Huel, Europe’s Number One Complete Nutrition Brand, Introduces Chocolate Ready-to-drink to U.S. Market

Huel, the number one complete nutrition brand across all of Europe (based on both revenue and numbers of meals sold) today announced the launch of a rich and indulgent chocolate Ready-to-drink (RTD) to the U.S. Market.   The new Ready-to-drink delivers a delicious, complete and affordable meal in a handy bottle, contains all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect meal whether on-the-go, at home, in school or at the office.

Huel, which has sold over 45 million meals worldwide and is available in over 80 countries, recently launched in the U.S. and offers a wide variety of Ready-to-drink meals and powders (including gluten-free options), making nutrition fast, easy and affordable.  In addition to the new chocolate flavor, Huel Ready-to-drink is also available in both smooth vanilla and sweet berry flavors.  Huel Ready-to drink is available from as little as $3.19 per bottle at:

The new chocolate Ready-to-drink contains:

•       Vitamins & minerals:  blend of all the 27 essential vitamins and minerals, to give your body all the precious micronutrients it needs
•       High in plant-based protein: 20g per bottle, with a perfect amino acid profile
•       Slow release carbs: for sustained energy throughout the day
•       Essential fatty acids: with a balance of omega-3 & 6
•       Fiber: soluble and insoluble
•       Phytonutrients: packed full of great stuff from plants

Huel Ready-to-drink not only tastes great, but has less than 5g of sugar per bottle.  It’s gluten-free, GMO-free, Soy free and suitable for Vegans; contains no animal products, with minimal environmental impact.  The bottles are 100% recyclable and are made from 25% recycled plastic.

Each bottle of Huel Ready-to-drink is made using ultra-fine oats, tapioca starch, pea protein, brown rice flour, MCTs from coconut and flaxseed. Huel adds a unique blend of essential vitamins and minerals, to make the drink a balanced, nutritionally complete meal.  The new chocolate Huel Ready-to-drink contains 400 calories, which is perfect as a meal or snack.

“As Huel continues to rapidly grow around the world, we are constantly listening to our customers to deliver the flavors and products that meet their needs and palates,” said Julian Hearn, Founder of Huel.  “The launch of Huel’s chocolate RTD in the U.S. is one of our biggest product launches ever and we know that the American market will love the flavor and appreciate getting complete nutrition right out of an easy to drink bottle.”


Huel, which is created from a combination of the words Human and Fuel, is what we believe to be the future of food. The world faces serious challenges over its food production. The meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all the planes and cars in the world combined. 30% of all food in the USA is wasted. And despite having enough to feed the world 1.5 times over, 800 million people don’t have enough food to eat.

This is where Huel comes in. We help solve all these problems by offering an ethical, 100% vegan, nutritionally complete product with no waste and a year long shelf life. Huel also has a low GI and very low sugar content, with no added sugar, no genetically modified ingredients, soy, eggs, dairy, meat and animal products at all. Yet despite all this, it still remains high in protein and fiber, with at least 100% of the Daily Values (DV) for all 27 essential vitamins and minerals.


“The Solution for Dawdling Dog” Now Available on Amazon

Kepley BioSystems is excited to announce that Kepley K9® Strategic Scent Stimulant is now available through Amazon.

Whether late for work or class, or during inclement weather, most dog owners have experienced endless “sniffing” and searching before their dogs “go” when let outside or taken for a walk. Some have also known the worry of leaving their pet inside for the day after running out of time.

A drop of Kepley K9 Strategic Scent stimulant applied to the dog’s paw when going outside provides the organic and botanical scents dogs seek before defecation. In field testing, 3 out of 4 handlers observed faster, more predictable results with routine use. These preliminary studies were published in an article entitled, “Olfactory Mediation of Canine Gastrointestinal Neurobiology” (Journal of Animal Health and Behavioural Science).

Conducting behavioral assessment of Monty, a rescue available for adoption at the SPCA of the Triad in Greensboro, North Carolina.

