Happy bums rejoice everywhere for TNA pants! These magically suplex pants make even the smallest and flattest bums scrumptious. Here I am visitng the first TNA flagship store that opened today at the Toronto Eaton Centre. All in all, it is not all that different than Aritzia. A smaller store located on the first floor (across from Shoppers Drug Mart), it’s hard to miss this brightly lit store. A lot of wood theme decor, carvings of cute animals and wooden shelving gives it a cottage cool feel.

God Bless TNA pants is a Facebook group with more than 4000 members! I remember getting my first TNA tracksuit in 2001, a sky blue one! I wore it as much as I could get away with… hahaha… Let’s dig up a few old pics. Rocking TNA with my girls at UWO in 03 for our PINK&BLUE party!

TNA booty, you know what I’m talking about!

The changeroom curtains are heavy quilts with a zipper on the side (very DIY). The mirror has a tiny television screen in the bottom right corner! Streaming giraffe clips when I walked by. They have the little lockers with the keys for you to put your bags in when you try on things just like Aritzia. I found that the staff seem friendlier at Aritzia, maybe because the first day TNA staff were stressed out from the massive Christmas shopping crowds! I love the animal and nature motif.

To me, TNA is about fun, artsy, creative, comfort and style. It’s also about fun, colours, imagination, music and culture. Look at the TNA BLOG. Super cute and definitely somewhere I would shop. Where else will you find owls on skis?

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Mistura Beauty

Like a lot of other beauty junkies, I jumped on the mineral makeup trend since the summer and have seen brands across the board offer this. From MAC to drugstore brands so Sephora and independents. With so much to choose from, we recommend Mistura as a great way to get started in all things mineral. We recently tried and love is MISTURA 6-in-1 Mineral Makeup. It can be used as a foundation, blush, eyeshadow and even lipstick. Pretty amazing? YES! It also comes with a illuminating moisturizer that gives an amazing glow to wear under or alone. I wore Mistura yesterday to an event and got asked what kind of makeup do I wear to create such a flawless glow…! 😀 Check out the website to learn all about this Ottawa based mineral makeup magic.