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Year in Review 2015: Dreaming to Reality

I woke up excited for the last day of 2014. I am ready to say goodbye to this year and I did my best to Shock myself! It has been a great year, one of growth and surprises. Back in Soho mean lots of time to do fun things and less time on the train. Reconnected with a ton of friends and got used to loft living.


This year started off with a bang! We went down to Chinatown to celebrate the year of the horse. I continue to work with the handbag company in HK as a freelancer. We moved to our loft and I am so happy! Being in Noho is awesome and made me fall in love with New York again.


This month was awesome! 1st year wedding anniversary and fun events all month long!  Even though Feb is always a short month, I manage to pack in plenty of events!


All I did in March was have fun! I finally finished my contract with the bag company and all I wanted a a break! I went to the Aglit Italy pop up shop and read a lot of book. I start doing a few part time jobs and I seriously think about what I want to do and who I am. What a crazy! Just 3 months til 30 yrs old. eeek!


I finally am done with the bag company and I feel free! I am ready for my next adventure and the best way to start of my spring was with a talk from Apple about #girlboss. The owner and founder of Nasty Girl spoke with confidence, humor and hope to all wannabe girl bosses in the audience and created a whirlwind of ideas and inspiration. I am so renewed, refreshed and ready!


I met Aimee Song another #Girlboss for sure! It was fun and inspiring to meet the one and only Song of Style. We talked about trends, Youtube and this whole style blogger phenomenon and then things we loved and hated about the industry. This was a good month for learning and letting my brain be truly creative. It was at the end of this month that I first created my doggy glycerin soap Come Clean!



Birthday! For my 30th birthday, all I wanted was a baked Alaska. This month was all about events, automotive, beauty and fashion… After a bunch of wasted time with long interviews with different PR companies, I decide to take matters into my own hands and officially launched Come Clean! We had some much fun at the NJ Woofstock which gave me a ton of confidence to go forward with my own ideas.


Summer was wedding season!  Headed to Toronto for the wedding of the year for Shannae and Sean’s wedding at the Collingwood Ski Resort. We also took the time to go to Wonderland before the wedding and enjoyed summer in TO!  Come Clean starts gaining momentum is in 3 stores yay! Toronto this month (Groomery and K9 Couture) and New York (DoggyStyle).


I was invited to partake in a beauty workshop with Sturm und Drang for a new shampoo product – this time in NYC.  It was at the Soho Soleil. My university roommate came for a visit and I also went on my first New York cruise. I saw Lady Liberty close up and enjoyed a weird cruise lunch and warm champagne too.  I went to NJ to visit friends who had a new baby name Emily Grace! What a cutie.


Fashion Week with Cynthia Rowley! I organized a great blogger event for this designer and had the chance to meet 8 top notch fashion designers. It was fun and intense month working with this New York Designer. Their show was at the Swiss Institute in Soho and it went off without a hitch! I also went to see the Mara Hoffman show too. This month I also certified for Level 1 Reiki and met up with some FIDM Alumnis at AquaGrill for some awesome seafood too! I also started working with the Asian Dating company East Meet East as their social media content creator. I also send 100 pcs of Come Clean to TIFF to be in the Style Gift Lounge.


We got to watch Indy for a few days! Jacob definitely loves being an only child. For Halloween, Jacob dressed up as Christian Grey from 50 Shades. Come Clean gets into 3 more stores and featured in various blog and even Lucky Magazine!


Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 5.59.08 PM

Celebrated Thanksgiving with Tai going to Germany to work with Strum und Drang to work on another beauty and trends project. I start working at the Samsung Studio part time and make 20 new friends… And I also went to go to Calgary to visit my sis and her family! My nephews are soooo adorable and Lake Louise and Banff is picturesque and stunning in person. Even in the cold winter!


I am working on Come Clean a lot and I am in Singapore, Canada, US! Isn’t that awesome! With a huge Christmas rush and tons of love, I conclude the year with 10 stores that carry us and over 500 transactions. With 2 more stores, Caesar’s Palace in Vegas and Orlando’s University City Walk… 2015 is going to be an amazing year I am so proud of myself and I really shocked myself. I look forward to January and pushing Come Clean full steam ahead!!

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Year in Review 2014: Shock Yourself

This year has definitely flew by like a bullet train late for an appointment. I don’t even know where the time has gone. I just concluded my 3rd year in New York and 2nd year in Brooklyn. I am so excited for 2014 and all that is in store. We are moving to Noho/Greenwich Village!  I am so happy to be surrounded and incubated by all that NYC has to offer me once again 24-7.  I will now tell you all about my 2013… It has been eventful!