These specific molecules are increasingly rare in modern environments and virtually absent indoors, so Kepley K9 scents can help satisfy the dog’s “sniff-search” to stimulate excretion.

“Focusing your dog right away can mean more time for playing or exercise for you and your pet, as well as reduce the risk of having to be left indoors without ‘going,'” said Kepley president Anthony Dellinger, “but we’re especially excited to work with the dogs at the SPCA of the Triad shelter, as the transition to a new home can require a dramatic adjustment from the kennel for any rescue.”

By providing familiar “outdoor” scents when allowing access to an appropriate location, dogs can more confidently distinguish going outside from “indoor” space. Clearly communicating expectations can increase the rate of successful adoptions with fewer “accidents” that can result in rescues being relinquished back to shelters.

“We want every adoption to be a celebration for the dog and new family,” said Kimberly White of the SPCA of the Triad. “We know that dogs ‘search’ for specific scents when they need to go, and we’re eager to see how this product can help our new owners and their dogs.”

Kepley BioSystems is committed to helping ensure more “forever homes” and will match every purchase with a product donation to help newly adopted rescues. Visit: for more information.


Moschino Joins Playboy’s PRIDE IS GOOD Campaign with Special Capsule Collection

As Playboy prepares for its New York City residency with a special Playhouse popup in Soho – a keystone element of its PRIDE IS GOOD initiative – the company announced a very special collaboration with Moschino to celebrate WorldPride.
Playboy X Moschino’s edgy unisex sportswear collaboration creates eight limited edition products in which the brand’s iconic logo is transformed by Moschino from “Playboy” into “Gayboy,” reflecting both brands’ enthusiastic stance on supporting inclusiveness and fighting for LGBTQ rights.
The Playboy X Moschino PRIDE IS GOOD collection will be available beginning tomorrow at as well as in the Moschino flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York and at Playboy’s Playhouse which opens to the public on Thursday, June 20thand runs through June 23rd at 150 Wooster Street. 100% of Playboy’s net proceeds from Moschino merchandise sold at the Playhouse will benefit The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth.
The Moschino collaboration marks the first time in recent memory that Playboy has allowed its globally recognized logo to be changed.  Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott said, “Getting to do a twist on the iconic Playboy logo and support a crucial cause at the same time…. How could I say no?!”
This isn’t the first collaboration between Playboy and Moschino. The two brands came together for Moschino’s Resort 2018 collection with a line of apparel and accessories featuring the ever-popular Moschino Toy adorned with the iconic Playboy Bunny accessories.
About Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Playboy, one of the most iconic brands in history, reaches a global audience with a diverse portfolio of consumer products, gaming and hospitality and content offerings. Six and a half decades later, what began as a smart, sophisticated and playful men’s magazine has evolved into a global, purpose-driven lifestyle brand that drives more than $3 billion in annual retail sales of Playboy consumer products across 180 countries. 
About Moschino
Italian luxury brand, Moschino was founded in 1983 and rose to the forefront of the international fashion scene through the ironic, tongue-in-cheek designs. In 2013, Jeremy Scott was appointed Creative Director and the brand hit a new high with his unexpected original designs that paid homage to Franco Moschino’s original concepts but were infused Scott’s unique vision and sartorial wit. Moschino S.p.A. is the owner of the Moschino brands. The company, which was a licensor of AEFFE S.p.A. since from the brand debut in 1983, was acquired by AEFFE S.p.A. in 1999.

NEW! IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Primer+

Summer is officially here and IT’s time to say goodbye to shine! IT Cosmetics NEW! Your Skin But Better Primer+ Oil-Free is your makeup-gripping base that hydrates your skin while extending the wear of your makeup.

This skin-transforming primer works to refine the look of pores with continued use, helping to deliver a more even feel to your skin’s surface for smooth makeup application that lasts! Pair IT with your favorite CC+ Cream for a flawless, oil-free look – IT’s a magnet for your makeup!

