Double Sole

“I was not made of common calf,
Nor ever meant for country loon;
If with an axe I seem cut out,
The workman was no cobbling clown;
A good jack boot with double sole he made,
To roam the woods, or through the rivers wade.”
Giuseppe Giusti, The Chronicle of the Boot



Artist talent bubbling over at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre today as design inclined students gathered to check out the design education fair on Oct 1-Oct 2.

Today I dropped by the Explore Design at the MTCC – If you hate your day job or are looking for a creative outlet for your future – make sure you catch the last day tomorrow!

This is the type of student that goes to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco 🙂

CTV came out to see what the hype was all about…

Very simple, Microsoft talked about the evolution of the computer and technology as Jayz says time don’t go back it goes forward. So get ahead, change the world, do design. Here above it Lisa Anderson from Microsoft urging young people to live art as experience. We look forward to useful, usable and desirable technology. From CLI (command line) to GUI (graphic user) to NUI (touch objects) and looking forward to XUI (organic and seamless)

Here are the future designer of our world – all the way from Sacred Heart HS in Walkerton!

Stay inspired. Design matters!



The 60th Annual Emmy Awards are getting a taste of Canada’s fashion talent! This year’s VIP Swag Bags will feature necklaces by Canadian jewelry makers Mitra and Mina Mortazavi. Mimi+You’s Hollywood inspiration for these pieces came from fashionista Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, and the classic children’s story Charlotte’s Web.
The famous inspirations that got them to the Emmys:

· Charlotte’s Crochet: Inspired by the intricate detail of crochet work done by the sisters’ mother, each piece is hand crafted and made of 100% Prima cotton imported from Peru. The piece was third in a trilogy of necklaces inspired by Charlotte’s Web.

· Carrie Pearls: Inspired by the way Carrie Bradshaw wore pearls to adorn any outfit in the Sex and the City movie, the piece strands together glass pearls which can be worn either full length (1920’s flapper style) or as a chocker. These pearls can be dressed up or down with an Audrey Hepburn inspired “little black dress” or a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Sold at high-end retailers in both Toronto and California, Mimi+You are quickly building a reputation among the fashionable elite. Canadian A-listers Nelly Furtado, July Black, and Chantal Kreviazuk all love and wear the one-of-a-kind creations. With multiple colour combinations, each piece is hand-crafted and made from materials such as porcelain, leather, shell, and metal.

Mimi+You collections include: 1920s, Russian Royalty, Nu Vintage, Made-To-Wear, and Signature Collection. For more information on the brand, connect to:

About MiMi+You
Sisters Mitra and Mina Mortazavi created their MiMi+You line in 2005. With their creative ability and strong sense for things that are beautiful and unique, they set out to create exclusive necklaces that would impress those with the most sophisticated taste. The “You” in the brand name refers to their friends and community who are the inspiration behind many of their pieces. All of the pieces are one of a kind, making those who wear them feel special. MiMi+You necklaces can be found at retailers in Toronto and LA. For more information on the brand, connect to:


Capture the Flag invites you the capture the flag on Oct 11. Check it out 🙂

Capture the Flag! Capture the Flag is a massive, adrenaline-pumping, urban game played on the streets of downtown Toronto. Two teams hide flags in their territory and attempt to capture the enemy flag using subways, streetcars, bicycles, longboards or their own two feet. Join us as we dash through the Financial District (the only ‘hood in T.O that doesn’t really have residences), evade the enemy, hide behind Toronto’s skyscrapers, travel through the PATH and score a point.

Free + Fun! What can be better?
EVENT details HERE


Afternoon of Sensorial Indulgence

The afternoon is all about chocolate, martinis, massages and indulgence.
Decadent and unique recipes have been created by Canadian culinary experts using the Italian chocolate bar Kinder Bueno – a bar that encourages women to throw the 100-calorie bars out the door and indulge in chocolate in all its glory.

Sensorial taste expert Amy Snider will be leading the women at the event through a blindfolded taste test, highlighting what it is that makes women love chocolate oh so much.

Come and try the Bueno-tini with your friends:
Oct 4 – Circa
Oct 10, 11 – Ultra Supper Club
Oct 17, 18 – Brant House

Photos courtesy of Roswell Anderson Photography