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Fitting Room 2

There was SOOOOOOOO MUCH LOVE in this place!! Everyone was just out to have a good time! None of that “screw-face” stuff!
Good crowd+ Dope music= Good Party

Well done guys!

The MJ Tribute was RIDICULOUS!! Click here to see how they showed MJ love 🙂
(sorry it was dark in there! but go to 00:43 best part of the video)

Click here for more pics of Fitting Room 2
Click here for videos from Fitting Room2



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Ladies, It’s Time to get this MONEY!!

“Women’s Enterprise Canada (WE) is committed to promoting the the businesses and services of todays professional women, international Women’s Enterprise networking groups of bureaus and to provide practical training to upgrade their overall performance.”

Top left: Me and Lisa!
Top right: Me and Jessica Carter: key make-up artist Degrassi: The Next Generation

Lots of lovely ladies doing BIG Things in the world!

I recently attended the Women’s Enterprise Canada: Meeting of the Minds Launch event, lead by the amazing Lisa Small of WE at the stunning Four-Diamond Award Winning Watermark Lounge: Radisson Hotel Admiral-Harbourfront. The Meeting of the Minds Meeting is about problem solving issues in your business. This isn’t one of those long boring meetings where they give you all that generic advice on what you “should” do in order to succeed. This meeting is the REAL DEAL, straight goods.

I met so many amazing women that are doing BIG things right now! I feel so proud to see women who have taken control in what society likes to call a “man’s world”. As a young entrepreneur it was encouraging to see that so many other women have done it, and it definitely gave me a HUGE boost of confidence. This meeting furthered my belief that if you have a dream, all you have to do is get up and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Some of the meeting points:
Get an Assistant
Set Monthly Action Schedule
Connecting with Resources

“We need to invest in each others’ businesses to thrive– Lisa Small

“Separate your personal from your business advancements. Calls between 9am-5pm are for business only”– Lisa Small

“You need to have ENERGY! Have the goal to keep your kingdom going!– Lisa Small

“In business you need alliances…”– Lisa Small

This meeting was so informative, and extremely refreshing. Lisa has tonnes of passion when she speaks, and this is the same passion we ALL need to apply when talking about our businesses. We need to believe in what we’re saying in order for the others to do the same.

Starting July and each month after that, 25 business women will be invited to a special Meeting of the Minds at the Radisson Hotel. The closed door boardroom meeting holds the secrets to success! The women lucky enough to walk through these doors will not only strengthen their businesses, but will also be up for a vote to receive a W.E.Can Cheque: which is an investment made by the contributors of the group and additional amounts received from the entry fees. The names and business of these women will automatically be nominated for the Women’s Enterprise CANADA Business Awards at the upcoming Women’s Enterprise Conference in 2010.

July Meeting Reservation Fees are:
$50 per month early bird July 16th
$75 until registration closes on July 26th
This will be a closed meeting NO DOOR Registration.
New business owners must sumbit Executive Summaries before the 5th of the month they attend.

So ladies, it’s time to put the cattiness aside, and unite. THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE, AND IT’S OURS TO GET!

For more info on Women’s Enterprise, click here



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Design Exchange Exhibition: Quebec In Design

The Design Exchange was proud to announce the exhibition of Quebec Design: 75 years of works from the collection of the Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec, this past Monday.
The exhibition is the first collaborative effort by the Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec and the Centre de design de l’Universite du Quebec a Montreal. I was lucky to be one of the people in attendance at this eye-pleasing and informative event!! I saw lots of great pieces, and enjoyed a variety of delectable hors d’oeuvres!

Me and Katie Lister: Director of Development:Design Exchange

The piece to the left was my FAVE!!

Exhibition Overview:
This project has two purposes. The first is to provide an overview of the history of design in Quebec, and the second to which more than half the exhibition is dedicated, is to examine the contemporary period in design, sequenced to enable exploration of design landscapes from the late 1970s to the present.

