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OLIKA, a personal care company, is pleased to announce their beautifully designed, first-of-its-kind, natural hand sanitizer, Minnie, arrived in-stores at Target for the back-to-school shopping season.

OLIKA’s newest “feathered friend,” Minnie, recently landed at select Target stores nationwide and is available at a special back-to-school promotional price of $4.99 (MSRP $6.49).

In addition to visiting select Target locations, consumers can restock their “flock” of OLIKA products at Alcone Company, Amazon, Hush, Lucky Vitamin, Ricky’s NYC, Riley Rose, Target online, The Detox Market, Walmart, QVC, Urban Outfitters, Vitacost and

“We’re thrilled to have Minnie arrive at Target during such an exciting time of year,” says Jessica Postiglione, CEO and co-founder of OLIKA. “It’s the perfect opportunity for parents to meet our little germ fighting friend, as they fill their shopping carts with back-to-school essentials.”

Minnie is the second product from OLIKA and the sister of Birdie, a two-in-one hand sanitizer that contains a spray with soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera leaf juice, and 10 textured dry wipes for additional cleaning. Both birds marry form and function to create a delightful consumer experience. Birdie and Minnie boast a simple signature fragrance with a sophisticated blend of aromatic notes inspired by nature, including bergamot, lemon and spearmint. The formulation is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free and void of any harsh chemicals.

For more information on OLIKA, Birdie or Minnie please visit and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

OLIKA (pronounced “oo-lee-kah”) means “differently” in Swedish, and exemplifies our approach –from the way they design their products to the way they engage with their customers– they do it differently. Founded in New York, OLIKA is an acknowledgment of their love and appreciation for smooth, clean lines and the minimalistic simplicity of Scandinavian design.

At OLIKA, they believe that products should not only fill a void; but they should also bring you joy. Birdie and Minnie are the first of many products that will reinvent personal care and household staples.


Called “The World’s Most Beautiful Hand Sanitizer,” by Fast Company, Birdie contains 20mL of sanitizing spray with soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera leaf juice, while housing (10) textured dry wipes to capture dirt and grime in his base. Birdie contains over 350 sprays and lasts 10x longer than comparable gel-based hand sanitizers. His formulation improves skin hydration for up to 24 hours.

Standing at 3 inches in height and 2 inches in width as well as containing a locking mechanism, OLIKA’s feathered friend is an ideal travel size. Birdie retails online at for $8.99 and is available in three colors— Robin’s Egg, Charcoal and Eggshell.


Minnie is the second product from OLIKA and is a brand new, beautifully-designed, natural hand sanitizing spray. The follow-up natural, hand sanitizer spray contains 30mL of soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera leaf juice. She was called “a beautiful, work of art” by Fast Company.

Standing at 2.25 tall and 2 inches in width as well as containing a locking mechanism, Minnie is ergonomically designed to fit in the hand. She contains more than 500+ sprays that quickly cleanses and refreshes. Minnie lasts 15x longer than comparable gel based hand sanitizers and her formulation also improves skin hydration for up to 24 hours. Minnie retails online at for $6.49. She is available in Robin’s Egg, Charcoal, Eggshell and the latest color, Thistle.


5 Tips for Working Moms to Survive the Back- to -School Hustle

5 Tips for Working Moms to Survive the Back- to -School Hustle
by Holly Caplan

From the moment my daughter got out of school in May to the end of July, was a complete blur. It was a blur of summer camp, work, travel, deadlines, proposals and pool parties.  The fact that she was going back to school in three weeks had not occurred to me. When it did, I panicked. Where did the time go? I frantically realized I had no idea what day school started and had to ask another mom. I got a brisk answer of  “August 20th,” which I like to call the “working mom fail” response. The guilt of not knowing when my child starts 2nd grade and feeling completely overwhelmed set in. Where do I begin? I’ve got to sign her up for fall activities, get a new backpack, lunchbox, some new clothes and also manage my job, meetings, travel and various work expectations. As working moms I think we feel there is no easy way to do all of this and keep a clear head and stay on task, but I have found five great tips for surviving back to school as a working mom:

1.    Order Online:
Spare yourself the hustle of shopping. No need to throw everyone in the car in 100-degree heat to head to your favorite retail super store, fend off the kiddos requests for toys and candy while back-to-school shopping. It is not worth it. Modern technology allows us the ability to order online for backpacks, clothing and supplies. Think of the time and energy you will save by sitting on your couch and checking some boxes and swiping “check out”. This also applies to grocery shopping too, which is becoming more and more common. Download the app for Shipt or Amazon Prime and let them do the grocery shopping for you. Do it a day or two before school starts. The kids can make their requests so they get to put some creativity into their lunchbox choices.  Other positives are that it isn’t expensive to shop online and it saves money because you avoid over-buying in a store.

