Call for Art Teachers, Schools, Non-Profits to Register in New Directory invites all teaching artists, workshop organizers, art schools, art centers and non-profit art groups to register in their free online directory for the visual arts.  Art Cantina is a new site that connects students of all ages with art teachers and schools, classes and workshops.

“We believe hands-on creativity is important at any age. Our goal at is to make it easier to find art lessons by providing a much-needed, worldwide marketing platform for professionals,”  says co-founder LaVonne Ewing.

Art Cantina disciplines include painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, collage and mosaics, ceramics and pottery, fiber arts and textiles, glass arts, jewelry and metalsmithing, paper arts, and photography.

Lori McNee, artist, author, and art business advisor, says, “What a great resource for both teachers and students to be able to connect for classes and workshops all in one place. Such a wonderful service. I’m excited to be a part of Art Cantina!”

It takes just a few minutes to create a free or premium profile in the online ArtEdu Directory. Listing categories include individuals and organizations who teach art (art teachers, mentors, art therapists, workshop organizers, art schools, art centers, non-profits), places that host art instruction (art galleries, art studios, community venues and more) as well as makers and distributors of art tools and supplies, how-to magazines and books.

Also available: Learn-The-Arts Calendar of Events is the place to promote upcoming art workshops, tours, on-going classes and all art-education events with specific dates. is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who met while volunteering at a fundraising art auction in Colorado. They share a passion for the visual arts and a conviction that art lessons should be much easier to find.


Turn Your Garden Into An Art Gallery

The company best known for putting art on tents have launched a range of framed wall art specially designed for outdoor use. Add a new design dimension to gardens, patios, conservatories and back yards with Outdoor Art!

Designed specially to be hung outdoors, Outdoor Art can be placed in any outdoor location with direct exposure to the elements. Utilising their knowledge of outdoor materials FieldCandy have created wall art that is 100% waterproof, durable, UV fade resistant and wind resistant up to 60mph. This is achieved by swapping the traditional timber frame which can warp in an outdoor environment for a much more durable frame made from Aluminium, which doesn’t twist, warp, rust or degrade.

The range includes licensed designs from fantasy artist Anne Stokes and the “World’s most famous Graffiti” courtesy of Banksy, plus plenty more designs curated by FieldCandy. With over 200 design in the collection, covering themes from street art to sea views, there’s something for everyone.

Pictured from left to right: Camden Maid, Moonstone, Pink Jelly, Highland Cow.

Outdoor Art retails from £159 to £375. See all the designs at

  • FieldCandy is part of the Hubaco family which includes world-leading tent brand Terra Nova Equipment – holder of multiple Guinness World Records.
  • Founded in 2011, FieldCandy launched with a range of totally unique and colourful tents, providing the creative streak that was missing from the camping industry. FieldCandy has since blossomed to include a wider range of leisure products and apparel, designed and many proudly made in England and sold worldwide.
  • FieldCandy have forged global partnerships with designers Paul Smith and Liberty of London, music artists Iron Maiden, Kelis, David Bowie and The Beatles Yellow Submarine. Corporate partnerships include brands such as Sony, Vans, Indian Motorcycles, Anne Stokes and Brandalised.

For more info visit


SmartSweets – The Healthy Candy That’s Not an Oxymoron

Ahhh, the sweet, fruity and sour taste of chewy candy! What’s not to love about these delicious confectionery favorites? Well, sugar for one. If you’re minding your health, a small bag of gummybears can pack in 24 grams of sugar and more than 160 calories. And Vegan gummy bears often contain even more sugar than regular ones. So, what’s a sweet-a-holic to do about that? SmartSweets gives you the taste you crave, without the sugar-guilt!

We all love a little something sweet in our lives, but can agree that we can use a little less sugar. That’s where SmartSweets comes in — what started as gummy bears with only three grams of sugar (traditional gummies have 24!) and just 90 calories, they are now rolling out their Vegan Sweet Fish and Sour Blast Buddies to the mix. Sweet-aholics rejoice — there’s something for everyone with SmartSweet candies.

SmartSweets contains just three grams of sugar per serving, that’s 1/8 the amount of regular gummies and just 80 – 90 skinny calories per bag. They taste so good, you won’t miss the sugar. In fact, POPSUGAR calls them “the best effing healthy gummy bears on the planet.”

