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Make Your Exit…

“…Ambient indie rock, saxophone included… An amazing show… Also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met…” -Much Music Review
They have voices like angels… and then the instruments… Oh man… I’m in my happy place right now because of these five extremely talented twenty-something year olds!
Group Members: Jeff Buckley – lead vocals, guitar: Mike Dellios – bass: Steve Dagg – drums: Skidboot – guitar
“Make Your Exit is unlike anything you’ve heard before, yet it won’t be hard to wrap your head around… they showcased a sound that was not unlike the many collective type bands that our country has grown synonymous with… an example of art-mospheric jazz tinged brass rock culminating in a soaring climax…”It’s Not The Band I Hate, It’s Their Fans Review

I could use all kinds of fancy words, and “music lingo” to describe the awesomeness that is Make Your Exit, but I don’t see the point as their music needs no fancy words! However, I will say that their music is pretty f’n dope… the best part about it is, it’s so honest; which is hard to come by nowadays, in a time when artists are painting pretty or not so pretty pictures of life (their lives). But just because it’s not honest doesn’t mean it’s boring. Quite the opposite actually. Their sound is noisey, aggressive, but modest and sweet all at the same time!  
…if you’re looking for specific genres: Ambient/Indie/Experimental
Buy their latest release here!
Check out their myspace!

Can’t wait to see them at the Jingle Bell Rock coming soon!!
heart heart heart the KIDS track!!

Thicker than a Snicker?

For all you ample and curvaceously blessed women I have something for you that’ll make you happier than the day you discovered that really sexy bra that didn’t kill your shoulders, or suffocate your breasts! 
They say it’s almost impossible to find a chic dress that’s comfortable and compliments a curvy womans’ shape, but I say there’s no such thing as impossible! That doesn’t mean you should go squeezing into something that was made for a girl with no booty, hips, and tits. There are tonnes of elegant, sexier optipns that will sit nicely/comfortably on your hips 🙂
That’s where Toronto based fashion showroom and weboutique Lola & Gigi come in. They understand that every girl/woman curvy or not, needs a look that makes them glow. They bring quality, and stylish clothing to women sizes 12 to 24. They also offer expert style advice, providing women with the support they need to love and rock their curves with Pride! 

Lola & Gigi x Stella & Dot Present the Rock Your Frock Shopping Event!

“Lola & Gigi abounds in infinite and wonderful wardrobe possibilities”.– doesn’t that just sound like somewhere you wanna be?!
The Mission? To help curvy women find a complete chic holiday look.

Lola & Gigi and Stella & Dot will help curvy women rock their frocks and sparkle from head to toe, providing a holiday look for every personality! While Laura Caravaggio provides clients with customized fitting and individual style advice; independent Stella & Dot Stylist, Shelley Inglis will be pairing statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets from the Stella & Dot collection with selected Lola &  Gigi frocks. It’s gonna be magical! 

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better…They also have SHOES!! whether you’re looking for a kitten heel or flirty pump, look no further; Lola & Gigi provide shoes from Barefoot Tess in sizes 11 to 15.
So where and WHEN is all this magic happening??
This Saturday at the Old Mill Inn and Spa: The Drawing Room!
21 Old Mill Road
10 AM – 6 PM.
ps: Fans of Stella & Dot include Paris Hilton, Debra Messing and even Oprah!! 
If your curvy and looking for a holiday outfit that’ll make you sparkle and feel fabulous, this event’s for you!

See you there!



RIP Jacksoul

Haydain Neale was 39. He was the Juno Award-winning lead singer of Jacksoul. He died of lung cancer. The popular Toronto-based singer had spent the last two years undergoing extensive rehabilitation and therapy after a serious traffic accident. 

In August 2007, a car collided with his Vespa scooter, leaving Neale in a coma with head injuries.

His rehabilitation was slow but steady. Over the last six months, with the support of his wife Michaela, daughter Yasmin, and bandmates, Neale was able to finish production on the album he started almost three years ago.

Why is everyone dying? Life is precious and never ever wait on your dreams and let someone tell you no.


Brazen Hussy Holiday Fashion Show Tonight!

Guys… Dolls are you ready for tonight?
Brazen Hussy will treating us to a Holiday Fashion Show during the Lost in the Willderness x Brazen Hussy GUYS & DOLLS: HOMECOMING event! They’ll also be celebrating Kiki of Brazen Hussy’s Bday, so make sure you show her some bday love!
WETBAR: 102 Peter Street (upper level of Mansion: Peter & Adelaide)
19 and over!
Fashion show starts at 11:30, but I suggest going earlier!