Back to the block

Living in Chinatown, overdressed everyday…
My life carries on and they all come by – but never to stay.
2 almost 3 years since we went took our turns
to say peace out, but we still dream, still yearn.

Pup’s all grown up and braver by day
We walk we sleep and we eat and play.
Working on my own and holding it down
Digging deeper within, guess what i found.

That i can’t be around you, cant be around me.
Contain, channel, redirect, project and just be.


Downtown Chick

Wow – after looking through all the blog posts a la 2006 – i see how my life is the same but different at the same time.  Taking one second to glance back behind you shows you just how far you have travelled. In time, in space, in thought and closer to your dreams.  Setting goals is irrelevant unless they are under constant review.  I forget about half the stuff i wanted for myself.  So here is it: Bag line, NEW bLOG, Online store, Shop-a-holic Party, my Website, camera ready.. and tv show.


Invincible Summer Yacht Party

Summer ain’t over til I say so!
Tired of seeing the same people at the same parties? Shake up your party repertoire with the Invincible Summer Yacht Party – Bring your bikinis and get your sunny glow tanning on the front deck of the Yankee Lady 3. Don’t miss the summer boat party everyone’s talking about. Tickets are going fast so don’t sleep on this one…