Fitness Sandbags – Perfect For Training And Workouts

Fitness Sandbags – Perfect For Training And Workouts

Fitness bags are very effective for training and workouts. There are many reasons behind this like fitness bags are very convenient, affordable, and can complement many workouts. Let’s look into some of the reasons why fitness bags are effective.

Fitness bags are Accessible and affordable:

According to, Fitness sandbags are best choice when people do not have enough time to visit gyms. Other reason can be when they cannot afford gyms. So, when they cannot afford any other training equipment, fitness sandbags are the best option. It is possible to make the best of the training just by using this equipment which comes under anybody’s budget. Even though there are other equipment, one can use fitness sandbags for durability and strength. So, it is possible to access and afford fitness through sandbags which is otherwise unavailable to many people.

Do it anywhere:

The best thing about sandbag fitness is it doesn’t demand any other equipment to use it. Along with this, it doesn’t require any specific location. Even though there is lot of equipment available today which can result in best improvements, to start with these are not necessary.  To start with, fitness sandbags are more than enough. If we consider the training equipment which is portable, first thing which comes to mind is fitness sandbag. This can be easily carried when travelling and can be filled once you reach the destination.

Be awesome using fitness sandbags: 

It is very important that how much fitness one can achieve through sandbags, rather how they look. So, it is very important that one must completely understand how they can make most of the sandbags. One must poses skills to handle sandbags. It is not easy to control the sandbag movement, meantime making the looks immersive. So, it is not important to try for good looks with the sandbags. Just try to make most of it and achieve fitness goals.

It will make you best:

Sandbag can be used anywhere like one can fix it in their garage and use it in all seasons. It is not easy to handle a sandbag like the one which is 90kg. To control and use it one must be very focused. There is definitely an adversity element which only comes with this fitness sandbag training. Even though in the gym there will be environment which is temperature controlled, they may provide energy drinks, they may provide best equipment, but they can never give the experience of sandbag training in the garage. Getting through all the challenges and going through the training can make you more perfect.

Compliment other trainings:

Even though there is no need to drop off all the other training methods to start with sandbag training, this can be kept as additional training method along with other programs. When it comes to choosing a primary form of workouts or training sandbag is the best. Majority of the people use this sandbag training as an accessory work for dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, and even for bodyweight. This can also be added with any other method of training. It is suggested that sandbag lifts can be added in de-load weeks. This is also best suitable for hill sprints and similar outdoor conditioning sessions. There are many fitness lovers who are included sandbag training as supplement to increase overhead lifts along with their regular barbell.

 Unlocking new exercises:

This sandbag can be used for many types of exercises. These exercises are nearly impossible to achieve with any other traditional free weights. Sandbag training can be to its best by including few exercises like

  • Drags
  • Shouldering
  • Load carries of all variety
  • Bear hug squats, lunges, carries, step ups

Along with all these, there is one important thing to understand about sandbag. This is the training which can give back high returns for the time and effort which a person invests in it. Even though few people have opinion that this is a unconventional training then there is nothing to worry. Unconventional training can yield unconventional results and that is something just needed to move forward many times.

Even though, fitness sandbags training is the thing which can be very important, it is better to implement it as additional training along with other training methods. Through this it can be very effective and it is possible to make the best out of it. So, sandbag training can be used by those who wants to starts off with their training.


This Plastic Baggy Holder Helps Keep The Leftovers And Groceries

It’s incredibly frustrating, upon moving a few items around in the fridge, to find a plastic bag full of something you planned on eating—but then completely forgot about. Food we save in plastic bags often goes bad before we get a chance to eat it, because the bags are so easily shifted and shoved around in the fridge or pantry.

And we probably have all bought a bag of something (shredded cheese for example) only to realize when we get home from the store that we already have the item. It was just too buried in a drawer or far back on a shelf for us to have known. 

