NEW Dove’s First-Ever Customized Conditioner Collection

Your hair is unique. Shouldn’t your conditioner be, too? I wanted to be one of the first to tell you about Dove’s NEW UltraCare collection, the brand’s first-ever customized conditioner series.

Available in three different formats (a foam, milk gel and crème!) and formulated with our patented Micro-Conditioning Complex, it’s designed to deliver the right level of nourishment that truly gets your hair. Providing a whole new way to choose the right levels of nourishment for your hair type, it’ll leave your hair nourishedhealthy looking and cared for.

Postpartum hair loss is real! I have been finding my hair everywhere – in the shower, on the ground, in the car and all over the house. Using Dove Milk Gel Conditioner has helped get most of it out in the shower before I put my hair into mom braids. Excited to try the foam and creme next!

As a new mom, I just want to look presentable – and showers are between naps, feeding and diaper changes have to be fast and effective before the baby wonders where you are and starts crying again!




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LOS ANGELES (April 10, 2019) – The H Collective has tapped writer / director Christine Crokos (Pimp) to direct their upcoming elevated horror thriller The Beast (Blacklist 2018).    The H Collective is producing and fully financing with casting beginning immediately for a Fall 2019 Shoot. The Beast is a hard-hitting horror thriller about a woman who flees an abusive husband only to find herself the sole survivor of a plane crash.  Stranded in the South Pacific on a deserted island, she must also grapple with horrors that tap into her worst nightmares while fighting off a creature of unknown origins.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Crokos will write, direct and produce a bio-pic on US women’s soccer legend Hope Solo, which circles around the 2015 Women’s World Cup win against Japan, after The Beast.  Crokos wrote, directed and produced Pimp starring Keke Palmer and executive produced by Lee Daniels.  She made her directorial debut with Bang-Bang Wedding! after graduating from USC Film School. Crokos began her career working with Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures on action filled blockbuster productions such as The Matrix Trilogy alongside producer Joel Silver and directors The Wachowski’s as well as Academy Award nominated director Oliver Hirschbiegel.

“The H Collective continues to seek-out genre bending movies that offer up the unexpected such as Brightburn, which Sony is releasing on May 24th.  I haven’t been this excited about a creature movie since working on Cloverfield”, said The H Collective’s President of Production Sherryl Clark.  “I am beyond thrilled that our company is committing to the 4% challenge to hire more female directors.  I fell in love with Christine after seeing her fierce direction of KeKe Palmer in Pimp.  She has the perfect combination of skills to tackle this, raw, crowd-pleasing and emotional film.”

Crokos said: “The Beast is a very unique flip of how we see the world of domestic violence. It’s a fresh and bold lensing on female empowerment. It’s a ferocious fight for survival, where one must be brave enough to dive into a terrifying isolated world and come out the other side transformed.”

Sherryl Clark (President, Production) and Kenneth Huang are producing for The H Collective with Nic Crawley (CEO) and Kent Huang executive producing.

Crokos is represented by Verve Talent and Literary Agency and Levin / Brown Management.

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Launched in 2017, and with offices in Los Angeles, The H Collective is a global film finance, production, marketing and distribution company that is producing and financing a diversified slate of high-quality films with strong Franchise IP potential.  The slate includes Brightburn starring Elizabeth Banks which Sony will release on May 24th and Christopher Cantwell’s thriller The Parts You Lose starring Aaron Paul. The H Collective acquired the rights to Aaron W. Sala’s horror thriller spec The Beast and will produce the fourth installment of the xXx franchise starring Vin Diesel. For further information,


Winter’s Indoor Heating Can Lead To Summer Like Chafing

The weather is still cold outside and forced air furnaces blow hot dry air out into homes, offices and other public places all winter long. Better than freezing, the furnaces make indoors livable but often at a price and the price is chafing from sweaty skin that can stay moist when traditional cotton underwear is worn. People who sweat excessively in summer will still sweat in the winter and will also benefit from wearing a garment that wicks away and dries sweat before any type of chafing can begin regardless of the time of year.

