from the works of eclectic artists; including painters, muralists, and cutting-edge digital artists. Calm Strips utilize a high-quality, digital printing process to ensure vibrant colors and sharp details.

Rainbow Sunrise (10 Calm Strips) $19.99

Inspired by sunrises and rainbows in and around our home state of Virginia.
Includes five each of Morning Sea and our newest style, After The Rain.

Night Sky Over Antelope Canyon (10 Calm Strips) $19.99

Inspired by the beauty of the dark night sky over Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

Each collection of Calm Strips embody a calming scene in nature, like the beauty of the night sky over the majestic Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Calm Strips think of it as carrying a little bit of that calm feeling with you… always.

Calm Strips make nice and sweet holiday gifts, giving your family a unique and functional gift with LOVE! Calm Strips were designed with both adults and children in mind. They can be used both by a parent working from home and their child doing distant learning. When children return to school they can use them to focus in class, without distracting themselves or other students.


Sigfus Designs: The Jewelry Brand Embracing Inclusivity with American-Sourced Materials..

It is never too early to shop around for beautiful and unique holiday gifts. Local designs always catch my eyes more than the market brands since myself is an artist, I love artistic products. Today, I would love to introduce a jewelry brand that has very unique and cute designs. It is not only good for the holiday gifts, but also for birthdays, anniversaries or any other reasons. Sigfús Designs creates fun and whimsical pieces that are as uplifting as they are lightweight to wear. In these tough times, this jewelry designer believes no matter how hard life can get, a bold pop of color and a beautiful statement piece can be just what you need to take on the day — no matter who you are.

Handmade in Tucson, Arizona, this earring-focused collection is a little bit desert, a little bit retro, and a whole lot of rock and roll. More importantly, Sigfús Designs is an all-inclusive brand. Meaning that every ethnicity, size, shape, etc. can truly rock these trendy pieces.

Sigfús Designs offers the earrings that look ceramic but are actually made out of American-sourced polymer clay. Why use this material? Not only is it lightweight to wear, but it’s very durable with less chance of breaking. 

Sigfús Designs owner and maker Lauren Valenzuela sees polymer clay like an artist does a blank canvas. She makes each piece of clay into a unique accessory and even mixes her own colors using spices such as Turmeric and alcohol ink. Some earrings also incorporate resin, wood, lucite, wire, and other elements.

Some of her best-selling earring styles include:

· Large Wishbone 

· Stella 

· Moonchild Dangles

Sigfús Designs is sold in over 200 shops and boutiques nationwide as well as overseas. For more information, visit

My Favorite styles:


The earrings are made of polymer clay and brass, they are light on the ear and finished with titanium, nickel-free ear posts. All earrings are designed and made in my Arizona studio. Please mind the handmade nature of all Sigfús jewelry, slight variations may occur compared to the picture.


2.75 inches height x .1.5 inches width

The earrings are made of polymer clay, they are light on the ear and finished with titanium, nickel-free ear posts. All earrings are designed and made in Lauren’s Arizona studio. Please mind the handmade nature of all the jewelry, slight variations may occur compared to the picture.

About Sigfús Designs:

Founded by Tucson, Arizona native Lauren Valenzuela in 2018, her brand name Sigfús is a family name that traces back to her Icelandic roots, paying homage to her lineage. Lauren began working with polymer clay and her craft has only expanded. As a believer in diversity and inclusivity she takes her restaurant and foodie background with her into the jewelry making process adding turmeric, black pepper, and dried herbs to her designs. Her business is also community-oriented offering business mentoring and online classes.


Fashionable Hats – Where Function Meets Fashion

Earlier October, Season 5 of Peaky Blinders made its debut and the show has not disappointed. In addition to their magnificent storyline was their iconic style. A 1920’s inspired look that has been hitting the streets and high fashion. Whether you’re looking for the perfect 6 section Herringbone Newsboy Hat, or just as authentic, a Flat Cap, Fashionable Hats has got you covered!

Fashionable Hats has an entire hat collection of Newsboy and Flat Caps for men and women. From top hats to cloche hats and everything in between, Fashionable Hats has over 100 hats to choose from to get that perfect look.

There are many different types of flat caps including the newsboy, ivy, driver and cabbie caps. Each one has a soft, low crown that folds onto the short stiff brim in front. More famous flat caps include the Shelby cap and Ascot cap. Many have accent buttons and some flat hats are made of 6 or 8 panels sewn together. They are made of wool or wool blends in plaid, herringbone, tweed or solid colors and other various designs.

Ivy Caps – Design Simplicity at Its Best

Take the ivy hat, for instance, A classic among flat caps for men. This is simplicity at its best. Whether designed of linen, wool, cotton or tweed, just to name a few, the completely flat top and slightly elliptical shape mark this as an ivy cap. Indeed, its simple design accounts for its popularity among celebrities and everyday men alike. It’s the innate panache that keeps it trendy.

