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NYFW: Bucket Feet



What a better way to kick of NYFW, than with Bucket Feet’s new fall line at their Nolita studio.  Bucket Feet is a footwear brand that lets artists from all over the world showcase their designs. Currently, they work with over 20,000 artists from 100 countries. Some of these amazing artist include painters, graphic designers, graffiti writers, street artists, and photographers. Their mission: connect people through art. Want your own pair? Be sure to check out their fall line and follow their Instagram (@bucketfeet) for a chance to win a pair of 3-day Austin City Limits Music Festival passes and 2 pairs of Bucket Feet! Check out the pictures below for more on their awesome collection!




My Reinvented American Style @BucketFeet

Hurray!  My 3 year anniversary of living in the US is coming right up this month. Living in different countries certainly affects your style, the brands you covet and the way you carry yourself.  If you moved around because of school, jobs or family like I did – one important thing is to maintain your self through the transition and always be yourself no matter what. When I lived in Toronto, I preferred frills and heels over anything else. I don’t even remember the last pair of sneaker I owned.  But since my LA stint and my new home in Brooklyn, I have seen my style evolve and adopt different elements of everywhere I have been.

NYC Summer '12

One of the coolest thing about LA is the ‘i just woke up and i’m fab’ look. Beachy waves, but dewy skin.  Expensive handbags but tattered shoes. Loose and airy over tight and short. I dig it.

Brooklyn style is all about vintage. Sneakers and shoes are important here but so is shopping off Etsy and going to the Dekalb market to support local artists. With all the walking, cracking sideways, subways stair – Brooklyn to me means good walking shoes and mixing and matching. I have an affinity for flats now too!

Remember that commercial that said, “you change the cheese, you change the dish”. That’s how I feel about shoes!  If you are coming to LA or NY, change your shoes and keep the rest of your outfit. 🙂  You will fit right in and no one will call you tourist.

Shoes from

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