2.    Let the Laundry Lie:
Where does your laundry lie? Mine sits on a bed in the guest room.
Clean, yet unfolded. But clean. The point here is, let your laundry lie. It is okay to let some things slip during back -to -school time. You will have so much on your plate as it is, don’t let the mundane domestic stuff get to you. Not having every thing completed or accomplished around the house is okay. You will not get a ticket or a fine for letting some things in the household fall behind. Give yourself permission to know that it is okay if you don’t get everything done. It is completely normal, and you will eventually catch up.

3.    Get Your Routine Back:
In the summer our routines are typically off. As I mentioned, it can feel like a complete blur when so much is going on.  Activities, camp and work will run you, instead of you running them. No shock there. Bringing structure and school back into your life can be a struggle, but welcome it because it brings the return of normalcy.  Give yourself a cushion returning to the routine by practicing earlier bedtimes and waking times week before school starts. This will get us parents and kids back on schedule. Also, create a family calendar with upcoming school activities and your work schedule to make sure that all planets are aligned, and if not, this gives you time to create a family management strategy.

4.    Be Guilt Free:
I think the hardest thing about being a working mom during back -to -school is missing school events.  The hallmarks of the beginning of the school year like Fall Festival or Meet the Teacher are big events for the kids. Missing them can make you feel disconnected from their little lives and the guilt can take over. This is also difficult because you miss the chance to meet other parents and classmates at these events. You start to feel like a constant outsider because you are the mom who isn’t around enough. Don’t beat yourself up or hold yourself to an impossible standard. Know that you are doing everything that you can to accommodate both school and work and that you are still present in your kids lives, even when you can’t physically be with them.

5.    Connect with other working moms:
I have a lot of wonderful friends who are stay- at -home moms. They tend to keep me grounded and I rely on them a lot for my sanity.  Working mom friends can be super supportive too because they are most likely experiencing the same emotions and situations. For overall complaining, coping and time management ideas your working mom friends will happily listen and help you.  In addition, their schedules will most likely parallel yours, so for all of those 2:30 play dates you have missed, you can now do play dates on schedules that accommodate the work day. The silver lining here is that you get to solidify strong relationships with other women who will stand by you when you need support.

Managing back-to-school time will never be perfect or fool proof, but working outside of the home can bring on some added stress. It is a balancing act that can cause disruption as you get adjusted to the new school year and schedules. Know that you are not alone, and we are all muddling through it together.

Holly Caplan is a mom, workplace issues expert, career coach and author of Surviving the Dick Clique: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World. For more information, please visit, and connect with her on Twitter, @hollymcaplan.


Back-to-School Beauty Checklist

Photo by Luke Pamer on Unsplash

While the summer quietly passes by, clearing the path for burgundy leaves and hot bourbon toddies, I’ve been wondering about something – isn’t it just the right time to clear our beauty checklist for some old school entries? Just like the morning dew accentuates the simple beauty of this season, it often inspires you to pour a few fresh drops of back-to-school beauty treatment for yourself – a real do-it-for-you sweet kind of temptation.

Back to basics

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

First of all – fall in love with your skincare – it’s an essential base for all our makeup and fashion endeavors. Start your days with a shower, a hydrating face cream for a softer skin, brush your hair and teeth gently and use a cold spoon trick for fresher eyes. Keep your skin healthy with masks, natural oils and morning facial massages. Modify the list of skincare products, making sure it doesn’t contain any chemicals that could damage your skin, i.e. unhealthy oils and parabens. Whether you prefer DIY simple skin care or a professional approach, either way is a good way when pretty matches healthy.

A good hair day

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

No matter the length, nourished hair is a must if you want the hairstyles on your wish list to look good when you finally try them out. Quality shampoos, natural oils, hair masks, massages and quality brushes give you the healthy base you can use to play with style choices, just like with skin care and your make up.

Particularly trendy lately, healthy long hair matches any outfit you chose and it allows of carefree hairstyles like ponytails, simple braids, free edgy bangs or voluminous sleek buns. It can make your entire look quite compelling. There’s a broad range of choices for hair-accessory lovers worldwide. You can find plenty of high-quality hair extensions online in Australia.

Hair extensions are always the right choice for a newer and fresher look, whether your checklist is on a casual or a chic side. Right now, long hair reigns supreme. Choose among beautiful color palettes or pull off some simple natural hair colors which you can accessorize with a high bold bun, waves and curls, or straight long hairstyle which is highly accentuated lately as a fashion ”yes”.

Play with makeup

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Expand your makeup horizons and don’t be afraid to experiment – a touch of mascara and a natural shade for the eyes, with bold and natural brows, a slight touch of peach or strawberry on both of your cheeks, neat contour and bold lipstick will give you the look that you’ll just love. If you prefer shine and diamond, i.e. stunning cat-eye makeup, accompany that with a lip gloss or a tinted lip balm. Also, for girls that love natural or a nude look, highlighter and a hydrating lip balm are a must have. And last but definitely not the least – you can always skip the routine by using the ultimate trick that never got off of our beauty checklists – no makeup except red lipstick.