A case in point is the black ivy hat seen on Brad Pitt, an aficionado of men’s flat caps, who paired his with an all-black ensemble. Reminiscent of our Midtown Wool Blend Ivy Cap — a Walrus hat devised of black wool — this three-season cap is the type that has become a wardrobe staple for trendsetting men. Worn with a sport coat or suit, it injects a bit of personal flair into a look that might otherwise appear rather staid or even somber. Conversely, the same hat imbues the casual weekend look of jeans or khakis with a subtle touch of refinement. Yes, a single black ivy cap is that versatile.

Similarly, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted in a herringbone flat cap much like our Walrus Hats Main Street Tweed Ivy Cap. Creating a debonair look, the actor partnered his hat with a dark overcoat and striped wool scarf. This herringbone version of an ivy cap, or Irish cap, would offer a commensurate level of suave appeal mated with anything from the T-shirt and jeans found in every man’s closet to a three-piece suit, a traditional look rapidly gathering contemporary converts.

Newsboy Caps – Sophisticated With a Youthful Charm

Meanwhile, men’s newsboy caps, also known as baker boy caps, apple caps, eight piece caps, pageboy hats, applejack hats, big apple caps, poor boy caps or Gatsby caps for their association with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s title character from The Great Gatsby, provide another take on the flat cap. Fuller in the crown, with a button affixed to the center, these caps offer the youthful charm of the young newspaper vendors for whom the hats are named. Ashton Kutcher, for example, rocked a newsboy cap along with a crisp white shirt, charcoal-gray cardigan and horizontally striped tie in shades of gray and white. A deft blend of the casual with the chic, the addition of the hat — a mirror image of our Shelby wool blend 8-panel cap by Walrus Hats — brought a playful and youthful exuberance to the overall look.

Also seen sporting a newsboy cap on multiple occasions is David Beckham. A solid black design this time, the hat accompanied a black sweater with a high neck and a silver zipper. At once a relaxed yet thoroughly pulled together style, its good looks seem to contradict the ease of putting it all together. Likewise, George Clooney also stepped out in a newsboy cap, a tweed iteration in black and white. A dynamic pairing with a three-pieced suit and loosened tie, Clooney keeps it clean and cool with a classic look.

Golf Caps – Summer in Style

Then there are golf hats for men. Typically devised of linen or cotton to ensure coolness during the heat of the day, these hats often feature various types of plaid fabric, the time-honored pattern associated with golf and one that happens to be trending right now as well. On or off the golf course, golf hats for men are a look that resonates with many men. A prime example, Justin Timberlake’s plaid golf hat, coupled with an argyle vest over a white shirt, offers a more stylish and self-assured presence than an ordinary baseball cap.

Womens Cowboy Hat

Womens cowboy hats are an extremely versatile and stylish accessory that can go with just about any look. They are not something that has to go with boots and jeans—but they do look great with them. Pair one with your favorite jean shorts and top and you’ll be certain to capture the notice of every man around. Or, add one to your nicest summer dress or outfit and make a real statement.

Most women wear their cowboy hat over straightened hair. They size their hat beforehand and buy one that is either a little wider or just right for their head size. You can always use sizing tape on a hat that is a little larger.

Then it’s all about going out and having fun! Take your new hat to a hoe-down or saddle up to a cowboy bar. Your new fashion accessory is going to tell people you are out to have a fun time.

Womens Beret Hats

A beret is a round hat with no visor. It’s usually made from a felt, but it can be knitted or woven out of many materials. The band around the crown may have elastic or a drawstring and fits snugly so that the hat stays put. The hat widens from the band, creating a distinctive flat shape.

You can wear the beret in different ways, depending on your hairstyle and preference. Some people tip the beret to the side, while others wear it slanted toward the back. In South and Central America, older men tend to wear it flat on top of the head. If you’re wearing it for warmth, you might want to pull it down over your ears.

Although many people believe that they need to style their berets after French fashion, you can take it in whatever direction you’d like. Wear it with a Breton-striped shirt, or pair it with something more unexpected. Don a pink beret with a sundress or an elegant suit and pearls. A brown or tan beret can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt, a leather jacket or a crisp white button-down shirt.

You can feel good knowing that a hat purchased from Fashionable Hats is one that you will have for years to come. This is an amazing website to have all kinds of hats that you can imagine. A beautiful hat is always a great gift for holidays. Now it is the time to check their hat world out and get your gifts chosen,



38879 minutes till Christmas day – TIMEX has the perfect Santa gifts for you!

There are exactly 38879 minutes till Christmas day! But not to worry TIMEX is here to help you gift your loved ones with these with these chic watches that look like they should cost twice as much as listed!

