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Absolutely Gluten-Free (AGF) Gets Creative with Great Tasting Gluten-free Options- More Variety & Better Flavor from AGF

According to the Celiac Foundation, celiac disease affects one in every 100 people in the United States, about 3 million people. In addition, a growing number of people suffer from gluten sensitivity or allergic reactions to wheat. As a result, the number of Americans going gluten-free has tripled since 2009.

“More and more consumers are limiting gluten to improve their health as well as for weight loss,” says Charles Herzog, Executive VP of Absolutely Gluten-free (AGF). “That trend is increasingly reflected on grocery shelves and restaurant menus. But it’s no secret that people think ‘gluten-free’ has to be synonymous with ‘compromise.’”

Absolutely Gluten-free packs a flavor-filled punch with its full line of unique and delicious gluten-free products that satisfy everyone’s craving for sweet and savory snacks, whether they’re eliminating gluten from their diets or not. The company received the 2017 Gluten-Free Trailblazer Award from Grocery Headquarters in recognition of its innovation and impact on the gluten-free and diabetic foods space.

The newest Absolutely Gluten Free product taps into two of today’s hottest food crazes: tahini and energy bars. Absolutely Gluten Free’s ’s 100-calorie TahiniBars™ are gluten- and dairy-free, vegan, and made with natural sesame seeds, a.k.a. “super seeds.” These grab-and-go bars are available in Vanilla, Cocoa Nib, and Pistachio flavors, making gluten-free living tasty and convenient.

Try Absolutely Gluten-free Flatbread in three varieties (Original, Everything, and Toasted Onion). These flour-free light flatbreads can be used to make pizza, sandwiches, and lunch for kids, topped with just about anything from melted cheese to roasted veggies and sliced fruit.  They are all soy, corn, and rice-free.

Absolutely Gluten-free Crackers are available in three varieties including Original, Cracked Pepper, and Toasted Onion. They are flour-free with no soy, corn, or rice, and are light, crispy, and delicious. Serve them as appetizers with dips, crumbled atop salads and soups, or in place of breadcrumb coating.

For a perfectly sweet and crunchy surprise, Absolutely Gluten-free Blondie and Brownie Crunch snacks don’t disappoint. Blondie Crunch is available in Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Brownie Crunch in Chocolate-Chocolate Chip flavor. They are packaged in a handy resealable bag to eat on the go. And they are great toppers to ice-cream, yogurt, cakes, and mousse desserts.

For those who love a chewy snack, Absolutely Gluten-free Raw Coconut Chews are a great choice. Choose from Cocoa Nibs with Chocolate Drizzle or Cranberry with Chocolate Drizzle. Made with raw coconut, these all-natural treats are vegan and paleo-friendly, and contain no dairy, eggs, or soy.

There’s even more variety for those with a sweet tooth on a gluten-free diet. Absolutely Gluten-free Macaroonsare yet another tasty snack from the AGF line, in Chocolate or Coconut flavors.

“We are committed to the continued development of gluten-free foods that offer great taste, nutrition, and health benefits,” states Herzog. “With Absolutely Gluten-free, consumers on restricted diets should no longer feel left out when it comes to a world of delicious food choices.”

All Absolutely Gluten-free products are all-natural, certified gluten-free, and OU certified kosher. AGF is a division of Kayco Foods based in Bayonne, NJ.  Follow them at, on Twitter at @absolutelygf, and on FB at



OMG Granola Cookies

Oat My Goodness craft granola is a family business, created and run by mother-daughter duo Shohreh and Yasaman Vojdani, and led by Shohreh’s background in nutrition and their unsuccessful search for a healthy granola option that didn’t sacrifice amazing taste — so they headed to the kitchen and made some herself.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.29.09 PM

OMG fans have also gotten creative in the kitchen with making their own recipes using the three delicious flavor combinations of Oat My Goodness: Vintage, reminiscent of fresh baked oatmeal cookies, energizing Sunrise featuring bright flavors such as orange, coffee and mango and Bad Money highlighting sweet flavors such as peanut butter and banana.

