Cats and horses can now receive the same rejuvenating supplements as man’s best friend, thanks to RestoraPet’s new vet-approved line of supplements for feline and equine family members. RestoraPet, one of the most effective lines of pet supplements ever created, has launched new classic and full-spectrum hemp solutions for both cats and horses, as the company continues to expand its product offerings for warm-blooded pets.

The new feline formulas of RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp are tuna flavored for a cat’s enjoyment, while the apple-carrot flavored equine versions will be sold in larger bottles with pumps, making them easy to dispense to horses.

RestoraPet’s feline and equine products join the existing canine line of RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp solutions, which were developed over a period of 70 dog years and are available in beef and bacon flavors, as well as unflavored.

All RestoraPet formulas include the proprietary, cell-rejuvenating “super antioxidant” Vitalitrol®, which helps restore the optimal function of a pet’s organs at the cellular level. No other product on the market includes Vitalitrol®, a carbon-based antioxidant that begins working from the first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect every cell type in a pet’s body, visibly improving his or her quality of life.

Since pets age faster than humans do, their cellular function will begin to break down by age two. RestoraPet supplements restore and rejuvenate aging cells for dramatically improved joint health, wellness, range of motion, and an overall boosting of the immune system from the inside out.

Proven results of the original RestoraPet include decreased inflammation, discomfort and infection, improved mobility, flexibility and mood, increased muscle strength, elevated energy levels, regulated appetite, vital organ protection (especially heart and kidney), improved skin and coat health, and an overall happier, healthier pet.

Proven benefits of RestoraPet Hemp are reduced stress and anxiety, strengthened immune function, improved sleep quality, improved digestion, and reduced inflammation and discomfort.

“Fur parents from around the world have been asking for a flavor their cats would love, as they are famously particular pets, and we answered with tuna-flavored feline solutions,” said RestoraPet CEO Brian Larsen, who began his life’s work to create a supplement that could help aging pets after guiding his own Siberian Husky through her painful final years, when nothing on the market was available yet to alleviate her suffering. “Additionally, we needed to adjust the traditional bottling design and dosage of RestoraPet for horses, due to their much larger size, and thought an apple-carrot flavor would turn the supplement into a treat for them.”

By the end of 2019, RestoraPet is expected to earn in excess of $1 million in sales with over 25,000 units having already been purchased in over 100 countries worldwide.  By the end of 2020, RestoraPet expects to have produced over a half million bottles.

“We are thrilled to be able to ensure pets everywhere live enjoyable and healthy lives, since they are members of our family whose happiness greatly impacts our own,” added Larsen, a 33-year-old entrepreneur who decided, in his teenage years, to leverage his love of science and pets to create a solution that would ensure no other pet needlessly suffered like his beloved Bandit did.

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About RestoraPet

Made with the perfect blend of love and science, RestoraPet® is one of the most effective lines of pet supplements ever created thanks to a remarkable, carbon-based “super antioxidant” created by RestoraPet scientists called Vitalitrol®, which begins working from the very first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect nearly every type of cell in a pet’s body. Tested and proven to restore wellness in older pets experiencing age-related decline and, proactively, to boost the health and well-being of younger pets, RestoraPet comes in beef and bacon flavors for dogs, tuna flavor for cats, and apple-carrot flavor for horses. RestoraPet also offers RestoraPet Hemp, featuring full-spectrum hemp, which helps improve pet vitality while fighting discomfort and anxiety. First introduced in 2014, RestoraPet® products are now used by tens of thousands of pets in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

CEO Brian Larsen founded RestoraPet after dedicating his life to helping animals and their humans achieve and maintain wellness. Larsen’s Siberian Husky, Bandit, suffered from arthritis and cancer before passing away, and nothing on the market at the time could alleviate his best friend’s pain. Larsen, who was just a teenager at the time, focused on pet wellness from that point forward. He worked in a pharmacy and earned three science degrees, including a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland. Then he worked at a pharmaceutical company, where he spent nights and weekends testing all kinds of formulas before developing a laboratory in his home where he successfully created RestoraPet. He is now completing his MBA at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, as he continues to grow RestoraPet into the best pet supplement on the market.  Learn more at


Unicorn Fort, Bowling Game and More – New Toys From Antsy Pants

Time to do toys shopping for kids! Yes, this is one of the gift shopping I really enjoy, because adults are big kids. That is so true. We all know kids love unicorns, and so do we. This year, Antsy Pants have some new unicorn toys for you and your kids to explore! Are you ready for that?

New for holiday 2019, Antsy Pants will debut a new unicorn build and play kit, a unicorn bowling set and some fun games that foster development and encourage family time.

Unicorn Build Kit (SRP $49.99) comes equipped with all the parts needed to build the unicorn. With a roll up door for easy entry, kids can climb in and pretend to be a magical creature.

