Eclectic & Girly


Today’s style feature is jewelry
designer Amy (l) with her best friend and Publicist,

Jodi (
of HayLuv! Everything she wears is vintage!

She’s the kind of girl that goes into a vintage
store and finds the treasures from

the past. Amy’s designs have been featured
in US Weekly, Fashion, Star Magazine

and 24. Check out her stuff at Gypsy in Yorkville.

What’s your name: Amy

Star Sign: Pisces

What area do you rep? Downtown

Describe your style: Eclectic,
Girly, Chic

Fav stores: House of Vintage

Fav designers: Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B.,
D&G, Miu Miu

3 things you can’t live without: My
hairdresser, my best friend and my Blackberry!

Cocktail of choice: Vodka Water +

FB or MySpace: none really!

Last purchase: Hugo Boss jacket for
my boyfriend

Trend you can’t wait to rock: hayluv!

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Trendy & Innovative

“Realeza Jewellery Display Pillows”…

Featured today is the style of Tia, designer of the glamourous “Realeza Jewellery Display Pillows”. Realeza translates to Royalty in Spanish… check out the style of this ambitious duchess!

What’s your name: Tia

Star Sign: Cancer

What area do you rep? Brampton

Describe your style: innovative, unique, trendy

Fav stores: H&M, Queen St, Forever 21

Fav designers: Gucci, Chanel

3 things you can’t live without: My ipod, cell phone and jewellery pillows!

Cocktail of choice: Malibu Pineapple

FB or MySpace: FB!

Last purchase: this necklace

Trend you can’t wait to rock: Bright colours and long skirts!

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Sexy Chic

What Women Want…

Featured today is the
style of Shannae (l), photographed here with R&B singer Jenna G (r)
at the DJ Stylus Awards – June 4. She has a classic style with a twist
of socialite appeal!

What’s your name: Shannae

Star Sign: Pisces

What area do you rep? Downtown!

Describe your style: sexy, sophisticated, chic

Fav stores: Holt Renfrew, Holt Renfrew, Holt Renfrew!

Fav designers: Diane Von Furstenberg, Gucci, D&G, Christian Louboutin

3 things you can’t live without: my Blackberry, my mom, a good book

Cocktail of choice: Apple Martini

FB or MySpace: FB!

Last purchase: DVF dress!

Trend you can’t wait to rock: High Waisted Shorts!

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Woofstock 2007

North America’s largest dog festival is going to take place this weekend!

On June 9 & 10, St. Lawrence Market will be taken over by the dogs of all shapes and sizes (and their owners, of course!) for the latest in pet apparel, nutrition and everything to do with your favourite 4-legged love.

This is the 5th annual Woofstock! Some of the things you will see
are fountains and wading pools with dogs jumping in and out, dogs in
bowties, dresses, shoes, sunglasses ( and owners that bare
an uncanny resemblance to their pooch. The admission is free and
chaotic. If you are thinking of getting a dog, this is the perfect
place to talk to knowlegeable pet owners and see what having a dog is
all about!

attended last year with Jacob (my dog!) and found it a bit stressful
for both of us. This year, I will go with some friends but leave
Jacob at home. He will be sleeping just like in the photo above.
Though the festival is for dogs and dog lovers, any situation involving
200+ vendors with dog treats, thousands of people (and kids, eek!), and
dogs of all temperment – I highly recommend that you leave your dog at
home! Come with good walking shoes, a big bag (for all the samples
and goodies!) and a camera!

The festival runs from
10am-6pm, June 9 & 10. I will be most likely attending Sat around
3pm or Sunday morning. I can’t wait to feature to most best
‘doggie-style’ here on!

Stay Tuned!

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