Get Tribal: 2009

Happy 2009 everyone!

This is truly the time to start ‘doing you’ – as part of my holiday presents, I ordered a slew of books on and the first to come is Seth Godin’s newest book, TRIBES. This is a great read, short book and to the point. Godin has been dubbed a marketing genius (so have I!) and in this book, he urges those to who have the courage to LEAD.
Seth Godin is famous for marketing books like the Idea Virus, Meatball Sundae and many more. Tribes is already a national bestseller and voted the #1 must read business book of 2008. If you are not much of a reader, this is available on iTunes as an audiobook too.

A crowd without a leader is simply a crowd. A crowd with a leader becomes a TRIBE and the actions taken by a tribe becomes a MOVEMENT for social and political change. He uses current examples of tools such as Twitter and Facebook and all that leadership and tribes imply…Godin talks about how HERETICS used to be burned at the stake but now because of the sheer number of heretics, we join them, celebrate them and is inspired to ‘do you’, and find others that are like minded.

So much of what we already know needs to be retold to us from time to time and leadership is one of those things. When I am reading this book, it reminds me of so many of my friends who have chosen to lead the Tribe through things they do, events they put on and the life they choose to live. Great read for get you started this year!

What do you care about for so passionately that you can gather and lead a tribe for?

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I love Springwise

this year’s top100 fashion & beauty ideas

We’re deviating from our regular schedule to bring you the best new business ideas we’ve spotted over the last 12 months—smart concepts that will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2009. Next up: our 10 favourite fashion & beauty ideas, each of which taps into a current consumer trend:

  1. Yakkay — Stylish helmets for urban cyclists
  2. Transitional Sizes — Clothing rental for size-changing dieters
  3. Catwalk Genius — Adopt-a-designer program for crowdfunded fashion
  4. Sneakart — Customizing sneakers with removable stickers
  5. Stitsh — Click to buy: fashion blog is a street version of shopping mags
  6. Keds & Zazzle — Design your own Keds & sell them on Zazzle
  7. Tomboy Trades — Steel-toes and tool belts for women
  8. colorOn and Eye Majic — Press-on eye shadow kits
  9. Diesel & Roskilde — Limited-edition festival jeans
  10. Dondup — Bringing a dye back from the dead: luxury jeans tinted a long dormant blue
This is why I love the best entreprenuerial website and inspiration.  


Oriental Mix

Living here in Toronto, sometimes I get so wrapped in US Weekly, YBF and theSuperficial that I forget I am Chinese! My mom is from futuristic and affluent island Hong Kong (hello fashion capital!) and my dad is from the arts and culture hub of Shanghai (hello Vegas of China). There is no denying that the influences of Hollywood and BET shape fashion trends and define the street style here in Toronto – but there is a whole entire nation pushing fashion forward – Asia! I found some famous Japanese pop stars by a quick Google search and realize that supercute + sexy = lethal! I am lucky because I am an Asian girl – besides having pin straight hair that just grows and grows and loves being dyed, permed, styled AND being smooth as a peach without much thought – I AM PLAIN. Asian girls have very plain features, innocent looks and therefore very versatile – Our looks that can be transformed by any hair, makeup, clothing, lighting and of course attitude. I would say my style is heavily influenced by Japanese street fashion, hiphop honeys and my imagination.

JJ Magazine is something I treat myself to once in a while – It is the fashion Bible of Japan, like Vogue on estacsy. It is about $33 and is an eternal lookbook – from outrageous to classy, to era inspired, to music inspired, to the ‘office-lady’ look to harajuku girls… If you want to know what’s gonna be popping in Summer 2011, just look at last months JJ magazine.

I always go back to my cultural roots to maximize my style and wardrobe. What influences your style?

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Pretty much flawless

I have 2 personalities, glossyvonne and yvonne. One is blonde and fun and the other is a brunette and kinda studious. 🙂 I am yvonne for 2009 until further notice. Biked to Sephora today on Bloor and wanted to find a nice matte flawless foundation to match my new hue, and after playing around for hours, I was debating the new multishade makeupforever liquid foundation or the smashbox high def one. Then the Laura Geller phenomenal foundation one caught my eye! Cool bottle that swivels shut and keeps the foundation fresh, a nice pump system that works well for me – so it’s amazing! Pretty, sheer-medium coverage and minimal transfer. “Virtually weightless formula blends beautifully to perfect your complexion. Create a flawless canvas and keep it all day.” Laura Geller is famous for it’s brow marker and she believes beauty is every woman’s birthright.  Amen to that! I will let you know how it compares to my all time favourite maybelline dream matte mousse. Any good recommendations?

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The Spirit

I really like going to watch movies with bad reviews – probably because I laugh at parts that nobody else do… let’s see what this ones all about!

Loved it, knew i would – eff rotten tomato reviews, i should start my own ketchup reviews haha.. anyway… my favourite line was ‘why does it smell so dental’!
Love the over the top dialogue, creative and artistic scenes, the red knife, the femme fatale roles and the eye shadow on Samuel L Jackson