Why You’ll Love IT: 

  • Hydrates skin and extends the wear of your makeup
  • Refines the look of pores with continued use
  • Oil-free formula infused with skin-loving glycerin, bark extract and ginger root extract
  • Pairs perfectly with your CC+ Creams, especially CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte SPF 40

Apply a thin, even layer onto clean skin, after your moisturizer. Blend foundation and other makeup on top for a smooth, fresh finish that lasts. Can be worn on bare skin for an extra boost of hydration. Your Skin But Better Primer+ ($39) is available on and


The Essential Guide to Using Plant-Based Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare

Introducing Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Plant-Based Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare, by Amy Galper, a long-awaited resource for those who are ready to harness the power of plant-based energy to maintain their natural beauty and promote health and well-being. The book includes over 50 easy-to-follow recipes to make their own plant-based skincare and beauty products. With tips and guidance from two aromatherapists and natural beauty experts, authors Amy Galper, the Co-Founder of New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, and Christina Daigneault, her former student, also show readers how to deconstruct beauty labels, parse ingredient lists, make informed decisions about the products they use, and better understand how their skin works. Galper says, “I want to continue to educate and celebrate plants as well as use them for health and wellness purposes. We can become better people by having a better sense of smell.”

The benefits of essential oils include:

Increase Productivity & Improve Focus 

The sweet smell of success! Interested in founding out what and how essential oils raise levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical linked to executive decision-making and motivation? In this immersive workshop, we’ll dive into the essential oils that provide an instant boost in productivity and focus. From relaxing an overactive mind, to improving memory retention and clarity of thought, participants will explore what oils make us laser-sharp.

Reduce Stress

Looking to banish stress and anxiety the natural way? Take action to relieve stress for good health and well- being and learn what essential oils immediately induce the feeling of peace and relaxation, bringing a sense of calm to whatever challenges you might face. In this hands-on experiential workshop, participants will learn and explore how the simple act of smelling can reduce our stress and promote mind-body healing.

Expand Creativity

Have the desire to create, but experiencing that all-too-familiar writer’s block? Aromatherapy can help get the creative juices flowing and increase clarity and vision. Even Leonardo da Vinci is thought to have used them to induce inspiration! In this applied workshop, learn what essential oils stimulate the brain and enhance relaxation and positivity to conjure a mental environment where imagination can flourish.

Sleep Better

Not getting enough shut-eye and feeling even more tired in the morning? Sleep deprivation can lead to a host of issues such as a weakened immune system, cognitive impairment, increased risk of accidents, and poor work performance. In this workshop, learn which essential oils can help get you back to feeling energized and refreshed from a great night’s sleep, so you can tackle that big project or presentation as a renewed you!


Amy Galper, the pioneering educator, entrepreneur, and advocate behind the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, now rebranded as the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies; has provided third-party consultation in aromatherapy and natural beauty for over 10 years. Having worked with many of the top media outlets, Amy lends her expertise to beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands who need an unbiased specialist for media interviews, desk- sides, and events about wellness, essential oils, natural beauty, and ingredients. Amy has appeared as a featured speaker at the Indie Beauty Expo, Women in Flavor & Fragrance Conference, and EcoSessions. She has been a guest lecturer at NYU, and is currently part of the Visiting Faculty at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City. She has been featured on FOX NEWS, CUNY TV, and FAT MASCARA, and has been quoted as an aromatherapy expert for dozens of articles and posts about essential oils as seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Dr. OZ, Prevention, Well and Good, Mind Body Green, People and many more. Her book, “Plant Powered Beauty,” launched March 2018 with great response.


Scentbird Debuts “Healing Crystal/Gemstone Collection” Beauty Masks featuring Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Moonstone and Black Onyx

Have you heard about Scentbird? If you start reading our blog from a couple of years ago, you will remember this amazing luxury fragrance and beauty subscription service. I recommend about it in gift guide articles, and now I still recommend it because they partner with over 500 top brands, so you’ll receive 100% authentic scents every time!