Coming next month, a good thing gets even sweeter. That’s when SmartSweets rolls out its new #KickSugar Vegan candies—aka the first healthy vegan candy in the world. SmartSweets’ promise to you is to be free from added sugar, sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners; they’re insanely low in sugar, and they contain pectin, which is derived from fruit.

So, indulge your sweet tooth and feel good about candy. With SmartSweets #KickSugar, candy life is certainly sweet!

Why SmartSweets Has Regular Candy Whipped:

  • Just three grams of sugar per bag – 85% less than your average candy!
  • SmartSweets #KickSugar candies include Fruity Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Blast Buddies and Sweet Fish
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Allergen friendly
  • Free from artificial Anything—say goodbye to artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners
  • Free from Sugar Alcohols
  • No Artificial Anything
  • Made in the USA
  • Buy online at or Amazon
  • Buy in store nationwide at Whole Foods and GNC + over 5000 retailers across Canada + USA

About SmartSweets: College dropout Tara Bosch founded SmartSweets because she loved candy but didn’t love the sugar. So, she decided to innovate the first candy (that tastes as candy should) without sugar. After relentless recipe testing in her own kitchen, she finally concocted the right mix and just a year after she started, her delicious candies landed nationwide on store shelves. Tara is on a mission to #KickSugar and to revolutionize the candy industry by innovating the future of candy! Now that’s a sweet idea!

Finally, in 2018 healthy candy isn’t an oxymoron!

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PAINT AND FRAME: BOTANICAL PAINTING (Race Point Publishing / July 3, 2018 / US$19.99) features 20 charming modern watercolor projects including florals, nature scenes, and more. With step-by-step instructions and watercolor paper included, you can try your hand at these “mini” projects, and then you can instantly display your painting in one of the enclosed frames.

Add patterns or colors to your frame, then simply fold it to an upright position, and your brand new watercolor painting can be displayed inside it. Stop storing your art projects in a drawer while you wait to get frames. These handcrafted frames are ideal for displaying artwork around the house, at your desk, or to mail as a lovely handmade gift.

PAINT AND FRAME: BOTANICAL PAINTING comes with an instruction book, 17 step-by-step watercolor projects to try, an assortment of watercolor paper, and 5 fantastic frames to decorate and personalize yourself. This is the perfect gift for the beginner artist looking to display their work in an elegant way without paying for expensive frames.  


  • Over a dozen step-by-step watercolor projects from popular artist and Instagrammer Sara Meadows.
  • Lists of recommended tools for the beginning artist.
  • 15 sheets of watercolor paper.
  • Five 4×6” paper frames that artists can decorate to instantly display your work.

Sara Boccaccini Meadows was born in the far north of the United Kingdom, where she spent much of her time exploring the outdoors with her parents and little sister. After graduating, she spent many years travelling the world, finding inspiration from different cultures and developing her unique painterly style. After living in the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Australia, she eventually settled in New York City in 2012, where she splits her time between textile design, illustration, and being a mother to her three-year-old daughter.

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World Coconut Day: What Can’t Coconut Oil Do?

With World Coconut Day coming up on September 2ndUpSpring’s 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is something you want to put into the shopping cart. This go-to organic skin care hack can easily replace a dozen products in your bathroom cabinet.

UpSpring’s 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is USDA certified organic, making it perfect for babies, toddlers, kids, moms, dads, grandparents and everyone in-between. Its soothing and protective qualities are ideal for dry skin and hair, chapped lips, stretch marks, scrapes and cuts, and so much more! (Hooray for storage space!) For baby: for dry or eczema prone skin, cradle cap, diaper area, even boo-boos. For you: for stretch marks, chapped lips, an all-over body moisturizer, and more. 100% pure and USDA certified organic, UpSpring’s Virgin Coconut Oil is nature’s perfect healing ointment.