The Crystal Opulence collection does more than just tell time — it makes a bold yet feminine statement. Featuring a rose gold-tone case, black case, gold-tone case and white leather strap, black leather strap, blue leather strap these watches are perfectly complemented by the dial with crystal fabric made of tiny cut premium Swarovski® crystals for a brilliant shine.

The watches are available in Blue Crystal Opulence With Swarovski® Crystals $85

Black Crystal Opulence With Swarovski® Crystals $85

The one I choose is the Rose Gold-tone Case, White Dial, White Genuine Leather Strap, because it can match all my fashion styles.

It feels very comfortable, actually I don’t really feel it. It is easy to tell the time, you don’t need to take your phone out to see what time is it. Most importantly to a girl like me, it looks so cute, it is a crystal fairytale style – make me feel like a modern version cinderella! The different personalities can be chosen different colors. If you want to see other TIMEX holiday styles, I can also recommend several other ones.

Here are some other ideas from TIMEX that are perfect for the Secret Santa you forgot you signed up for or the hostess gift you really should’ve thought about, like, yesterday.

TIMEX and Peanuts Exclusive Collection for Todd Snyder. Representing a slice of American history with modern edge, Timex x Peanuts® by Todd Snyder — part of an ongoing collaboration between the menswear brand and the iconic watchmaker — is a must-have for any watch collector or cartoon enthusiast.



Timex x Peanuts® for Todd Snyder launched at November 8, 2018 and will be available exclusively online at and at the Todd Snyder flagship store on Madison Square in New York. The capsule is offered alongside made-in-Canada sportswear crafted in collaboration with Peanuts® and Champion. Be sure to catch the Peanuts® x Todd Snyder campaign video at

Whether you prefer polished gold or silver – TIMEX Torrington winter accessorize with a watch that is perfect for any occasion. The classic design of the Torrington™ Women’s watch features two styles:
What are you waiting for? Go to find a perfect gift at TIMEX for yourself, your mom, sisters, friends… I believe they will love it, just like me!

How To Stuff a Beauty Lover’s Stocking

Looking for small inexpensive gifts to give that one beauty enthusiast in your family or friend circle? I got just the things! Stocking stuffers can be something as small as candy and a few thoughtful goodies, so don’t worry about going over budget. Here are a few beauty ideas to get your thought process flowing!


Tails & Top Hats Eyeshadow Palette

Elevate your eye looks with this versatile eyeshadow palette. Featuring seven cool toned shades, these expertly designed eye shadows come in an array of both matte and shimmer finishes.


  • Top Row: Matte, Matte, Shimmer, Shimmer, Matte
  • Bottom Row: Shimmer, Shimmer
  • Price: $12
  • Available only at Ulta!



BareMinerals Thank You Gorgeous 5 piece set

This one is a little costly, but you can use this to fill 5 different stockings. Every woman loves lipgloss! Luscious, vibrant color loaded into a refreshing formula that slips on satiny smooth for sheer-to-medium coverage with glistening shine. Lips look fuller and more voluptuous.

Collection includes:

  • Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Daredevil (sparkling blackberry)
  • Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Spark Plug (dusty pink pearl)
  • Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Show Off (baby pink)
  • Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Hot Shot (flamingo pink)
  • Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Maverick (rosewood shimmer)

(0.02 oz each)/ Price: $20

Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Ultra Professional Blush Palette 

Get some more golden sugar with Makeup Revolution’s amazing collection of blushers in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Ultra Professional Blush Palette!

Price: $10


It Cosmetics Ornaments 

This decorative ornament contains the gift of Superhero lashes! Developed with plastic surgeons, the game-changing mascara formula is infused with proprietary Elastic Stretch Technology to stretch the look of your lashes wider and longer, and wrap each individual lash in a volume-boosting, lengthening, ultra-conditioning black cape of power and color for clinically shown results.

Price: $12

Great skin starts with confidence! Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, Confidence in a Cream deeply hydrates, restores radiance and reduces the look of pores, uneven texture, and discoloration. Proprietary Anti-Aging Armour Regenerative Concentrate is activated upon contact to immerse your skin in moisture for powerful results that you’ll see instantly, and more dramatic results over time.

Price: $16

Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics Presents Gluten-Free Lip Gloss Collection

Available in 6 shades with an irresistible scent of grapefruit and strawberry, the Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics Lip Gloss Collection allows you to go from natural to a high shine with transparent and rich lacquered colors. Each gloss features a creamy, rich texture and 3D pigments to help your lips appear fuller and more plumped. The line’s jojoba and sunflower oils hydrate and nourish, encouraging the healing process and turning dry, chapped areas into baby smooth and soft.

Enhancing your natural barriers to lock moisture in, each formula will also promote firmness and elasticity. Each swipe of luminous color will even help remove free radicals and block environmental age-factors, all thanks to its antioxidant-packed ingredients.

Price: $19 each