The exhibition is arranged around the following themes:
Straddling Tradition and Innovation: The Pre-Wars
Useful Forms: Post-War Design
Man and His World: Design in the Throes of Change
From Performance to Provocation: Contemporary Design
Performance: Efficient Design
Pushing the Envelope: Technical Design
Social Engagement: Responsible Design
Utilitarian Beauty: Formal Design
The Essential Superfluous: Decorative Design
Polemics: Provocative Design

To find out more about the Design Exchange click here



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That’s Right!!


Yes for the 2nd Time Coming this July 4th, DJ LISSA MONET PRESENTS UNHEARD OF @ VOLA NIGHTCLUB: 214 Adelaide St. W. (between Duncan & University)

Vision Unseen. Style Unspoken. Music Unheard Of. Come on T.O, if you guys are REALLY looking for a different kind of party, with some good looking people, and some REALLY REALLY GOOD MUSIC, then I suggest you mark your calendars. This is where YOU need to be this Saturday.

Unheard Of music provided by:
DJ Lissa Monet: 2009 Stylus Awards Female DJ Of The Year
Vertex Sound: Toronto’s #1 Reggae Sound

Shout outs to Clout Entertainment!

Mixtape Artwork by Darkie



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WWW Presents Wine, Dine & Shop in a Dress

We had an amazing afternoon yesterday as HeyDoYou went out to C Lounge to support our friend Shannae of What Women Want who hosted a lovely afternoon of smiling, shopping & shmoozing at her event ‘Wine, Dine & Shop in a Dress’. We got the chance to meet and chat with some go-getter-girls like Kathleen & Michele of Brazen Hussy, Fitness Trainer Lyzabeth Lopez, Maria Serrano of Shoes From Argentina and Dee Bailey of Let’s Play Passion Parties. Thanks to Shannae for such an awesome event and bags full of awesome goodies!!!
Big shout outs go to HeyDoYou’s own Lola of ‘Formula by Bella’ cookin’ up a storm at the event with her gourmet cuisine!!!

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The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson died today at the UCLA Medical Center after he was brought in by paramedics who found him not breathing at his home, according to various reports. Cardiac arrest is the supposed cause, although Jackson had been suffering from other ailments.

I, like so many of you, grew up listening to Michael Jackson. The Christmas album he recorded with his brothers still plays in my house every year. The timeless energy of his songs dominate old and new school jams alike, lending courage to listeners world wide who would dare try to emulate his swag on the dance floor. The Moon Walk. The leg kick. The pop locking. The crotch grab. The scream. The hat throw. The glove. The red leather jacket. The hair. The white socks and black shoes. That infectious smile.

No matter the scandals, no matter the personal issues. No matter how you remember him…The music my friends, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel‘, ‘P.Y.T.’, ‘Billie Jean‘, ‘One More Chance‘!!! You know I could easily go on and on, because Mike was a musical genius. Most of us revered him for that and tried not to let his image be blemished by the hordes determined to see him fall from glory. To the haters, I say ‘Beat It‘, so you ‘Wanna Be Startin Something‘? ‘You know I’m Bad‘ right?! ‘Why you wanna trip on me‘?

Don’t trip. You know he got you open kid. Don’t front.

Rock With You!!!!!!’ “Girrrrrl, close your eyes/ Let that rhythm, get into to you/ Don’t try to fight it/ There ain’t nothin’ that you can do/ Relax your mind/ Lay back and groove with mine/ You gotta feel the heat!/ And we can ride the boogie/ Share that beat of luuuuuuv”

Sing it! I know you know the words!

What’s your favorite album? Mine has to be Thriller, but how can you really choose?!
Off the Wall is just as Epic!

Here’s a list of his albums, dig them up, listen, pay homage to the KING!

* Got to Be There (1972)
* Ben (1972)
* Music and Me (1973)
* Forever, Michael (1975)
* Off the Wall (1979)
* Thriller (1982)
* Bad (1987)
* Dangerous (1991)
* HIStory (1995)
* Invincible (2001)

Earlier this year, Jackson announced his return to live performance with a series of 50 concerts in London, slated to begin July 13.

Rest in peace MJ. But listen up, because the entire world is bumping your music right now!

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