UpSpring 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Soothes, protects, moisturizes, and supports healing
  • Is absorbed quickly with no greasy residue
  • Made with USDA certified organic coconut oil
  • Cold pressed to retain natural healing compounds
  • Does not contain lanolin, petroleum, paraben, gluten, or GMOs

About UpSpring

For moms, by moms, UpSpring is where innovation meets tradition. Made with love and backed by science, the brand was created to provide clinically-backed solutions for mom and baby from preconception and beyond including products that are accessible and affordable, while not sacrificing quality. UpSpring was founded in 2005 to help women better meet the everyday health and wellness challenges and frustrations of motherhood so they can simply enjoy the experience. Throughout it all, mom inventors have continued to be a vital part of UpSpring’s success working with leading scientists, microbiologists, chemists and other dedicated professionals who share the brand’s goal of taking care of mom so mom can take care of baby.

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Honestly Margo Instilling Confidence in Women of All Ages This Holiday Season

With self-esteem beginning to plummet in the tween years for girls and then often never returning to baseline, there is no greater holiday gift than one that builds confidence in teens and that restores it in Millennials and women of all ages. Built on the platform of embracing individual uniqueness, the Honestly Margo line of bath and beauty products helps females feel good about themselves no matter their stage of life. And because all items falling under the brand’s umbrella are inspired by nature with nothing but goodness in them, gift givers can feel good about their Honestly Margo purchase as well.

According to the April 2018 “Time” magazine article “How to Help Young Girls Keep Their Confidence During Puberty”,“Boys and girls run neck and neck, confidence-wise, up to then (the age of puberty), but when the estrogen-testosterone waves start flooding kids’ brains, all that changes. For girls, confidence takes a huge hit.” In fact, “between the ages of 8–14, girls’ confidence levels drop by 30 percent.” To make matters worse, “the effects are long lasting. For most women, once opened, this confidence gap fails to close.” That means many Millennials, Gen Yers and Gen Xers are still suffering the consequences. The solution according to the article’s authors? “Risk more, think less, be yourself.”

Margo, the inspiration and titular founder behind Honestly Margo, personifies all these confidence-boosting actions. In 2013, when she was just 12 years old, Margo took a risk. Thinking less about what the world might think of her and instead focusing her full attention on her passion for beauty (i.e., being herself), she came up with an all-natural lip balm with only four ingredients. And thus, Honestly Margo was born.

Since then, the company has expanded into a full-spectrum bath and body brand, yet the focus has remained the same since day one. The company always uses the finest, safest ingredients in each and every one of its products. The Unicorn line from Honestly Margo was designed with younger girls, tweens and teens in mind. Playful and colorful, it includes bath dust, body lotion and hand/body scrub. The body lotions also come in more mature, woman-friendly scents. Each one is labeled with its own female name to highlight its individuality. Joining the body lotion in matching scents is a line of bubble fizz bath powders. When sprinkled into the tub, they fizz, bubble and shimmer.

The brand is about pure goodness with good for you ingredients, like the recently launched Roller Girl Roll-On Lipgloss collection of crystal clear lip glosses with natural flavors including: DESTINY Bubblegum, AMBER Strawberry, ALEXIS Watermelon, JAZMIN Grape, CHERRY Cherry, and CRYSTAL Vanilla. MSRP $12.00 for 4 oz.

Honestly Margo stands for a strong women sisterhood,” explains Margo’s mom and brand co-developer, Irene. “We believe that the most effective way to instill female confidence is for women to build other women up. Honestly Margo is all about celebrating women’s ability to be empowered, to have confidence in themselves, to dream big, to take chances and to know that anything is possible.” No price tag can be placed on a holiday gift that encourages so much of today’s and tomorrow’s women.

Holiday gift givers who want to instill greater self-esteem in the women on their shopping list can learn more about the Honestly Margo female empowerment philosophy and discover all the bath and body products in the line at

About Honestly Margo

Honestly Margo is a bath and beauty brand with the tagline “Inspired by Nature & You” underpinning its core beliefs and principles. Helmed by a mother-daughter team, the brand began from a young girl’s dream to create a business based upon inspiration, belief and persistence. Honestly Margo represents today’s women, creating products that are not only fun and fresh but also unique and relevant to what teens, tweens, Millennials and women are seeking. Pure goodness with good-for-you ingredients and products that feel amazing when used are the hallmarks behind Honestly Margo. For more information, please visit

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