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Sister Souljah

 “So many women wanted him to be real. They knew nothing, absolutely nothing about him, but they were in love with him,”


IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

buy it here 

So 13 hours later, I emerge a changed person. Sister Souljah first novel The Coldest Winter Ever shook me to the core and shaped a lot of my developing tastes from the age of 16 to 24. Her new book Midnight has once again become one of the most influential books I have read. On so many levels, Sister Souljah has made me examine my own life, my choices, beliefs, values and most important my views on life, love, culture, family and religion. There are just so many things about this book that made me stay up til 3am and then up at 8am to read straight til 3pm. Yes, it’s one of those. This book made me want to call those I love, reposition the love prospect, my own life and responsibilities as a woman and fall in love all over again with her writing. I am a changed person because of this book today. A beautiful story of love (parental, filial, platonic, erotic, self, religious, cultural). Sister Souljah frames the story with intensely detailed characters that make the story powerful. Contrasting Akemi, Bangs and Umma show one thing clearly – a strong female is not a victim of her circumstance but sees how to preserver through life. Highly recommend.

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So this how it all started. I was flipping through some glossy mags and saw this Old Navy ad… and the shoes the model is wearing! Heart!  Anyone know where they are from??? Send me the link and I’ll love you forever.

So I decided that finding them will be my new obsession and emailed the ShoeGoddess to find them. She didn’t know who they were by but pointed me to miss Ruthie Davis. Shoe designer extraordinaire! NY designed, Italian made, featured in J-pop mags.. Wow, so you can get her shoes on various sites like shopbop and kitson… they run from $500-$800 +. These are perfect for that outrageous fashionista, the star that’s meant to shine. You know I won’t be buying no conservative beige Manolos or WASPY Jimmy Choos!  ewww, so not my style..
I love my shoes the way I love my men. Read all about that here.
The ones that spell head-to-4inch heel fabulousness. Nosebleed sky high, come fuck me heels.  4 inch heels are so 2008, we are talking 10cm here! Ruthie Davis is my shoe homegirl now… DAVIS is amazing and soon to be a household name, but you heard it here first! I would compare her style to Casadei. You haven’t heard of her? That’s okay cuz Beyonce has, and Alicia Keys too! Don’t sleep on this one…! Check this out.. hot damn!

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Major Mascara

I have been so lucky to receive the exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming major mascara launch by L’Oreal Paris (& Matchstick) – The Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara! HeyDoYou is one of 200 Blogs in Canada selected to receive this exclusive L’Oréal Paris Glam Kit containing Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara prior to its Canadian debut! Woowee!

(btw, more on BeautyTubes on YouTube)
They will be in all stores Dec 2008.
I love the way it has the base coat and it really extends your lashes. No raccoon eyes and smudges yet and comes off easily with my favorite make up remover, Balms Away. Even though I get most of my makeup from Sephora, there are drug store products that I swear by. My winter makeup routine consists of white mica powder for that snow bunny look, pink blush and very black mascara. For a night time look, I will add a glitter liner and blue mascara to the mix. Perfect!

Another way to emphasis your mega bat bat bats is to frame your eyes. I found my Nicole Richie style over-sized sunglasses a la summer 2007 and popped the lens out to rock the frames for a 2009 plaid attitude look. Hot.

Mascaras I Love;
Benefit BadGAL very black
Givinchy PHENOMEN Black
Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Black
Origins Fringe Benefits Black
GOSH Mascara Amazing Length’n Build Electric Blue
Clinique Volumizing Mascara Black
Imju Fiberwig Mascara

Double Extension Beauty Tubes, welcome to the fam! If you are a beauty product junkie like me – Tell me what you think here. and win your own Double Extension Smokey Eye Kit!

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Winter Puppy @Ruffwear

Before you think that ‘dogs with shoes’ is a ridiculous thing, let me first tell you that my dog also has socks. Winter in the city is no joke for urban dogs who trot down Spadina for their morning walk. They city salt streets can damage and burn paws, cause infections and is a general no-no for all puppies. Some dog owners have used balloons on paws, others have used Muttluks (mitten kind). This is my 3rd winter with Jacob and since he was one Muttluk short of a pair (we lost one of four last winter), we went searching for new ones. Ruffwear boots! They are for dogs on the go! So far so good.

From the website: Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™ all-condition, all-terrain, all-season…True to our commitment of designing and producing innovative dog gear that enhances the shared interactive bond between humans and canines, Ruff Wear has revolutionized canine paw wear. Our Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™ feature two major advancements in dog boots—an upper inspired by human shoes and a high performance Vibram® sole.

Jacob wears size SMALL. I got them at Dogfather & Co for $67 at Rosedale station ($59 off You can get Muttluks for $54 at Timmie’s. This is serious stuff, look what I found on CDOA about winter care…. Dry/Cracked Paws: These usually develop because of the rock salt that is found on most sidewalks and driveways in the city, but also due to weather conditions like snow, ice and extreme cold. Go on walks and have fun in the winter! Just stay warm and dry!

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