  • 42 pieces
  • Includes fabric cover, color-coded poles and Snap & Click connectors, everything you’ll need to build your own Unicorn
  • Fabric cover includes roll up door for easy entry and opening on top to encourage play and imagination
  • Durable fabric works both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble, no tools necessary

The Unicorn Bowling Set (SRP $24.99) is the perfect complement to the Unicorn Build Kit. Add the Antsy Pants Unicorn Hoppity (SRP $34.99) ride-on toy (not shown) and you have a magical unicorn themed gift collection.

  • 7pc set includes 6 unicorn pns and 1 bowling ball
  • Bowling pins and ball is weighted for extra stability
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • Helps build fine motor skills, strength, hand-eye coordination, agility, judgment & concentration

The Bingo Game (SRP $7.99) and the Tic Tac Toe Travel Mat (SRP $19.99) are classic games that encourage developmental play and together time.

  • 9 pieces
  • Includes fabric game mat and 4 x’s and 4 o’s
  • Game mat can also double as carrying case. Just sinch the rope and take it where ever you go
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play

About Antsy Pants:

Antsy Pants engaging Build and Play™ kids playhouse kits are designed to let kids’ imaginations run wild and get kids and families creating, imagining and building together.

INSPIRE CREATIVITY – With the ability to build anything from a pirate ship that lets you sail the seven seas, to a castle that protects you from invading dragons, each kit encourages imaginative and limitless play.
ENCOURAGE ACTIVE PLAY – According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day. We want to change to that. Antsy Pants is perfect for kids who are always climbing, building and exploring.
STRONG & DURABLE BUILDS – With easy-to-assemble, high quality Snap and Click™ poles and connectors, kids can build each kit with the help of a friend or family member.

Vegan Fashion Week Returns to Los Angeles in October

After the global success of the first edition in February, Vegan Fashion Week returns to Los Angeles from October 10-15th. Vegan Fashion Week has proven to be a historic event and is the leading ethical fashion movement in the world. This season’s theme, “Fashion is Activism,” will explore the challenges surrounding ecological and climate change through the lenses of fashion, creativity, ethics, ecology, science, technology, and legal practices.

The relationship between fashion, factory farming, and climate change cannot be ignored. Vegan sustainable fashion is the ultimate answer to climate change and waste pollution. I created an inclusive and collaborative movement dedicated to redesigning the industry and the consumers’ daily habits” says Vegan Fashion Week creator and animal rights activist, Emmanuelle Rienda.

The Second Edition will officially launch with an Awards Night & Fundraiser at the Theater at Ace Hotel on Thursday, October 10th, a night of celebration, music, and fashion with recording artist and actress Kate Nash. Celebrities and fashion industry leaders will be in attendance to support this conscious soirée designed to empower vegan creatives changing the industry, to raise funds to support the growth of the movement, and to work towards the recognition and protection of fundamental animal rights. Nominees include renowned vegans such as singer Miley Cyrus, actress Natalie Portman, and Kristen Stewart’s fashion stylist Tara Swennen. Creatives will be awarded in 8 categories including fashion design, furniture design, photography, modeling, and hair & makeup.

Following the opening soirée, industry professionals and fashion lovers are invited to the LA Fashion District to experience the Vegan World on October 14-15, the very first vegan fashion trade show in the world. This 50,000 sq. ft experience will take place in the penthouse of the California Market Center during the LA Market. The Vegan World promises to be an inclusive platform of education, discovery, and collaboration, showcasing an entirely cruelty-free experience from the fashion we wear, the beauty we put on our skin, and the food we eat. It encapsulates a world where ethics and trends intersect as a creative ode to the end of animal exploitation and a celebration of human evolution.

Highlights will include runway shows, a designer showroom with brands committed to embracing cruelty-free practices, a vegan lounge with delicious food options, the first vegan clothing swap, and experiential activations. Furthermore, the Vegan World will host the second edition of The Future of Fashion conference, which will feature designers, scientists, policymakers, and editors discussing the most critical issues facing the fashion industry and emerging alternatives. We will present a landscape of future materials and sustainable innovations such as lab-grown faux fur and plant-based alternatives to leather, wool, and silk.

This season’s partners and sponsors include the Ace Hotel, the California Market Center, LA Tourism, LA Fashion District, Miyokos, The Nonhuman Rights Project and thought-provoking online magazine LiveKindly, who focuses on sustainable and compassionate living.

For more information, schedule and to purchase tickets, visit

About Vegan Fashion Week
Vegan Fashion Week is dedicated to elevating ethical fashion globally and to raising awareness of cruelty-free practices. The concept awoke the interest of governments and companies, as well as activated several collaborations to solidify Los Angeles as the leading ethical fashion destination in the world.



IT’s your oily-skin problem solved! Summer may be over, but if oily skin is a concern all year round, IT Cosmetics’ NEW Bye Bye Pores Leave-On Solution is the skin-improving, pore-refining toner you need!

This daily toning treatment features a unique Skin-Mattifying complex formulated with kaolin clay that works to absorb excess oil, control shine and smooth skin while minimizing the look of pores for balanced complexion.

