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Angelo David Salon Hosts Launch Event for The Flex Brush The Ultimate Detangling Brush

World-renowned hair stylist Angelo David, owner of the elite salon Angelo David Salon in New York City, and hair-tool veteran Jacob Guttman, founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools, introduced The Flex Brush—an all-purpose tool that detangles safely, massages the scalp and promotes hair health and growth. Angelo David Salon hosted a launch event, showcasing the brush’s versatility and flex technology, which makes it the most forgiving hair brush on the market.

The Flex Brush, designed for both wet and dry hair, bends to follow the contours of your head, massaging your scalp and stimulating the production of natural oils. The brush has vents that allow heat to pass through it, so blow drying won’t damage it. For ultimate detangling, pair with the Flex Detangle Spray, a revolutionary leave-in conditioner that increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling and detangling. In short, here is what sets The Flex Brush apart from other brushes on the market:

  • The Flex Brush is especially great for detangling children’s hair. Unlike traditional brushes, it flexes to avoid snagging on tough knots, so there’s no pain, plus you get damage-free detangling on all hair types, whether hair is wet or dry.
  • The Flex Brush is made from all-natural rubber; the coating has a soft- touch finish that’s comfortable and easy to grip.
  • Its flexibility allows the Flex Brush to perfectly follow the contours of your scalp, resulting in a soothing massage that increases the blood supply to your hair’s follicles. Increased circulation helps increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients that are essential for growing strong, shiny hair.
  • The Flex Brush is vented and super lightweight, so it can be used while blow drying. Air can pass freely through the integrated vents, resulting in much faster drying times.
  • It is the most versatile brush on the market, so whether your hair is curly, fine and delicate or thick—or if you have extensions or a sensitive scalp—the Flex Brush is your go-to hair tool.

(Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

About the Flex Brush

The Flex Brush is the creation of two of the most innovative minds in beauty: Angelo David, owner of the elite salon Angelo David Salon in New York City, and Jacob Guttman, founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools. While on the beach in Aruba, Angelo was pained by watching people destroy their hair as they yanked rigid brushes through knots, tearing ends and destroying roots. He contacted Jacob and together they designed The Flex Brush—an all-purpose tool that detangles safely, massages the scalp and promotes hair health and growth. 

The Flex Brush comes in three variations: The Flex Brush XL Nylon Bristle, The Flex Brush Petite Mixed Bristle and The Flex Brush XL Mixed Bristle. SRP is $20 for the smaller size and $26 for the larger brush. For more information or to purchase the Flex Brush, visit

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About Angelo David Salon

Located on Madison Avenue, the salon boasts a team of highly trained staff members, who are dedicated to making each client feel welcome and appreciated. Renowned for Couture Hair Extensions, thinning hair solutions, and Couture Wigs, Angelo David Salon also offers a full range of services and includes seven private VIP Hair Suites. Angelo’s vast experience with hair, hair health and hair growth led him to realize that hair health issues often begin inside the body, not on the surface. Angelo David Hair Care and the Angelo David Couture Brush Collection are all available online at


Getting Beautiful at Angelo David Salon @AD_Salon

I was invited to a pamper session at the Angelo David Salon in Midtown Manhattan and I couldn’t have been more thrilled when the day finally came! Angelo David is best known for his hand-crafted, customized Couture hair extensions, which have made him highly sought-after by celebrities–and those who just look like celebrities!

Angelo David at work

When I walked in, I was promptly greeted by a friendly receptionist and offered a cappuccino, which I eagerly accepted as I hadn’t had my daily dose of caffeine yet. I switched into a smock and was led into the main room where I met my stylist Rita and her assistant Drew.

Drew gave me an amazing shampoo, which invigorated my scalp and put me into a relaxed trance, all at the same time. Next I was sat under the dryer with a deep conditioner slathered on my hair. While the conditioner penetrated my strands, the manicurist got to work on my nails. I decided on a deep eggplant, which coincidentally matched my sweater!

Fifteen minutes later, I was ready to be rinsed out and then I was in the stylist’s chair. Both the stylist and her assistant worked at blow-drying and flat-ironing my hair.

 Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil was used on my hair before blow-drying. When Drew told me it was an oil, I had to resist the urge to protest and decided to trust the experts. My hair is fine, and normally oil weighs it down and somehow ends up migrating to my forehead! But to my delight, my hair remained bouncy and light. I think I have a new product crush!!

At that point, I admitted to Rita that I had recently given myself a trim–what can I say, sometimes I just like to take matters into my own hands! She had a little extra time and gave me a quick trim to clean up any unevenness.

I loved the experience. When you walk into Angelo David Salon, you feel like the star–there is no question that some serious pampering and beautification is about to take place. I was put at ease when Drew didn’t even flinch after my straightened hair turned into tight coils during the shampoo–I’m always concerned with stylists’ ability to handle my unrelaxed hair. I was also happy that she didn’t chastise me for trimming my own hair!

Expert stylists? Check.
Beautiful salon? Check.
Awesome products? Check.
Friendly staff? Check.


Angelo David is located at 48 East 43rd St., 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10017

For more information, visit

xoxo, Olisa