Zip N Store is a storage company that makes a plastic baggy organizer which can be installed in refrigerators, pantries, closets, and more, according to the website. Zip N Store’s organizers allow you to easily see and access your plastic bags, which may save you the frustration (and cost) of either wasting food that you don’t remember storing, or buying a replacement for food you already have.

According to the product description on Amazon, the mid-size organizer holds 12 assorted quart-size plastic bags, and up to 20 pounds. Installation is easy, too. You simply attach the organizer to the bottom of the refrigerator shelf, which takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require any tools.

The Zip n Store organizers are also a great tool for meal and snack prep. You can prepare healthy snacks, and have them lined up for the week in one easy sliding organizer. The Zip n Store door unit holds up to 10 bags, and the full-size has 20 slots.

One Amazon reviewer calls the mid-size organizer “an organizer’s dream.” The five-star review says, “We are using them in our refrigerator and we have one mounted under our counter for holding all of our chip bags and snacks. It works as advertised it created more space and is saving us money by reducing food spoilage.”

Whether you want to make space in your fridge or pantry, or even organize various supplies, the Zip n Store organizers seem to be multi-functional and worth a try!

ABout Zip n Store:

Zip n Store is the brain-child of inventor Len Kensey and the result of a lifetime of an inventing and creative spirit.

Created in June of 2016, Zip n Store was then launched on Kickstarter, and raised over $150,000 within 33 days (only 1% of funded projects reach the 100K mark!).  Within 2 months of launching, Zip n Store was viewed over 25 million times on social media sites.

Now being sold on Amazon Prime throughout the U.S. and soon the world, Zip n Store’s dream is becoming a reality. This is Zip n Store… Storage… Simple n Easy!


THE FIRST NIGHTTIME & DAYTIME BRA OF ITS KIND Specializing in Anti-Gravity, Lift & Comfort

The Breast Whisperer Bra is the invention of a highly respected plastic surgeon and internationally recognized fashion designer, who had the mission to build a seamless bra that can be worn all day and all night. Discover what it’s like to wear a bra so comfortable, you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all!

Even before Isaac Newton was hit on the head by an apple at his family farm in 1666 people had long known about gravity.

“What goes up, must come down.”

“The bigger they are the harder they fall.”

These aphorisms are not specifically about breasts, but they could be. Any woman can tell you that their breast and nipples get lower as the years go by.

Larger breasts get lower faster than smaller ones. Childbirth, breastfeeding and weight gain can all accelerate the process of gravity. Nowadays, we know how gravity works and which way it is pulling the breasts, so we know how to counteract it. Bras that give us support underneath the breasts work against gravity and keep the breasts from sagging and the skin from stretching. Any bra can do this, but some are more comfortable than others.

Designed to be worn all night, The Breast Whisperer Bra will minimize wrinkles in your décolletage and provide the support you’re always looking for. By wearing this as a Nighttime Bra, you’ll be defying gravity for an extra eight hours every day — keeping your breasts younger and higher than if you slept without one. It’s so comfortable, you’ll find yourself wearing it in the daytime, too!


  • Perfect fit with anti-gravity effect
  • Ultra comfortable with hollow, breathable yarns
  • Full support nighttime bra
  • Supportive straps that relieve pressure
  • No metal or plastic
  • Made with medical grade 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex / Elastane

The support system provides better support not only in the front but also on sides as well as in the back. The all around support omits the need of an underwire and other clasps whatsoever. Another distinguishing difference is we have dropped our shoulder seam by an inch. This means the bra lands on your collarbone which reduces if not removes the rubbing of the seam on your soft shoulders further enhancing comfort. There is no excess fabric on TBW bras, they are made to fit and support which provides high quality comfort.


  • Perfect fit with anti-gravity effect
  • Ultra comfortable with hollow, breathable yarns
  • Full support nighttime bra
  • Seamless under clothes
  • Racerback shape relieves pressure
  • Made with medical grade 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex / Elastane

Developed by doctors and fashion designers; endorsed by plastic surgeons around the world.

