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Let’s Talk About “Bodega”

Earlier this week, Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan, two former Google employees, launched their start-up “Bodega”. The goal is to make corner stores, also known to many on the east coast as “Bodegas”, a thing of the past. Safe to say Twitter lost their minds! Almost immediately, “Bodega” started trending on Twitter. Their idea was to “combine the convenience of online ordering with the instant gratification of real world retail.”

There’s only one problem: you can’t replicate the Bodega experience.

A Bodega is defined as a small grocery store, commonly found in a low-income, urban areas, and Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. They sell everything from cold-cut sandwiches to nail files and toys.

To many New Yorker’s, their local Bodega employees are like family. These are the people who will make your bacon egg & cheese at any time of the day/night. This is the place where you find things you didn’t even know you needed. They understand the concept of “I O U (I-owe-you). When you don’t have any money to eat, they always have your back. Now it is time that we come together to help them out.

A big shout out to The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development in New York for addressing the matter in a statement. “The awful irony of naming the company ‘Bodega’ after the very brick and mortar institutions they aim to displace, to say nothing about the cat their logo is based on that will similarly be displaced, is offensive, utterly misguided, and frankly disrespectful to New Yorker’s,” it said.

All in all, I am all for building a future, but let’s try not to eradicate and gentrify such an important part of many urban communities. More importantly, the vending machine could potentially put many mom and pop stores out of business. Minorities/immigrants own majorities of these small businesses, and depend on this as their source of income. Speaking from a personal experience, I grew up seeing my family work their butts off every day at our own Bodega where we serviced many poor communities and made sure everyone could afford to eat and buy whatever they needed. Using the term “Bodega” is offensive to the Hispanic immigrants who established their businesses in the 1960’s and 1970’s and built their legacy off serving their locals. Bodegas are all about the human interaction. Some fancy vending machine carrying cups of noodle soups and stale candy bars won’t give you that warm experience provided to you at your local corner store.

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What Does The Future Hold For These Capricious Stars?

They grace the covers of almost all of the tabloids week after week. Is marriage in store for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Are Rihanna and Chris Brown on the road to reconciliation? If you’re having trouble predicting what’s in stores for these celebrities, just turn to Oranum, a relatively new psychic network in the United States. Their consulting mediums are experts in providing clarity on these high-profile subjects.

For many celebrity gossip followers, the big question when it comes to Kim and Kanye is “will they last?” According to Oranum expert Dr. Nikki, the answer is yes! “The question isn’t ‘do they love each other?’ it’s ‘is their love strong enough to withstand the tide of commentary that being a celebrity couple creates,” says Dr. Nikki. “The energy and love sparkles between these two –especially when they look each other in the eye –there is no doubt for me that they will make it longer than most do with a ‘world watched’ relationship.” But is a star-studded (and most likely televised) wedding in the near future? According to Dr. Nikki, not quite. “I think they are still trying to define the relationship between themselves. I would expect to hear about upcoming nuptials later in the year – I feel it will fall between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.”

Even more shocking than the brutal assault Rihanna suffered at the hands of Chris Brown is the fact that the two of them appear to be communicating once again! But while it seems like they are rekindling their romance, Dana Waddell, a consulting Oranum clairvoyant, sees it as more of a professional relationship. “These two are indeed soul mates and had multiple past lives, but not always in a romantic sense,” she says. “In this lifetime, both are extremely competitive, super motivated, and highly driven to succeed, so while they might work well together, Rihanna and Chris should remain colleagues instead of being romantically linked.” Dana also senses that Rihanna feels that Chris is a deeply soulful artist, but is too much to handle in terms of relationships, while Chris feels she makes too many mistakes with men and that he understand her better than anyone else. “Will they get back together as love interests? Not while they’re still so young. But in terms of sharing the stage and collaborating in the studio –most definitely.”


LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 12:  Kim Kardashian and ... LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 12: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West watch the video board from their courtside seats as the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets in Game Seven of the Western Conference Quarterfinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 12, 2012 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

What’s to come for these notorious celebrity relationships? Only time will tell. But for now, get a sense of clarity with Oranum.


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:Random Thought

I just watched The Social Network… I know, it’s been out FOREVER! Never mind the fact that i’m watching it bootleg via Playstation 3. I’ve been too busy working on making my millions then to watch another man prove how he made his billions.
Biggest contributor to his success is… the fact that he knew he could be successful.

Thoughts?! What did this make me think? How did it make me feel?!

First thought is that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with not being as “smart/cool” as ‘them guys’.
Alot of disfunctionality in all of the intelligence = making me nervous.
Just because you go to the best school/have the best job doesn’t make you the best person.
Respect your team, you can only go so far on your own.
Stay true to your passion. If you have something going… and you know it can go… get it there.


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Past (Love) Future (Love)

“If I am a reflection of him
Then I must be fly

His love keeps me mesmerized
While riding the waves of cloud 9
Continuously on a high
If I close my eyes
I can still feel his fingers gently tracing the curve of my spine
As he kisses the nape of my neck
While our lips connect
And tongues tie”

This is from my girl Pauleanna‘s collection of poety and freestyle. Check out her blog here.

There is this guy. Isn’t there always? But this one is different and he’s been on my mind for a minute. A part of me has instant flash backs to ‘He’s Just Not that Into You’ and a part of me still yearns for a future with him. Sometimes, people are hard to read. I know a lot of you would disagree and say, if he likes you, he’d be with you. But I think it’s more complicated than that. Especially when you have a tendency to magnify the ‘what ifs’ and lose sight of what is. How many chances do you give a person? How long do you keep that window of opportunity open? To what extent are games necessary to GET him? The more I am writing this post the more apparent it is to me that I should just let it go. My friend Valentine has on his profile: “I left the love of my life for the love of MY life.” I keep thinking about that and wonder if for some reason at this point in my life I am suppose to be single. You can make choices easier that way I guess when you just have to worry about one. This is going to me my last 3 months in Toronto. I wonder how what lies ahead for me compares to what lies within.

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