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Perfect. Panless. Pancakes!

“The ChefStack automatic pancake machine is a revolution in the making. Now, for the first time, perfect panless pancakes can be produced in a matter of seconds. With ChefStack, the ultimate comfort food has now become convenient to make. Resulting in more profits for coffee shops, convenience stores and cafeterias everywhere.”

“Revolution in its various forms is often a matter of new technology applied to a familiar item..think toaster to bread…or iPod to song. The result? A totally new landscape filled with opportunity for those savvy enough to seize the moment.”

Now I know everyone thinks their blackberry, or iphone, or even ipod is great, but this right here!? This is the coolest gadget everrrrrrrr AND it feeds you. Case closed.
This beauty pumps out 200 pancakes per hour! I’m not encouraging eating 200 pancakes but come on, that’s awesome! Pancakes are often thought of as unhealthy because of the the batter additives and heavy syrups etc. but ChefStack Pancakes are 97% fat-free and all natural, 165 calories per two pancake serving, and the best part? Fresh pancakes every single time!
Health tip: Instead of heavy creams, syrups etc, why not try an assortment of fresh berries, and a light whipped cream. You could even infuse the whipped cream with some vanilla essence or whatever flavoring you have a taste for!
For more info on how to get one, click here