Ran in the new year in TO with my friends and family then came back to NYC sick!!  So Jan was cold and uneventful. We went to the Motorcycle show. This month I was feeling really blah!  I decided I was gonna start growing my hair long.


As if a Valentine’s Day engagement was not amazing enough, we got married 2 weeks later at Brooklyn City Hall!  Wow! I wore a blue wedding dress it was vintage. I chose blue because that is the color of the original wedding dress. Marry in blue, you will stay true <3 I also inherited Tai’s grandmothers’s wedding rings so I am over the moon. I also made a giant paper crepe flower that was hot in the 70’s… Feb was just perfect. We met in Feb 11, we moved in Feb 12 and we got hitched Feb 13. Not bad 🙂  I also start a new job at Rabeanco, an international handbag company from Hong Kong!


I dreamt that all my friends had mixed babies and all the kids were also friends with each other when they grew up.  How beautiful would that be? March was really not so eventful, working, waiting for spring and playing with neighborhood pups.


I go to Hong Kong for work!  I present my global social media strategy to the founders of Rabeanco and have an amazing time! I made a great friend named Chloe in Hong Kong and I spend a week there working. I haven’t been back for almost 10 years so it was just amazing and refreshing to see my birthplace! Of course I shop like crazy!


Counting down to my last year at 20’s!  Can’t believe how fast time goes by – May is work work work… proud to get a placement for Rabeanco on Bagsnob this month. As a present for myself – I got LASIK!  I can see now…I have worn glasses since 3rd Grade so you can imagine how big of a deal this is for me. No more contacts, no more glasses!



My birthday month! I turn 29 with my friends from Brooklyn at Izakaya on Smith – my all time favorite sushi spot! We go to Detroit for the Ford trend conference again, my hair is growing long.. Tai goes home to get his mom’s car for us for the summer!  It is awesome to have a car – we go took the dogs to Larchmont Beach and I got a bike from Sole Bicycles!


Summer is the best!  We go to Toronto for 4th of July weekend with Nick… and for the summer Petite Feet Sale! I hosted a week long pop up shop at Bauble Bar for Rabeanco and throw a hit event with I Spy DIY. Work gets busy with fashion week ramping up. July went by as a blur really…Waiting for Tate to be born!  My sister had her second son and he is just adorable!  I am an aunt again. Can’t wait to meet this little man.


Julian comes to visit and we hit the Alexander Wang sale and Williamsburg!  The last days of summer… My hair is getting long, I get my Green Card!  Welcome to America… 🙂  I work in Greenpoint briefly for a fashion agency called vmGroupe and just loving the balcony, the beach, the sun.


Busy busy month! I met Mara Hoffman backstage during Fashion Week and pull off 2 events for Satya Jewelry.  We celebrate Tai’s 34th birthday and Mid Autumn Festival in Toronto with my cousin Ricky and my family!  Toronto was fun – we went out to eat and shop and took Jacob to see his vet. My family loves Tai and the more time we spend together the better acquainted with Toronto he gets. It is small in comparison to NYC but we see it as our future home to be near family.  My mom comes to visit us in Brooklyn


Drake Concert, Fort Greene Pupkin parade and Jean Paul Gautier exhibit!  Oct is a fun time, I love fall and we go to lots of events this month. Canadian Thanksgiving and I start working with Rabeanco again!


Look how much my hair has grown!  We do a low key Thanksgiving dinner and I attend the first ever Purina Pet conference in NYC.  Can’t believe this year flew by.


We go apt hunting for our move, we get our lil Christmas tree together. Our dear friends are about to have a baby and we are just keeping warm, packing and sending love to you all <3 See you in Noho in 2014!!

There is no time to be complacent! Shock Yourself in 2014 and get carried away.

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Year in Review 2013: Switch it Up!

Happy 2013 everyone!

It is time for my favorite post of the year!  This year has gone by extremely fast and has been a total whirl wind. It has been a year of moving, pushing, shoving and tweaking. I am projecting 2013 for a year of switcheroos. It is time to have some fun and switch up everything you have been use to and stir up a bit of fun. Here is my 2012 recap. Hold on tight, it’s a wild ride.


The year started right with Ally visiting me en route to Toronto from Australia. My former room mate and great friend. It was nice to catch up with in NYC and hang out!  My hair is getting so long it annoys me. I want to grow my hair but got use to having it short, such a dilemma.  I eased up on coloring it and it was getting really healthy! We spent Chinese New Year in Toronto with my nephews and nieces and cousins. It was babies galore and Tai’s first Chinese New Year!


