Secret Skin Potion

The last 4 weeks, I have been using Elizabeth Grant’s Skin Care line and love it! From the lip plumper to the lip exfoliater… this line has something for everyone. I gave my mom the Cavier Eye Pads and she had raving reviews! She noticed that the bags under her eyes have dramatically reduced. Check it out – its available online and TSC!

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Super Fabulous HyperPony

Hot trotting from LA, Super Fabulous hyperpony designs gallops straight to HeyDoYou’s heart!

Hyper Pony is an animated website that features characters, enhanced with a dose of surreal-reality. Break Ups, Vanity, Love, and Growing up, is all going on at visit and meet some supa cute new friends!

Get your cute T’s here:

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Keep on Walking

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I got this tattoo August 2008 which happened to be the best summer of my life. I was living on Baldwin Street with 4 of my best friends, blogging full time, party planning and living the life. This is an illustration from my favorite cartoonist and Toronto artist Jason Logan. Stay gold.

iGeneration –Shuffling Toward the Future

By: Jason Logan

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Heads Up

Leave your ed hardy at home and do your do like this!

Hailing from style capital of the world… NY… Dream Control

you can get yours at Parasuco at Yorkdale Mall..

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Rainy Hearts

Rain comes down, loud and thunderous – cleaning the streets, washing our hearts.  This weekend of wet wet weather was the perfect opportunity to use my pink umbrella and walk around with my raincoated doggy.  I have finally realized that no one will realize your worth until your worth is self realized, proclaimed and maintained. It’s easy to sell yourself short, its easy to make excuses for people you love and situations you crave but truth be told, when there is an imbalance between who you are and what you can give versus the receipent of such – it will never work.  Never say never, but always reconsider.  Weekend of writing, sleeping, singing in the rain and dreaming of days gone by and the future creases that first fold then unfolds..