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Break, Beats & Vogue!!

“The stage is set. The lights are bright. The curtain is drawn. The music plays. What is revealed is shocking, but way too fab to ignore!… It’s high fashion, it’s urban, it’s their introduction: Fashion Meets Vogue”

It’s this Friday AND Saturday at Harbourfront, at 9:00pm!!

A lil info:

So a group of voguers took over the runway and turned it into their stage. Instead of boring models just walking and giving the usual fish poses at the end of the run way; they have females and males in couture inspired outfits, “selling” the garment as only they can and creating a ball-type feel as though competing for: best runway walk, facial performance, best true use of garment etc”
They draw their inspiration from the top designers in the business and make them their own.

I know you guys wanna be there!



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Holy F*ck at Harbourfront!!!

This weekend is the Smirnoff Beats, Breaks & Culture festival!

For those of you who don’t know It’s one of Canada’s most influential electronic music festivals. “BBC (Beats, Breaks, Culture) pursues, dissects celebrates and showcases the best national and international electronic music and culture.”

And guess who’s gonna be there?! HOLY F**K!!!!

That’s the name of the band by the way… loves it! Anyway Toronto’s very own “super evil” group will be performing at Habourfront this weekend, and I’m so excited!!
First song I ever heard was Lovely Allen, and I was immediately hooked!

This awesome group consists of Graham Walsh, Brian Borcherdt, Matt McQuaid and Matt Schulz. This band uses live instrumentation and miscellaneous instruments and non-instruments i.e a 35mm film synchronizer, toy keyboards and toy phaser guns) to create, “electronic-sounding effects without the use of laptops or programmed tracks.” It is said that the band was formed with the purpose of creating the equivalent of modern electronic music without actually using the techniques. You can’t tell me you don’t think these guys are wicked!!

Did you know that they wrote the songs from their album, LP, without rehearsing! Best part? They did this while they were live on tour! After every show they’d return from tour, check into a studio and capture the energy of the live show, recording the shows that had now taken shape. Now that’s talent!

Anyway the show starts at 9:30pm this Friday (July 10th) so if you have nothing to do this weekend, then definitely head down to Harbourfront. Even if you have plans this weekend, squeeze at least 20 minutes of the show into your “busy” schedule! lol

See you there!!

For more info on what’s lined up for the BBC click here!

For more info on festivals happening at Harbourfront click here.



ps: the festival runs from July 10th through to the 12th at Harbourfront.

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Art of Fresh

Art of Fresh is on a mission to bring butterfat boom-bap to the funk nation.

The duo is comprised of Guinness World Record setting rapper D.O., and Juno award winning producer Slakah is the Beatchild. Both artists bring their vocal talents to the group, while Slakah the Beatchild also focuses on providing the beats and production elements.

In 2008, the duo completed a 25-date national tour opening up for Sweatshop Union to mark the release of their debut album Back to the Earth (Northstarr / Nova Music Group / Universal). The album earned a 4 star review in Eye Weekly, charted as high as #2 on the national college charts, and the group made URB’s Next 1000 list. They also performed on MTV Live and had Myspace and Youtube features.

In addition to being a group, Slakah the Beatchild and D.O. are
also solo artists.

An accomplished emcee, D.O. he set a Guinness World Record by freestyle rapping over 8 hours and 45 minutes. In 2007, he released his debut album The Northstarr featuring the hits “Young Brother” and “Defy the Odds.”

Peep his new video:

Slakah the Beatchild is a Juno award-winning producer contributing to Divine Brown’s 2008 “Love Chronicles.” He’s been featured as producer on Juno nominated recordings from Shad and Ebrahim. Signed to BBE ( , DJ Jazzy Jeff), his debut album Soul Movement has been met with critical acclaim worldwide.

Peep one of his videos from that critically acclaimed album:

These two prove that Canadian talent is and can be very genuine. Keep up the good work guys. Their new album, entitled “Back to Earth” features appearances by King Reign, Tona, and JD Era.

