Basil Seed Drink with Honey

I am always thirsty for cool new things. When I went grocery shopping in Chinatown in Toronto, I found this drink for $1.79. It’s so weird!

Then I did a quick Google search and found a lot of posts on this! Speaking of gross, this blog that talked about the drink is emoticon). Haha! The Basil seed drink with honey comes in cans and bottles and tastes really good. The texture is sort of like aloe vera bits and reminds me of my childhood favorite drink Orbitz.

This is a Thailand original drink, Nam Manglak.

(Photo from Kate Raynes-Goldie’s Flickr)
Ingredients wise, there isn’t much:
Basil seeds

it has around 255g of sodium lol and 25g of sugar. lol who would have thought.

This is an unusual cold Thai drink available in cans, but here we make it fresh. It looks like frog spawn, but don’t let that put you off, those little gelatin lumps with black centres are actually Thai basil seeds. Thai basil has a smaller leaf than you see in Italian cooking, but the seeds are widely available. When you add water the seed swells into small soft balls and these give an unusual texture to the drink. The traditional flavouring is rose water, but you can flavour it with vanilla or peppermint essence if you prefer, or try adding the seeds to Iced Tea for tea with texture!

(Photo from Kate Raynes-Goldie’s Flickr)
If you try it, let me know what you think!

oh ya, here’s some of the ‘health benefits’.
♥ Increases movement in stomach/intestines so that you digest faster; more active
♥ The basil seeds sucks toxins and fat then increases bowel movement
♥ Bowel movement increases toxin/waste removal which promotes healthy, beautiful skin
♥ Burns calories
♥ Decreases consumption of sugar level and cholesterol
♥ After meals, it decreases glucose level and control “blood sugars” from rising
♥ If you consume sugar, it will cover the sugar content so your body won’t absorb it which lowers sugar levels
♥ It prevents heart attacks, heart strokes and other heart diseases
♥ Reduces “blood fat” density
♥ Good for people with diabetes and controls weight
♥ Ok so basically when you eat basil seeds, it’s kind of sticky, so it tends to stick to the walls of your digestive system, and when you intake food, it reduces the chance of your digestive system absorbing cholesterol, fat, sugars, etc. because the basil seeds won’t let the food touch the walls etc.


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Chris Bosh 25

“He’s so sweet, makes me wanna lick a Raptor”

Wayne Warner hosted the Chris Bosh birthday bash at Maro last night. With 4Korners on the 1s & 2s and T-REXXX on the mic… it was the livest party a Sunday has probably ever seen. We have a great slew of fashion colors, just in time for spring.
Everyone came out…

The Ballers, the shot callers…
The sleepy and the pensive…
The diva, the muse, the blogger (me!)
The trendsetter and the go getter
The beauty expert and photog (Mila V)
The vixen
The true blues
The supermodel
Me & Nebby

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Celebrating Courage Mimi+Me

I first blogged about Mimi+You for the Sex and the City Movie necklaces back in 2008. I am so excited to see that they are giving back to the community in such a positive way to raise awareness for a very important issue.
MiMi+You Celebrate Courage Survivors of abuse create one-of-a-kind necklaces to inspire empowerment and change