You Are Still Sweating

People who sweat a lot in the warmer weather months are still prone to do so in winter, especially if there is a sirocco like wind blowing out of the furnace at home, work or school. “People will bundle up to go outside, drive to work, the gym or wherever, but once inside are overheated,” said corporate spokesman and frequent jock itch sufferer Nick Heraldson said. “It is tough to cool down while wearing business/work attire and more challenging still to justify opening a window, or cranking the A/C when it’s snowing, sleeting, freezing or blowing cold outside. Your colleagues will speak ill of you, so adopt the right type of garment and avoid the whole issue.”

Butt Cracks Still Get Sweaty in Winter

Sweating below the belt line in winter makes the human cracks and crevices more likely to chafe because of the underwear they wear. “The chafing condition is exacerbated by traditional cotton blends of underwear that will hold moisture for long periods of time,” said Heraldson. “Your sagging wet underwear will grind against your skin and lead to chafing, rashes and infection, even if the temperature outside is freezing.”

Skip the Products Wear the Right Underwear

There are lots of products men can use to combat the chafing from a sweaty crotch and many are very good. But there are plenty of downsides for these including the smell, the mess and the fact that they have to be replaced. “No matter how good some of these ointments, unguents and poultices may be they are not sustainable and only treat the symptoms,” Heraldson said. “Our underwear removes the cause of chafing in the first place, so no one has to buy any of these stinky, sticky, clothing staining products over and over again.”

If You Still Chafe Here Is What To Do

Chafing will heal on its own within a couple of days if the problem is addressed; your sweatybackside and chafe inducing underwear. “Treat butt chafing like anything else,” Heraldson recommended. “Let the skin heal overnight by leaving the area exposed to air while you sleep. If there is abrasion or blistering on the skin surface, petroleum jelly and a light bandage or gauze can be applied until the skin heals over.”

The last thing to make swamp chafe better is to keep doing and wearing the same thing that led to chafing in the first place. “If an activity causes chafing, stop doing that,” Heraldson said. “Otherwise you are just stupid and deserve to have an adult case of diaper rash.” 

While Your Skin is Recovering:

  • Do not try to clean chaffed skin with hydrogen peroxide or iodine, as these chemicals can actually hinder the healing process. Instead, clean with mild soap and water or just a saline solution.
  • Do not shower in extremely hot water or use harsh soaps, both of which make the skin overly dry and more susceptible to damage. 
  • Always pat skin dry. Rubbing will make chafing worse.
  • Use ice or a cold pack for short amounts of time to relieve pain. Be sure to pat dry when you’re done.
  • Shop for SwampButt Underwear in sizes up to 3XL. 

About SwampButt Underwear

SwampButt Underwear is a real company.  It makes a product that helps solve the problem of visible sweat below the beltline. SwampButt Underwear is trademarked in the U.S. and foreign countries. We paid a lot for it so please do not use it without written permission. To learn even more, visit us on line at

CAPTON: Avoid powders, potions, and poultices by wearing moisture wicking and drying SwampButt Underwear Made in the USA brand.


Declutter Your Home & Mind This Spring With Mindspace

You know what they say, “a clear desk leads to a clear mind.” Well, it actually goes a lot farther than that. A clean, organized kitchen, office, bedroom etc., can help you be more productive. Enter Mindspace the ultimate organizational solution. 

From cutlery trays to utensil caddies, door shoe organizers to office desk organizers, Mindspace has all the quality products and solutions for every room in your home and for the office. With Mindspace everything has a home, that’s easy to find and easy reach. Voila! The clutter is gone!

Don’t just give lip service to getting organized, actually do it withMindspace. Mindspace products are wonderful for your own home and make thoughtful holiday gifts for anyone on your list who’s struggling to ditch the clutter.

Mindspace makes products for every area that needs decluttering: your beauty space, Kitchen, office, laundry, closet, home, and work.

Here’s How to Unclutter Your Office Space:

  • Office Desk Organizer – with 6 compartments and a pull-out drawer you can keep your notepads, pencils, staplers, notebooks and all your desk essentials in one handy place!
  • Compact Organizer Caddy – features 8 compartments and one pull-out drawer. Like all Mindspace products, this compact, but roomy organizer is constructed of sturdy, mesh metal that’s as tough as it is good looking.
  • Letter & File Desktop Organizer – Got a lot of papers cluttering your desk? No more! With 6 vertical and 2 horizontal sections, your papers and files are in place and at hand with this attractive organizer.

Mindspace is THE place to find everything you need to live an organized life. Get Mindspace and unclutter your mind while you discover the gift of space!