Here’s a sample of that very song for you.

Art of Fresh – Get Money feat. Tona and JD Era

As a whole the album sounds kinda like lounge music to me; and I love to lounge. You could easily put this album on when you’re at a summer backyard BBQ, or just having friends over your loft apartment for apps and drinks recommended by Bella (ICU!).

lmao @ the NYC INTERLUDE

For more on Art of Fresh and a list of their tour dates:

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Go DJ!!

Last night I witnessed DJ Lissa Monet do what she does BEST!!

Honestly I almost… ALMOST gave up on Toronto’s party scene, simply because I’m tired of hearing the SAME music over and over again. I mean I love “lollipop” and “a milli” but there is OTHER MUSIC OUT THERE! And Lissa knows this.
There’s no question as to why she’s the Stylus Awards 2009 Female Dj of the Year.



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Fitting Room 2

There was SOOOOOOOO MUCH LOVE in this place!! Everyone was just out to have a good time! None of that “screw-face” stuff!
Good crowd+ Dope music= Good Party

Well done guys!

The MJ Tribute was RIDICULOUS!! Click here to see how they showed MJ love 🙂
(sorry it was dark in there! but go to 00:43 best part of the video)

Click here for more pics of Fitting Room 2
Click here for videos from Fitting Room2



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Ladies, It’s Time to get this MONEY!!

“Women’s Enterprise Canada (WE) is committed to promoting the the businesses and services of todays professional women, international Women’s Enterprise networking groups of bureaus and to provide practical training to upgrade their overall performance.”

Top left: Me and Lisa!
Top right: Me and Jessica Carter: key make-up artist Degrassi: The Next Generation

Lots of lovely ladies doing BIG Things in the world!

I recently attended the Women’s Enterprise Canada: Meeting of the Minds Launch event, lead by the amazing Lisa Small of WE at the stunning Four-Diamond Award Winning Watermark Lounge: Radisson Hotel Admiral-Harbourfront. The Meeting of the Minds Meeting is about problem solving issues in your business. This isn’t one of those long boring meetings where they give you all that generic advice on what you “should” do in order to succeed. This meeting is the REAL DEAL, straight goods.

I met so many amazing women that are doing BIG things right now! I feel so proud to see women who have taken control in what society likes to call a “man’s world”. As a young entrepreneur it was encouraging to see that so many other women have done it, and it definitely gave me a HUGE boost of confidence. This meeting furthered my belief that if you have a dream, all you have to do is get up and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Some of the meeting points:
Get an Assistant
Set Monthly Action Schedule
Connecting with Resources

“We need to invest in each others’ businesses to thrive– Lisa Small

“Separate your personal from your business advancements. Calls between 9am-5pm are for business only”– Lisa Small

“You need to have ENERGY! Have the goal to keep your kingdom going!– Lisa Small

“In business you need alliances…”– Lisa Small

This meeting was so informative, and extremely refreshing. Lisa has tonnes of passion when she speaks, and this is the same passion we ALL need to apply when talking about our businesses. We need to believe in what we’re saying in order for the others to do the same.

Starting July and each month after that, 25 business women will be invited to a special Meeting of the Minds at the Radisson Hotel. The closed door boardroom meeting holds the secrets to success! The women lucky enough to walk through these doors will not only strengthen their businesses, but will also be up for a vote to receive a W.E.Can Cheque: which is an investment made by the contributors of the group and additional amounts received from the entry fees. The names and business of these women will automatically be nominated for the Women’s Enterprise CANADA Business Awards at the upcoming Women’s Enterprise Conference in 2010.

July Meeting Reservation Fees are:
$50 per month early bird July 16th
$75 until registration closes on July 26th
This will be a closed meeting NO DOOR Registration.
New business owners must sumbit Executive Summaries before the 5th of the month they attend.

So ladies, it’s time to put the cattiness aside, and unite. THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE, AND IT’S OURS TO GET!

For more info on Women’s Enterprise, click here



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