If you are a full figured woman, have large breast implants, or have large natural breasts, then you know how it feels to have the skin on your chest feel tugged and stretched with every bounce. Sports bras help with comfort at the gym, but they’re too restricting to wear for more than an hour or two. Wearing the Breast Whisperer Daytime / Nighttime Bra will make you feel younger and perkier, all day, everyday.




Attractions for Your Family in Melbourne

Melbourne is often cited as an ideal city for families to live in and lots are available with easy access to the central business district, like land for sale in Melbourne’s North.

Recognised by The Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the world’s most liveable cities since 2011, Melbourne boasts a diverse community, is a hotspot for top educational institutions and has a lower cost of living compared to other cities in Australia. It also has popular places for family activities near and within the central business district.

Australian Centre for Moving Images (ACMI)

Australia’s only national museum for film, video games, digital culture and art is in the heart of Melbourne at Federation Square. The museum hosts various exhibitions that show museum-goers the history of film and behind-the-scenes footage of certain films, as well as workshops on how to create comics.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Located 5 km away from the heart of the central business district, Collingwood Children’s Farm is a place for a leisurely stroll or a family picnic. Children can also milk the cows, feed the chicken or ride ponies. Meals are available at Collingwood’s Farm Café, where meals are made from fresh ingredients. The farm is open every day of the year except during winter solstice.

Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Tower opened as the second tallest all-residential building in the world, surpassed by Q1 Tower in Gold Coast City. The skydeck located on Floor 88 is a 38-second elevator ride. Once at the top, visitors will get a bird’s-eye view of the city. Finders and binoculars are available to help locate Melbourne’s landmarks.

Luna Park

Luna Park opened in 1912 and is one of the world’s oldest existing amusement parks. It has rides for all ages, from carousels to roller coasters. Its main attraction is the Scenic Railway Roller Coaster, a wooden roller coaster that requires a brakeman to stand in the middle of the train. Entry to the park is free, though passes must be purchased to gain access to rides.

Melbourne Museum

Situated in the Carlton Gardens, the Melbourne Museum has exhibits where families can learn about Victoria’s natural environment, culture and history. The museum has a Children’s Gallery, where babies to five-year-olds can explore the area using hands-on and play-based learning. Children can dig for fossils, explore the discovery garden and dance at the ‘camouflage disco.’

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is a little over than 4 km away from the central business district, giving visitors a chance to see over 300 different species from around the world. Zoo visitors can see elephants, tigers, as well as koalas and kangaroos in an Australian bush setting. There are also interactive exhibits designed especially for kids that discuss animal facts and saving wildlife.

Old Melbourne Gaol

During its operations between 1842 and 1929, the Old Melbourne Gaol held and executed Australia’s most notorious prisoners, including bushranger Ned Kelly. Despite the gloomy nature of the museum, it is an ideal place for visitors to learn about Melbourne’s history. The live watch-house tour may also be scary for some children, as visitors will be locked in a cell for a few minutes.

Melbourne has several attractions to offer, such as museums, zoos and amusement parks. Families living in nearby suburbs can have fun with their loved ones without travelling far from their area.

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Niko is two months old now! And according to our app Sprout, we have gone thru 649 at ten changes on average per day. Diapers vary in size and materials and price! We went thru as many brands as we could but there are still so many more. The surprise winner was actually Kroger’s Comforts brand! And the price is incredible too $16 for 172 size 2!

Tried so many different brands of disposable diapers and found a surprise brand that we love and now use everyday- Kroger’s! And it’s made in Canada. We were also gifted DYPER monthly service but I did not include them in this review- that will be a separate post!

Here is our diaper Instagram story below!


Keroppi Baby Onesie DIY

It is hard to control myself when it comes to buying cute baby clothes but even in my searching, I can’t find some designs I want. Like my childhood fav Sanrio characters.

An easy DIY with Avery, and it comes in white and dark papers too. What character onesie should I make for Niko next ?