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Went for lunch with a friend today who had some kind words to say to me. He says stop questioning what you are doing all the time or you will never be happy – just do, just be and it should suffice.

I found out my fundamental problems in life… is that i am not good with boundaries and hearing no.
Weekend again, woo hooo for those m-f’ers.


In the Bulletin

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iSkin <3

Go back to school iSkin style, all Mac’ed out! All you have to do is click to enter – Contest ends Sept 15.
Good luck!

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No clothes on

The snowglobe of a life is once again settling down – Shake that confetti with moving to the new spot with you and you – this and that has finally given in to gravity, getting centred again. So – we stopped talking, I got fed up, decided that I needed more from you and now what. 3 days passed and i text to say i miss’d you and am level 3 of the confusatory looking at the stars that know the future but aren’t telling.  That’s fine, I said it before and will say it once again. I have the rest of my life to love you and there is no rush. Far from the girl i used to be but still the same at the core of it all – still the same just with more glitter and gloss.

Its not that i have $400k in the bank but i am just no longer afraid and being fearless and passionate is a formula of those who are remembered in history, i think.  Having nothing to lose and everything to gain, the only way to go is forward, up and out.  Catapulted into the sky, wee!



Launched new website as in lieu of LongOverdew’s final days.. new site is called heydoyou.com.  When people ask, hey what should I do, i would say hey, do you! taking your little heart shovel and dig deep and keep on keep on – thats the only way you can do you. so high hopes for this new little blog to chug chug chug and build up enough momentum to make it thru the fall and winter. Random act of kindess happened today – I met a person on FB via a friend and love chat via msn for 3 days, and he decided to drop by to say hello after work. After the fact that he came in his work clothes, brought jacob a treat and a bettyboop sticker for me – i give him at least 1 pt in my books. wow i forgot what its like to be treated like a girl around men who act like men.  so everytime i have an idle minute to ask myself what i want to do, im gonna say Heydoyou.com 🙂  Focus focus focus – Blog, Bags and Boys thats all thats left for this month anyway.

Lemon + water is so last year, gimme some cucumber water!


Step into Fall

With the days getting cold like your exboyfriend’s comments, what better way to get excited about fall but with luxurious slouch suede peep toe booties!! Wear them with skinny jeans, bare legs – no more leggings please!

New from Steve Madden

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