A great news about Scentbird, this premier fragrance/ beauty subscription service now delivering to 300,000 people a month, debuted last month a first-ever “Healing Crystal/ Gemstone Collection.” Featuring five masks with the natural healing powers of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Moonstone, and Black Onyx, the masks soothe, refresh and revive the skin. The capsule collection is designed to harness the unique holistic properties of gemstones, and target a variety of skin conditions, from anti-aging to inflammation. Whether looking for a moisturizing and nourishing treatment, cooling and calming or a warming skin detox, the Scentbird “Healing Crystal/ Gemstone Collection” offers a range of benefits and textures to personalize anyone’s skincare routine.

“Over the past few years, I’ve been fascinated with the holistic properties of crystals,” said Mariya Nurislamova, CEO of Scentbird. “In developing the Crystal Face Mask capsule collection, we wanted to highlight the unique skin-healing powers of each gemstone and fuse them with complementary ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatica​. Everyone’s skin is different, and we really wanted to provide a range of textures and benefits to help beauty-lovers choose what works for them.

Among the Masks are:

Rose Quartz Nourishing Youth Mask

Get supple, youthful-looking skin in no time with healing rose quartz. Rosehip Seed Oil provides intense nourishment, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while honey locks in moisture for a soft & smooth complexion. Rich in antioxidants and crushed rose quartz, this ultra-moisturizing mask helps plump and rejuvenate the skin’s natural glow.

Amethyst Calming Cooling Mask

A tranquil treat for tired skin, infused with calming amethyst. Powered by Centella Asiatica, a super-soothing white tea extract that helps to calm skin and reduce inflammation, our cooling mask offers sweet relief to sensitive & stressed skin. Lavender flower helps soothe & hydrate skin, while crushed amethyst crystals help banish redness and balance the complexion.

Citrine Brightening Peel-Off Mask

Banish imperfections and boost brilliance with radiant citrine. Energizing turmeric & Vitamin C help revitalize the appearance of dull & uneven skin, unveiling a more refined, refreshed and radiant complexion. A blend of crushed citrine and powerful antioxidants helps to ward off damaging free radicals, to brighten and firm the look and feel of skin.

Moonstone Hydrating Sleeping Mask 

Ethereal moonstone imparts dreamy, dewy skin, infused with light. The lightweight, pillow-proof formula boasts Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture to the skin, for a luminous, lit-from-within glow. Crushed moonstone crystals infuse skin with radiance, while fresh water lily soothes and moisturizes, for silky, supple skin.

Black Onyx Warming Detox Mask

Your ultimate skin protector, black onyx strips away pore-clogging dirt, oil and pollution to purify skin. Black silt helps reduce the look of pores & keeps oil at bay, all without stripping skin of essential moisture. The essential healing powers of black onyx and jasmine combine to enhance the skin’s natural elasticity.

Have a lovely detox mask night with Scentbird’s Black Onyx Warming Detox Mask!

The following every another night, I tried each one. I have to say, I love them all. First, the product is beautiful, the foam has glitters which add shining on your face; Second, it works so well, you will feel the difference right after you use it; The most important is, my skin is pretty sensitive, but I don’t feel any irritation from all these five items.

Beautiful packs, I just want to display them at there.

This absolutely can be a lovely gift box, for sister, for mom, for bestie. No woman can refuse lovely mask products.


“Every new innovation makes us crave creature comforts found in nature, which brought us to crystals,” said Nurislamova. “No longer ‘New Age’, crystals have taken the beauty world by storm, and, here at Scentbird, we couldn’t be more excited.”

Scentbird is a subscription service perched firmly in the fragrance and beauty space. From enchanting perfumes to soothing skin care creams and lustrous make-up, Scentbird has one the largest selections of products and brands available to style-conscious consumers. For just $14.95, customers can curate their own monthly deliveries, choosing among 850 of the top names in beauty with 1,000 different items.