Beauty Chemistry

Happy Monday everyone! I tweeked the blog like a maniac, I hope you like it. We are going to keep it like this for a while… Til I get bored again 🙂 Thank you for being understanding through all of the changes. Please give me your feedback. This is my first official week of school! It is going to be crazy. These classes are intense and so full of information. For those of you who don’t know, I am doing a Beauty PD at FiDM and they don’t play! I have only been to 2 of my 4 classes for this quarter so far but I will tell you what I did so far.

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Marketing Essentials (Friday mornings)
My teacher for this class is
Lee Boylan from DYG. DYG is a huge agency based in New York that specializes in predicting consumer trends. So… basically, she knows what she is talking about 🙂 DYG, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Daniel Yankelovich, Florence Skelly, Madelyn Hochstein and Patrick Grande. The company is a recognized leader in the field of social and marketing research. The firm is distinguished by its expertise in the analysis and interpretation of social/cultural trends and human motivation. I really really want to work for a trending agency! The closest thing I can compare it to in Toronto is HotSpex, I have been a member since 2004. 2 years ago, I interviewed for an analyst position there and was told quite frankly that though I qualified, they didn’t think I was a good personality match for the job. They were probably right ha ha.

We have a consistent readings, tests, projects and exams for the next 8 weeks. So here we go! Customer equity, societal marketing concept, production marketing concept, consumer perceived value, marketing myopia, selling marketing concept…

Principals of Beauty Technology (Saturday all day class 6 hrs oh.em.gee)
This class is all about the technical side of beauty…that means all the chemical ingredients, the process it gets developed, approved, tested, claims for all product categories. I feel like Kim Possible! So there is OTC (over the counter) and then Cosmetic. The teacher for this class is Amy Chang. She is an industry professional who has a background in organic chemistry and chemical engineering. So you can imagine it a little bit overwhelming to hear her talk about my favorite lipstick in terms of humectants, solubilizer, viscosity and emulsifiers. O_O. But this is gonna be a tough class considering I have no background in science. But… we made a lipstick in the first class!

The mould which the lipstick ‘bullets’ are made + beakers! Cool, like Dexter’s lab 🙂

Me analysizing the drag, odor, viscosity of the blue lipstick (Wet n Wild prototype)

For this class, because it is a double class (on Saturdays) it is only 5 weeks long instead of 8. Which means… I have 2 assignments and a test by next class. Cosmetic Chemistry is going to be a tough class for me but we are making eye shadow next week! Yay.

Back to studying!


Black is beautiful

So… I am fully opposite of blonde now.. What do you think?

I am wearing ice cream necklace (DIY), black/white stripe tube top (Urban Behavior), denim overalls (H&M), BedHead TIGI Shine Junkie lipgloss in sorbet and ShortSexyHair texturizer. For my full hair reco’s click here.

PS: After a year of being on a rolling computer chair and living in a house tilted to the left –

I am so glad to buy a new chair here in LA. I’m sitting on my IKEA Urban chair in Lime ^_^
They are great you should get one.

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Who needs a Heart…

when A heart can be broken?
Filthy Cute!

Filthy Cute — Shaving Soap, 1 bar

This scent blend is just too freaking cute. Adorable. Tempting!
Blending white peach and red raspberry with a floral bouquet of lily and magnolia, the scent is very feminine but not perfume-y. The fruit adds a nice complexity to this fresh scent.

Scent Strength:

The shaving soap’s formula contains extra glycerin (for better razor slip), conditioner and vegetable protein for an extra-thick, rich lather.

The ergonomic shape is designed to fit snug in the palm of your hand while you lather up for silky smooth legs! It works wonderfully as a body soap.

3 ounces/85 grams

Buy it on etsy here

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Sequins Love

Le Malek designers at Fashion Showdown rocking sequins

My fly girls over at 2Bitchzdeep know what I’m talking about! I am a big huge fan of sequins! These are shiny little disks that reflect light. Not to be confused with SEQUENCE which means the timing of how one thing works after another.
Phillip Lim Sleeveless sequined tuxedo
Phillip Lim Sleeveless sequined tuxedo by injuly featuring Dolce Vita shoes

It must have been the numerous ballet recital costumes that have me wanting to catch that ray of light. TopShop is having a huge sale and they have a great feature on how to wear sequins both day and night. It is perfect to jazz up that outfit and to take things to a new level. Sequins boleros were popular a few seasons ago and seem to be making their way back this SS09.
Wanna See The Light Before I Die
Wanna See The Light Before I Die by ♥ bostonfrost ♥ featuring Linea Pelle belts

I have a great zebra sequins oversized bag that I to tote around. This is a great example of a fashion trend that is made for the bold. But, that being said, a little does go a long way. Look at this top for example.

I think sequins skirts are cute when paired with a simple cotton tank. Not feeling the sequins leggings but I do love these Harem Pants!
My 24th birthday at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel with gold cowl neck sequins dress from Urban Behavior (I wore a sheer black slip OVER it to create this look):
AC’s BFF, Me & Alexander Christopher (Make Up Artist Sephora)
Wearing a black sequins dress (as a top) from Bebe at Men in Suits Women in Dresses party at Solarium.

Zaire, Me, Shay, Bella

Bebe Sequin dress!

Rocking the red carpet at Stylus DJ Awards with Jesse Jones
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The New New

I wanted to try out a new layout to keep things fresh and interesting. Please fill out the poll on the side and let us know what you think! Your feedback means lot to us 🙂 Today is my first day of classes at FIDM! Wish me luck and happy Friday! PS: I am looking for the contact info for NY cartoonist Jason Logan. He is also the guy who wrote my favorite book: If we break up, this is my book. My tattoo on my leg is a drawing from his book iGeneration. Please help me find him!

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