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Happy Birthday @ThisBella_HDY

Happy birthday to our Toronto Editor and the most beautiful soul I know – Miss Bella Mumba!

A huge shoutout to my partner in crime and soul sister who brings a smile to any and everyone I know. Wish you the happy birthday and an exceptional year where all your dreams come true. I love you and so happy to have met you! <3

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Happy Birthday you rock 🙂


Happy Birthday to @thisBella_HDY

A very special happy birthday to our Toronto Editor Bella Mumba!  Bella is the sweetest, kindest and nicest person I have ever met. She is always thoughtful and loving and always always put others before herself. You bring so much joy to everyone around you and you are the living definition of vivacious! Well Bella, today is your day!

There is no one more daring, beautiful and incredible as you.

The world is your oyster so happy shucking 🙂


Happy Birthday @iamVR7

Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie!

Lots of love from everyone at HeyDoYou!

Libra is the Seventh sign of the Zodiac. The origin of the word Libra derives from the Latin meaning “balances” or “scales.” Often, a statue of the Goddess of Justice holding the scales or balances is erected over the domes of modern court houses. A typical Libra is artistic and refined. You have very strong opinions regarding right and wrong, and are a born diplomat. You are charming and sincere. You have an idealistic and generally peace loving nature. You are easygoing and sociable. Librans are also considered to be among the most civilized of the twelve signs. You are good looking and have certain elegance, charm and fine taste. You are happiest when socializing and at the top of your social strata and you do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship. You are well known to be objective and impartial in making judgment calls.


Happy Birthday @MaxamusEnt

Happy birthday to my mentor and inspiration!

See you in NYC :]

  • Librans are quite expressive about their feelings. They will exhibit their love for you in many ways.
  • They are very considerate and loving.
  • They wait for their true love and once they find them, they are very loyal.
  • They are peace loving people and do not create chaos.
  • They are highly romantic and very passionate.
  • Very charming by nature, Librans have no problem to make way to people’s hearts.
  • Although they are very refined in their taste and way of living, they can be very flirtatious as well. This trait makes them very hard to resist.
  • They have a rare combination of being both good listeners as well as good talkers. This rare trait makes them very good parents later on in life.