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Oms and Coconuts: The Yoga Show

Last weekend I attended the yoga show in Toronto and I had such an amazing time! I completely had no idea how HUGE the show would be with so many attendees and vendors. If you were interested in yoga for the physical or the spiritual benefits – you were there! I was introduced to many companies that made organic, fair trade and local items.

One of the booth that really caught my eye was the Rejuvenating Spring booth. I had a chat with one of the owners to find out more.

Kaycee: What is this company all about?

Philip: We specialist in holistic nutrition so we not only distribute top quality organic whole foods and super foods but we grow organic sprouts in a bio dynamic way. We also import and distribute other super foods.


Kaycee: Hmm what’s with the coconuts?

Phillip: Fresh young coconut is one of the best things to drink for the human body its very refreshing very rich in electrolytes and its very nice after yoga to replenish your body’s fluids. It helps the body lose weight and gain body mass. It is also very easy for the body to process and the coconut water helps to promote circulation

Kaycee: How can we Torontonians get your stuff? 

Phillip: you can request for us to the at your local health food store we are online at  and you can order we ship and deliver.

Kaycee: How is the yoga show going for you guys?

Phillip: This is our first year at the yoga show and we are getting an amazing response with the granola and lot of our products because people can see we have a lot of integrity. We have a lot of know how because a lot of us in the company are holistic nutritionist not only are you are getting the product you are also getting knowledge.

It was really awesome meeting those guys and I even got hooked up with a coconut and a really nutritious salad.

At the end of the day the YOGA show made me realized whatever you put into your body and do onto your body will stay there forever, so do the best you can to take care of it.


SWAY Mag Soiree

Tanya and I were happy to be in attendance, at the SWAY Magazine  Soiree, to celebrate the launch of their new Spring health issue; SWAY sante. The night was hosted by one of the funniest men on the planet, Trixxx, and Miss Divine Brown; when she sings… oh man when she sings, *le sigh*

Lots of people came out to support, you already know how that makes me feel! Real, real good to see us all supporting one another. Good vibes, what seemed to be an endless flow of food and drinks; we also got to meet and interview a couple of the artists that were performing that evening, Dr. Isaac Winston, Trixxx and Divine Brown!

Thank you so much to Jesse and to SWAY Magazine for inviting us. We also did interviews… look out for those!!!  🙂

peace, love and health

♥Bella♥ + Tanya


get it RIGHT

I got a feeling… that it’s going to be a VERY sexy summer this year 🙂
In my next life, I needs me a Jessica White to be my wife… DA-YUM!

As soon as March hits, I can’t help but think about summer. I love spending my day lying on the grass under the sun at the Music Garden, long walks, bikinis, little summer dresses, extra large ice cold fruit smoothies, bulging and glistening biceps from all the boys showing off their arms, flip flops and last but not least summer LOVING.

You can always tell who was working out during the cold months, because their bod is ridiculous when summer time hits. Don’t feel left out this season lol, step up  your “summer sexy” and get things right before the sun comes out to play. Um… no crash diets or anything unhealthy please… you could jump rope for 15 minutes everyday and be FIT (both kinds) by the time summer hits.  Oh and drink LOTS of water and moisturize religiously for beautiful supple skin, try your best to eat right (lots of fruit and vegetables) and you’ll be A-OK.

You can get a jump rope at Walmart for like $5… no seriously, do it, you won’t regret it.

So what do you do to get your body in tip top shape for sunny weather?

peace, love and health
ps: check out bodyrock tv for some dope work out inspiration!