Overall, a good deep care routine is irreplaceable when it comes to your skin and hair. When you take your time to prepare your favorite cake from scratch, you always pay extra attention to the finishing touches – do the same thing with your beauty routine and the way you express yourself; make your beauty checklist both the base and cherry on the top.


Back to School Season Beauty and Health Routines

Photo by Daria Tumanova on Unsplash

Seasons change and our environment changes with them. There’s a beautiful shift a couple of times a year where everything we’ve gotten used to gets a fresh twist. Accordingly, us ladies should pamper ourselves with corresponding beauty and health routines.

Near Mr. September

During the year, kids don’t have it easy while they’re in school which makes them want to make the best of their holidays in order to be mentally and physically ready for a new school season. It’s not just school kids though, working women are constantly learning too, and growing both personally and professionally. At the end of the day, it’s the same process seen from different perspectives and with different responsibilities.

Peas in a pod

Photo by Bino Storyteller on Unsplash

Although happy to make their youngsters carefree, moms tend to put too much weight on their shoulders while making sure the kids’ routines are taken care of. Health checks, bedtime-school balance, making sure they eat right, getting school supplies, buying clothes… and a couple of extra surprises to minimize the stress kids feel – that often leaves moms with no time for self-care they need just as much. Since season shift isn’t only relevant for kids, moms should treat themselves to cozy, elegant and warm sweaters and other season clothing for all occasions; or drive somewhere to a spa session after they’ve dropped kiddos home from school. In all that chaos, moms need to pay attention to their own needs, as well.

Stay Tuned to You

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

A working woman, whatever her background; needs a tidy plan on how to juggle her needs and responsibilities, so that both career and personal life are in a healthy balance at all times, no matter the season. That is quite difficult to achieve without a strong immunity, nourishment and beauty routines which are, when practiced regularly, a true pleasure and a great benefit to our health and well-being.

Consistent work schedule is dependent on a body that can keep up with the pace and sometimes even be one step ahead. Genuine and thorough care for health and beauty should be supported by and formed around health-aiding Biocare products that further help us with our stress-release routines. They can also help us maintain our desired fitness level and appearance, despite the worn out feeling we have when exhaustion and the anxiety of upcoming work season hit us. Adding recommended supplements and vitamins to our everyday nutrition is essential to keep our minds and bodies ready for any challenge.

Do the Fun Part

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

Restock your skincare and makeup products with classic pieces: deep hydrating facial creams, scrubs, protective oils, foundations and basic makeup sets; also, don’t forget the brushes and cleaning tools. Add bold red and brown colors to your lipstick collection and expand your wardrobe with a couple of fashion must haves for the upcoming season – a leather jacket, burgundy boots, elegant caps or leisure suits.

Customize the set of hair care and body-nourishing products by intensifying hydration, to make sure you have an extra layer of care and protection during this season when the weather changes frequently, and temperatures and humidity affect skin and hair quality. Make sure you have the right protective oils, masks and lotions, and feel free to play with hairstyles this season!


Good, well-developed self-care doesn’t take much time – it’s an investment in a long-term relationship with yourself no matter the season. Joy is in responding to its gifts and tricks with classic, back-to-school routines.


Esperos Kid’s Backpacks are here!

ESPEROS is launching kid’s backpacks this month for Back To School. They are a modern approach to a timeless backpack with stylish and durable canvas built for children on the go. The best part:  every bag sold helps fund one year of education for a child in the developing world (the brand is partnered with Pencils of Promise). When you make your purchase from ESPEROS, you do more than simply buy a bag: you carry hope

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 3.15.04 PMEach backpack is constructed from military cotton duck canvas that is naturally stain resistant & water repellent and features a hidden front zipper pocket, exterior zipper pouch pocket, padded laptop sleeve and a railroad stripe interior.

The backpacks are $45.00 and sold on and Whole Foods stores across the nation.


Back-To-School Goodies with Modella + @got2bUSA!

September is finally here and that means the hot sticky summers are coming to an end (hooray!) and school is back in session! And I’m coming across a ton of goodies to get you ready for school and looking fab 🙂

But first you’ll need to get organized, right? Modella knows how. This company is well known for its creative designs and lush color palettes and their chic new collection is no different. These cosmetic pouches and travel accessories hold a little or a lot. Grab one of their multi-piece traveler sets or go with a roomy organizer (like the one pictured below)—I crammed all my daily necessities in there and still had room for more.

Modella Organizer

And what I love about these products is that they’re stylishly made but they’re also completely affordable. The entire range retails from around $3 up to $22 and they’re all available at Walmart. Must have!


Another back-to-school goodie I’ve come across is göt2b oil-licious styling oil. I’ve mentioned before how lazy I can be when it comes to my hair, but this styling oil really works a treat. I put it in my hair while it was damp and it gave my locks an incredible shine. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Maybe I could get used to having perfectly presentable hair!


The beauty of this oil is that it can also be used on dry hair. Add a little to that frazzled hair and the oil smooths and calms it into submission! It also smells divine — none of that typical chemical smell…this one is definitely a keeper. It retails for around $5.99 at drugstores. Get it!