Fashion Week was intense this season because of my client Pure Ice was doing nails backstage for four shows. It was fun and crazy. Social media is in full swing and Style Caster x Ford did an amazing State of Style conference full of interesting speakers in fashion in Tribeca. Some notable guests were DKNYPRGirl, Rebecca Minkoff, Melissa Shoes and more. I went to this event with my awesome intern Fatema!


I moved to Brooklyn!  Tai and I found a beautiful duplex in Clinton Hill Bed Stuy and we made the plunge! We moved in together and the 6 story walk up with a balcony, roof access, guest room, 2 bathrooms, laundry and garage was enough for us to swoon. It’s in the Pratt neighborhood and living together is just cozy and fun. We are not just playing house, we are really building a home together! Our friend Dave adopted a puppy and Jacob adores her. Her name is Tamu.

APRIL:  I went to Frankfurt to do a beauty workshop with the international marketing team of Wella. Proctor and Gamble found me, a hair stylist from Hong Kong and beauty journalist from London to participate in this pow wow. It was so much fun!  I haven’t been to Germany since 11th Grade so this was a fun time and the beginning of multiple beauty workshops with P&G. I also went back to Toronto this month for the PF shoe sale and Easter!


My mom comes to NYC to visit me!  We had a great time and we went to the museums, she saw my new apartment and spent some time with the boyfriend as well. It was the 10th Anniversary for the agency I work with and we all got dressed up and had fun in NYC! The Make Up Show in NYC was at this time too and it was great stocking up on Liptars and meeting colorful makeup artists! Tai and I went to an Egyptian Coptic wedding this month upstate.


I cut my hair this month. I celebrated my birthday in style with my mom and also friends on the roof top of my Brooklyn apartment!  It was really a beautiful day and summer in NYC is just perfect. I went to the Ford conference in Detroit this month and test drove cars, learned about trends and reconnected with friends.  June is awesome. Jacob had his birthday too and he turned 7.  I also went to Geneva for 3 days for another P&G workshop!  So many amazing opportunities open up to you when you are open.



I went to Edmonton to visit my little nephew this month. He is growing like a weed and likes YouTube videos, playing on the iPad, dogs and the color pink. He is my soul-mate it’s undeniable!

SEPT This was the busiest month of all. New York Fashion Week, Roslyn’s wedding (I was a bridesmaid!), Tai’s 33rd birthday, zip-lining trip to Maryland. We didn’t even have a minute to realize it was getting cold because we were so busy running around!


Went to Toronto for Canadian Thanksgiving and PF Shoe Sale. The rental car company gave us a faulty car and it was quite and adventure trying to get there and back. When we got back, Jacob entered the Fort Greene Halloween costume contest! We loved his woolly mammoth costume, it’s so Ice Age!


The legendary Chocolate Festival happened in NY and  I was not impressed at all. Maybe it was the sugar high hyper kids running around that ruined it for me. Also, I did my third P&G beauty trend workshop this month in Soho and it was awesome! Got to pow wow with more creatives and trend experts for a 2 day session and November slipped by and I didn’t even notice.


June came to visit me from LA and we spent Christmas together! I met a few more dog-friends in the neighborhood and can’t wait to try the new restaurants that opened in our Brooklyn neighborhood! I went to the Hello Kitty Hello Art exhibit and got busy with holiday festivities. Going to Toronto and coming back to New York in the new year.

I hope you are be open, go with the flow and switch it up! 2013 is going to be a mix bag.

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Just wanted to do a shout out to our readers and amazing team! We have alot more in store for 2012, lets all stay focused and get our resolutions completed!! Thanks for the comments and all the love on fb and twitter. Stay blessed and Happy 2012!!!! What are some of your resolutions for the new year??

xo, @itstanyag


@Thai_Kitchen 2011

I went to an amazing event last week hosted by Thai Kitchen by Chef Gabby Quintana.

We got to taste and learn how to use the sauces and ingredients to make special, fast, tasty and EASY meals. I am definitely going to whip some of these recipes up next month!  Cooking for someone is great but impressing them is even more incredible.


extremely happy!

Chef Gabby!

Mango x Strawberry x Coconut Milk = YUM

More pics here
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Thank you to Kohnstamm Communications for the invite!


Expand your Network: 2011

Happy 2011 everyone!

2011 is the year of the rabbit and will be full of adventures. As many of you know, my sister will be getting married and having her first baby this year. I am excited for my adventures to continue in the wonderful New York City and the adventures never stop. Thank you for your patronage. The book I recommend to start off your year right is… Naked Conversations. This book will give you some insight on technology trends that have shaped the way the business word converses and what social media can do for you the way no other business or marketing trend have ever been able to do. Here is my year in review!


