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Nuts for Smooth Skin

Coconut and Almond oils are the craze for skincare!  If you are like me and my friends who love to wear shorts and skirts all summer long – You can definitely use these tips to get your legs summer ready.

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Everywhere you look from the supermarket to the cafes, you cannot avoid coconuts. Coconut water, coconut oil and coconut everything. I am nuts about coconut too and have seen huge health benefits from including coconut oil in my diet, skincare and beauty routines.

Here are 3 steps to help you have awesome summer ready legs with!

Step 1. Use C.booth Ginger sugar body scrub to get any dead skin off your legs

Step 2. Shave your legs with the Schick Intuition Razor with Pure Nourishment (It has coconut milk and almond oil)

Step 3. Slather C.booth 4-in-1 Multi Action coconut fig body lotion all over your legs!

Optional Step 4. Summer can’t come soon enough so in the mean time, use a easy self tanner like Fake Bake Bronze on the Glow (an organic-based instant wash-off tanner)

You can get these items at

Enjoy your smooth legs with a perfect coconut margarita!