TORONTO, ON – Violence against women: an all too common occurrence in North America and globally, yet still remains a taboo subject amongst mainstream media. At times glamorized by celebrities, the seriousness of the issue is often overshadowed by misrepresentations in the media. Abuse is often portrayed as isolated, rare cases. Despite a woman’s career, wealth or status, abuse is a universal issue that needs to be addressed. MiMi+You seek to make a difference by celebrating courage, creativity and style, with its new artistic venture. Celebrate Courage is a unique platform that allows survivors of abuse to express themselves through an artistic outlet.Partnering with, a not-for-profit national online resource and support network for abused women, Celebrate Courage’s mission is to encourage individuals to get active in an unconventional and creative way. Since February 2009, Creative Workshops have been held at women’s shelters in an effort to help women move away from their worries.The women come together to create one-of-a-kind necklaces expressing themselves in an artistic way. Community Creative Workshops are open to the public to help raise awareness, and give the general public a creative way to contribute—through one-of-a-kind necklaces. The necklaces are professionallyphotographed and posted on the MiMi+You Celebrate Courage web page ( for sale with full proceeds going to launch event for Celebrate Courage, on Thursday April 2, 2009 at 6p.m., will be held at The Spoke Club (600 King St. West), a well-suited addition to the club’satmosphere of media, entertainment and art. Guests are invited to enjoy light horsd’oeuvres, cocktails, a silent auction, fashion and lifestyle seminars, and special guest speakers. TVO will be onsite to film an episode for the second season of the Get Involved documentary capturing Mimi+You’s achievement in launching this creative endeavor, raising funds, and shining a positive and empowering light on the taboo subject of violence against women.Founders, Mina and Mitra of MiMi+You, view their newest initiative as a natural progression to their business mission. “For us, women have always been an integral part of MiMi+You: a community of strong passionate women who celebrate and express their place in this world”. Celebrate Courage aims to give women at shelters an opportunity to express their hopes and plans for the future through art, creativity and collaboration.

Shelternet, Canada’s first and only national online resource and support network for abused women, their children and the shelters that serve them, in partnership with MiMi+You provides an immense opportunity for communities and corporations to become agents of social change through these creative workshops. Necklaces are sold on MiMi+You’s website, allowing the use of their brand to reach larger audiences and generate greater awareness. Contributions from the sale of necklaces grant Shelternet the ability to expand its programs and services including the E-services/Online Counselling for Abused Women Project which is introducing laptops, theE-services application, and training to 100 women’s shelters across Canada. At the click of a mouse, 24/7, Shelternet helps abused women understand and escape the cycle of abuse, develop safety plans, hide their Internet activities, and locate andconnect with women’s shelters locally.Bridget Goldsmith, president of Shelternet’s Board of Directors, recognizes the importance of these partnerships, “Collaborating on a program like Celebrate Courage is an integral vehicle to helping us accomplish our vision which is to provide all abused women in Canada with the support they need and to eliminate the sense of shame they may feel when entering shelters. Projects like this help empower women and hopefully help them understand that they do deserve a better life.” Celebrate Courage invites media and industry to an invite-only launch party on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at The Spoke Club (600 King St. West). Event begins at 6:00PM. Please RSVP before March 30, 2009 to with full name, media/company association, and email contact. For more information please visit About Shelternet, a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization, is dedicated to decreasing the barriers faced by women accessing help online, increasing the technological capacity of shelters for abused women and their children, and facilitating a multi-sectoral response to violence against women and their children. For more info, connect to: About MiMi+You MiMi+You was created in 2005 by sisters Mitra and Mina Mortazavi. Inspired by their travels, art and culture, and strong women, the sisters seek to offer statement pieces for women who want to stand out in the crowd. The pieces are high-end and made for high-power and creative women. They are sold in Los Angeles retailers and online in Canada. For more info, connect to:

RSVP for the event HERE

For media inquiries: Safia Bartholomew | | 416.928.1978Julia Che | | 416.928.1978

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SHOW LOVE this Saturday March 21, at MUZIK NIGHTCLUB for the OFFICIAL LG FASHION WEEK Closing Party! What better venue to host Toronto’s most glamorous party, then at Toronto’s most luxurious nightclub!

Be prepared for one of the most upscale, fashion forward parties of the year! With out a doubt the STILA BEAUTY LOUNGE located within Muzik Nightclub will have something special planned, along with free swag for the ladies.

For this special event, Muzik Nightclub will have extended bar hours till 4 am! Ladies will be complimentary until 10:30 pm.

VIP Bottle Service is highly recommended for the LG Fashion Week Closing Party. Call 416.595.9998 for details.