Had the privilege of  celebrating with Melanie Fiona at Nobu for her Grammy nominate in LA… When friends succeed you succeed. Surround yourself with ambitions talented people and the wind will be under your wings. Fly as far as you dare and soar with eagles.
Vanessa heads to Vegas to work for Hellz Bellz during Magic and I tag along for some fun. Met a ton of great industry folks and harness the power of networking. I connected with some familiar faces and some new ones. Fashion people are great – they are serious about chasing rainbows and will insist you give them that pot of gold and no less.

Shannae and I joined forces to throw a huge party to kick off Toronto Fashion Week for Fuze. It was completely sold out, medley of industry people, come-up kids and cutting edge Canadian designers. The Fifth Social Club hosted us and our 600 guests. We raised money for Look Good Feel Better and was outfitted by the Red Carpet Room in Brazen Hussy. I am wearing the Yvonne Jumpsuit. I love Toronto, there is no place like home.
After a whirlwind of parties and fashion shows in Toronto, I head back to welcome a very special guest to LA! My dad!  My dad came to visit me all the way from Shanghai. I haven’t seen him since 2002 in Florida and it was quite a treat. 7 years past quickly because of school, work and life – but make time for the ones you love.  He came with only 1 suitcase but a stack of Japanese fashion magazine for me. It was really nice to have some company in LA and being with my dad was just perfect.
I threw my first party in LA for Sex and the City 2 at Bungalow Club on Melrose. It was amazing with jewelry vendors, photographers, cosmos and makeup. But like Carrie in Paris, I missed my friends. So I flew back to Toronto to attend Shannae’s SATCM2 party!  You can do anything you want anywhere you want but it’s really more fun with your friends around. I dyed my hair purple this month.
My whole family came to LA for my FIDM Graduation. My sis and Duncan came from Edmonton, Mom from Toronto and Dad from Shanghai. I am such a lucky duck. This month, we also celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday, Jacob’s 5th birthday and my 26th. I had a triple birthday party in TO, LA then NYC.  I go to New York on my Beauty Study Tour trip this month and fall in love with city….Concrete jungle were dreams are made of. I plan to move there but I start a new job in Azusa, California instead.
I start my new job, get my new apartment and I flew back to Toronto for a weekend to throw the Fuze-A-Poolooza pool party! We raised $1500 with this event and it was so much fun. Complete with water guns, manicures and poolside snow cones. Summer time is the best. My dad goes back to Shanghai and I move to Azusa and start working at Lashem.
Living in Azusa is exceptionally boring. So… I got a new puppy! I got Brooklyn to keep me and Jacob company. I work everyday, take the dogs out, go to the beach, cook. I kept her for 25 days and realized a puppy was too much work and ended selling her to an actor in LA. This month I planned my 2nd Los Angeles events, this time for Lashem. My Beauty Secrets was well attended by LA LookBook, LA Times, Cobra Snake, lash guru Jaamal Buster and numerous beauty bloggers. We also went to the Emmy Gifting Suite for Lashem
Back to Toronto for Film Festival!  I bring Lashem into several gifting suites during the festivities and got to see my friends. Then I get ready to go to NYC to do desksides with all the beauty editors about Lashem.  I decide that I love NYC and I am meant to be there, so I go back to Azusa, pack my stuff, sell my car, quit my job and took my Jacob to NYC. You only live once right?
I move to my new apartment in West Village and take in everything that is New York. I love it and feel right at home. I get invited to blogger events and parties with cupcakes. My friend Joey gets here too and we are happily bad mouthing LA with hands in mittens and scarves around our necks. I Yelp everything and walk everywhere. Freedom smells like the steam coming out of the sewer and sounds like taxis honking at you while you jay walk like a true New Yorker.

I start working at Media Planet for after 2 weeks decided it’s not for me. I go to hear Emily King sing, I write about men on subways, I go to Flud’s 3 year anniversary party, I am a Cutler hair model, I meet some new friends, go on some random dates, I finally furnish my apartment… I go to a bunch of job interviews, I start Social Pancake and I am living and loving life. Coincidentally, I lose my California Driver’s license and I don’t really miss it at all.

I have 3 months left on my work visa so I guess I should probably look for a job. If I do get a new full time job, I will get to stay in the US and work on a H1B Visa.. If not, I will have to go back to Canada!  Both options seems okay to me: I am starting my makeup line and I am also open to all opportunities here in the US. I do miss my friends but I am staying in NYC for the holidays… because I may be back for good by Spring!
So that was my year 2010… It was truly the year of passion. Now I am ready for 2011. The year of expanding (and exploiting) your network.

May you live in interesting times.

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