Bye Bye Pores Leave-On Solution is a skin-improving daily toning treatment that works to mattify and smooth skin while minimizing the look of pores. The lightweight, leave-on solution features a unique Skin-Mattifying Complex formulated with kaolin clay that works to absorb excess oil and control shine for a balanced complexion. Non-comedogenic and infused with silk, coconut water and rice protein, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed!

Why You’ll Love IT:

NEW Bye Bye Pores Leave-On Solution Pore-Refining Toner, $34

  • Daily leave-on solution refines the look of pores and visibly mattifies skin by absorbing oil and controlling shine
  • Improves the look of uneven skin texture and leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed and balanced
  • Perfect for all skin types and ideal for oily skin, it helps you reveal better-looking skin instantly and over time
  • Features Skin-Mattifying Complex, plus silk, coconut water and rice protein

About IT Cosmetics

Developed with plastic surgeons, IT Cosmetics creates clinically tested, innovative, problem-solving makeup and skincare products that harness cutting-edge anti-aging technologies and high-performance skin-loving ingredients to provide you with serious beauty solutions that help you look and feel your most beautiful! IT Cosmetics is a top beauty brand sold at ULTA Beauty, Sephora, QVC, Macy’s, Selfridges, Nocibé, Douglas, Boots, Kicks and Discover it. Love it. Believe it.


IT Cosmetics’ Upcoming Friends & Family Sale

IT’s that time of year again…the IT Cosmetics Friends & Family Event! IT Girls and Guys will once again have access to IT Cosmetics’ semi-annual Friends & Family sale, and can purchase some of the NEWEST skincare and makeup must-haves: Bye Bye Pores Leave-On Solution Pore-Refining Toner, Lash Blowout Mascara, Your Skin But Better Oil Free Makeup Primer+ and MORE!

Please see below for details on how to stock up!

·         DATES: 10/7 (Early Access) – 10/12

·         OFFER: 20% off any $30+ order

·         CODE: FF2019

·         PLUS: a FREE 4-piece Confidence Gift Set When You Spend $60+ after discount is applied– while supplies last!


Don’t Miss These Fun Toys For Your Little Ones – ORB™ Holiday Gift Guide

You always think you know very well about your kids, but you also worry a lot about what toys are you going to get for them for this Christmas- something they don’t feel bored, something they enjoy killing time with, something fun enough to keep them busy.

There are a lot of toys options in the market. You need some advice to purchase the good ones. Don’t waste time walking between shelves in supermarkets.

Here are our toys suggestions from ORB Holiday Selections:


Product description: Transform your world with ORB Morphimals™, the ever-changing, tactile toys that completely express themselves. Each one starts as a cool, collectible character—how it takes shape is totally up to you! Twist, mold, pull, or squish—the possibilities are endless! Is Shapesaurus a dino or a snake? The decision is yours to make.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift present? Morphimals™ are a blast for kids and adults alike. With options for all genders and ages, these terrifically tactile, bendable toys are also an easy choice for party favors, office gift exchanges, and any occasion for giving. Look for them at Target stores, Five Below and Toys “R” Us!

Age: 8+

MSRP: $9.99 (US) $14.99 (CAN)

Availability: Target, Five Below, Toys “R” Us

ORB Slimi Café™ 

As ORB™ prepares for Toy Fair New York 2019, ORB Slimi Café™  finally meets the world. Slimi and squishys have been the top toy trends since 2016. While slimi and squishys each have their niche markets, they are both part of the larger tactile toy trend.

Product description: ORB Slimi Café™ is a recipe for fun! Combine specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies™ with multiple revolutionary ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings to make slimi, squishy masterpieces. Mix, match, decorate and squeeze your unique creations. And when you’re done squeezing, separate your squishys and toppings to make something new! For tips and tricks check out ORBSlimiCafé.com.

Age: 8+

MSRP: $5.97 each (US) $9.99 (CAN)

Retail availability: Loblaws, Indigo, Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Claire’s, Justice, Michaels

Encouraging Creativity,
Imagination & Independent Play

About ORB™:

ORB™ is recognized as the fastest growing toy and activities company in the world; shipping high-volume, high-quality trends, collectibles, crafts, compounds, and breakthrough art materials. Our goal? To create moments of awe and wonder and to build self-esteem in youth around the world through exceptional play experiences. Steve Kay launched ORB™ nearly 30 years ago with the Celestial Orb, a transforming, hand-held wire widget. More recently, Steve joined forces with Michael Bianco to rebrand The Orb Factory Ltd. as ORB™, reflecting its incredible growth and fresh vision. Today, ORB™ is known and respected for shipping hyper brands at hyper speeds.

Steve’s and Michael’s innovations in tactile toy design have translated into explosive brands like Bubbleezz™, ORB Slimy™, ORB Odditeez™, and Soft’n Slo Squishies™. These lines make ORB™ one of the most buzzworthy companies in the industry.