Bad Monkey Cookie Bars

Made by Oat My Goodness

11Ž2 cups of all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1Ž4 teaspoon salt

1Ž2 cup creamy natural peanut butter

1Ž4 cup coconut oil, softened

3/4 cup packed brown sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup Oat My Goodness Bad Monkey granola


Vintage Granola Cookies

Created by Jessica Fiorillo of

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, softened

1/3 cup packed light brown sugar

1/3 cup granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1 large egg

1 cup Oat My Goodness Vintage granola

1 cup bittersweet chocolate chunks


Oat My Goodness is based in New York and Maryland, and you can purchase OMG online at


Delicious Snacking: @PomWonderful

It’s Pomegranate season! POM Arils are in season from October – February so make sure you pick some up at your grocery store. Even with all the Youtube videos on how to remove Pomegranates easily, it is still not easy as to pick up a cup of Pom Poms!  You can eat these or make them into a smoothie like I did along with a banana!  The cups are resealable for easy snacking and can double as a cute hat for your dog 🙂

POM POMs Fresh Arils are available at grocery stores in the fresh fruit department


Snack LOVE: @KINDSnacks #KINDawesome


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE me some snacks! I’m not big on the candy, or the potato chips, but I go ham sandwich on some cookies, especially if they’re red velvet cookies. Somedays I may fall upon an apple or a banana, but lately it’s rare that I pick up a healthy snack (I’m working on getting better), I just figure that if I’m gonna snack I might as well go all out… I know, shameful. Sorry but I’m not sorry lol. Anyway, lucky for me there is a new healthy, KIND and DELICIOUS snack on the scene, and that’s the KIND bar.

20130811_200141 When I heard about the KIND bars, I just figured it was another one of those healthy snacks that tasted like cardboard, but I have to admit I was somewhat seduced at the thought of a Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Chili Almond bar… say what???? I couldn’t wait to try it, and I could feel the snack gods smiling down on me when I received a package a few days ago, and it was FULL of KIND Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Chili Almond bars!! I’m not big on nuts, but I’ve been running through these bad boys, I love love love them, and I’m proud to say I haven’t touched a cookie in about a week or so!


 Made from all natural ingredients will only 5 grams of sugar, 7 grams of fibre  and 6 grams of protein. A study by the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center indicates that eating 2 KIND bars a day helps prevent weight again! Other than being delicious, I love love love that you can see and pronounce all the ingredients!!

Have you tried them? If not, you should. NOW.

Thanks to everyone at KIND for sharing these yummy treats with us!


Get you some!—>>>


Move over Potato Chips @HarvestSnaps are here!

There is a new snack in town and they are made of Snapea and Lentils!  I am a HUGE snacker and my husband is too from time to time. I cannot resist trying a new flavor of something when it comes out and I pride myself in the range of snacks I have consumed, know about and have an opinion on. My husband’s go-to snack is always Snickers. Me on the other hand, it really depends on my mood.  A few weeks ago I got a sampler package of Harvest Snaps and all their new flavors along for the Snapea and Lentil Snaps from Calbee.

IMG_0368 IMG_0369 IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0372

They are light, crispy and a cool alternative to your everyday snack. You can eat them instead of popcorn during movie night, you can eat them with a sandwich for lunch and you can them at the beach or a concert!

Ask for them at your local organic grocery store!


@Quaker Soft Baked Bars in Banana Nut Bread

I love baking but sometimes I am just not in the mood for the CLEAN UP and I don’t have the time.

The best alternative that I have found so far is from Quaker! They have a new snack called Soft Baked Bars and all you have to do is open 1 end and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

5g Fiber *
20% daily value of 5 B Vitamins
6g of Protein
*Contains 3.5g of total fat per serving

You can’t go wrong! Happy Snacking!