Find Mindspace on Amazon, Zulily, eBay and the Mindspace website.


Super Moisturizers from IT Cosmetics

IT’s your super creams to the rescue! ITCosmetics Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone and Confidence in a Neck Cream are here to save your skin from dryness and fine lines. Infused with skin-loving ingredients, these products work tomoisturize, revitalize and transform your face and neck for a more youthful appearance! Both creams cater to all skin types and concerns to address these issues and help you feel like your most confident you!


·         NEW Confidence In A Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer ($48.00)

ü  Quick-absorbing moisturizer enhanced with rosy tone pigments to revitalize skin with the look of instant vitality

ü  Gently exfoliates dull skin and stimulates surface cell renewal for a more youthful appearance

ü  Infused with iris root, peony extract, aloe leaf juice, squalane, chickpea extract and lipohydroxy acid


·         NEW Confidence In A Neck Cream Moisturizer ($52.00)

ü  Quick-absorbing and firming super cream transforms the appearance of your neck, décolleté and chest!

ü  Reduces the look of horizontal neck lines and improves skin’s firmness, smoothness and elasticity

ü  Infused with Tri-Structural Complex, shea butter, ceramides, fucoidan seaweed extract and niacin


Garnier Brand Launches New Signature Tagline

Garnier proudly announces the launch of a new signature tagline – By Garnier, Naturally – to serve as a stamp of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and a guarantor of its century of experience in ingredient-focused hair care, color, and skincare formulated with naturally-inspired ingredients. With this new signature launch, Garnier pledges to continue to introduce measures to reduce plastic usage by committing to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) waste for shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner bottles in its #1 selling hair care collection – Fructis Sleek & Shine – by the end of 2019. Presently, Garnier Fructis hair care products are produced in a zero waste facility and the current packaging contains 50% post-consumer recycled waste, and the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine formula uses sustainably sourced Argan Oil from Southwest Morocco. 

To herald the brand’s news, Garnier is launching an education-based mobile Greenhouse Tour in select retail locations across the United States this spring. Inclusive of sampling, coupons, live product and recycling demonstrations, and interactive ingredient experiences, guests to the Greenhouse Tour will experience the world of By Garnier, Naturally.  The tour launched on Sunday, March 17 at CVS on 5748 SW 40th Street in South Beach, Miami and will end on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, at 10 Hudson Yards in New York City. In total, the Greenhouse will visit 22 locations at six retailers.

“Garnier’s mission is to develop beauty products that are both good for you and good for the planet,” says Anncy Rowe, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Garnier. “The announcement of our new signature, 100% PCR initiative for Fructis Sleek & Shine and the Greenhouse Tour serves as a commitment to our customers that we continue to aspire to bring the highest quality, most efficacious naturally-inspired formulas in the most sustainable quality packaging to the masses at a price point that’s attainable.”

With the insight that nearly half of Americans do not recycle their beauty and personal care products, accounting for 1/3 of all landfill waste, Garnier has been working with TerraCycle since 2011 to educate people on how to recycle responsibly.  Since the partnership inception, the brand has diverted over 11.7 million empties from landfills, providing a comprehensive solution to personal care and beauty packaging waste with its free recycling program for hair care, skin care, and cosmetic product empties. These empties have been upcycled into materials such as raised garden beds, benches, and picnic tables to build 13 parks, gardens and community spaces nationwide.  To kickoff the Greenhouse Tour, Garnier built a garden at the University of Miami on March 17, and will help beautify a garden in New York City in recognition of Earth Day on April 22.  The Greenhouse Tour is another opportunity to encourage reducing personal waste, as guests are invited to bring their beauty empties to the designated TerraCycle bin at the Garnier Greenhouse for recycling.

For more information, please visit: or @GarnierUSA.

About Garnier
Garnier, a L’Oréal USA brand, was developed in 1904 in France by hair care expert Alfred Amour Garnier and is now present in more than 65 countries worldwide. Following the launch of Garnier in the United States in 1999 with Nutrisse hair color, the brand has continued to develop beauty products with a keen awareness of its responsibility to you and the planet. The entire collection of Garnier brands available in the U.S. includes Nutrisse, Fructis hair care and Fructis Style, Olia hair color, Color Sensation hair color, SkinActive and Whole Blends hair care. For more information visit or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat @GarnierUSA.