Crystal Castles

Peter Gatien’s CiRCA wins Best New Club at 2008 Club World Awards

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My Milkshake


Fresh kept it fresh in Toronto and IDR’s Mark Tone debuted MilkShake Kicks on Sunday! They are fly enough to keep your lipgloss poppin. Check them out here on Blogger. They also have a lil Facebook Group started to get the buzz going!

What do you think?

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Fat Free Pastry

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are the daughters of DJ Run. DJ Run, now Rev. Run, was a founding member of the groundbreaking rap group Run DMC. He now heads up Run Athletics, an athletic wear company, along with his brother Russell Simmons. Angela and Vanessa came up with the idea for their footwear line on Run’s House, a reality series on MTV.
Pastry Kicks was launched in spring 2007 as a lifestyle brand, and has a playful desserts and candy theme.

Check them out at 100% Fresh this year… crazy young entrepreneurs! I love them!

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H&M + Flare Mag Party on Bloor!

H&M and Flare Magazine invited Toronto’s trendsetters and avid shoppers to get a first look at the store’s spring renovations! Click here to see the new store! Take me to H&M!

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Sexy Rock n Roll + Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier was born in southern France in the city of Avignon. From the beginning, he was drawn to the rock and roll style. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mick Jagger, but lacked the singing voice. Christian then moved into fashion, building the impressive portfolio you see today

Ultra Supper Club cleared the tables and put in a runway for Christian Audigier‘s glitterly LA Rocker Glam. The show was amazing, the models had tons of attitude and the classic rock music made feet dance and blood pump! In the sea of satin and platinum blondes, I was able to find a few fashionistas with true style and rhythm of their own!

Details matter! Not everyone will notice – but the few that do, are truly impressed, inspired and loving it!

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Songbird Megan McCauley

Taking the wrong way out? Growing up in suburbia, parental divorce at 3, complicated relationships, broken friendships and the tattoos to prove it! This is the recipe for a successful songstress who’s soulful songs wade a bit deeper than the Britney-esque kiddie pool.

Get ready to swim to the deep end with Megan McCauley, she’s the bodacious redhead with a voice you won’t soon forget! Click for Official Pagef

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