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Bb.U Model Project

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At Bumble and bumble.University, hairdressers visit from salons far and wide to hone their craft. Working on real clients (not plastic heads) is essential to their experience. So, they created the Bb.U Model Project, which allows their students to perfect techniques on people like you – and, as an added bonus, the services are completely complimentary.




Bumble and bumble.University

Bumble and bumble began in 1977 as a small NYC salon with a strong culture and an ambitious vision to raise the standards of the salon industry.

Bb.U is the culmination of our 30+ years in business. The key to their success is the belief that continuing education helps hairdressers improve their craft. They offer courses relevant to all aspects of the industry – from business-boosting classes to workshops on intuitive hairdressing.

All students are professionally licensed, with a minimum of two years experience, and work under the watchful eye of their most experienced stylists and educators.


Bb.U Model Project

The Bb.U Model Project provides free cuts, color and styles in a professional, educational setting to anyone with the appropriate hair type – and a willingness to explore new looks.

Working on a cast of real-life characters (not plastic heads) is essential to the Bb.U experience – it gives Bb’s students the opportunity to perfect techniques by customizing them for the individual. This unique collaboration is all about transcending the usual paint-by-numbers approach to hairdressing.

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NYC – Bumble and Bumble

One of the first stops in NYC we went to was Bumble and Bumble in the Meatpacking District.  A leader in hair care products and clever packaging and marketing – it was a privilege to get to see into their world. But first, we got breakfast.

I love this ‘try me’ bar!
be passionate, be all about it. Go big or go home.
Watch TV while you get shampooed!
amazing 🙂
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