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TWO thumbs down?

A group of doctors including a radiologist, cardiologist and neurologist, who call themselves the Jackson Jive and dress up like the Jackson Five by wearing afro wigs and painting their faces black, (one white in reference to Michael Jackson) recently performed one of their “famous” skits during Australian show’s HEY Hey It’s Saturday’s second reunion special. It seemed they wanted to “save the best for last”, with the Jackson Jive being the final act…
Anyway this left guest judge Harry Connick Jr very unimpressed. In fact, he was so upset that he had to “speak up as an American” right after he gave the group a big FAT ZERO. Lol.The host later issued a formal on-air apology…
“If I knew that was going to be part of the show I definitely wouldn’t have done it,” Connick Jr.

“It certainly was not meant to be racist in any way at all,” Dr Deva said. “I think he (Connick Jr) is taking it the wrong way.”
Honestly in this day and age I think it’s ridiculous that people are still doing stuff like this, and finding it funny… Do I think they were doing it in a malicious manner? No… I think this is one of those things that wasn’t quite thought through… But then again they’ve been doing it for 20 years????
Some people are mad because they think it’s disrespectful especially so soon after MJ’s death. And then there are others who think nothing of it, just a bunch of silly doctors *ahem grown men*, painting their faces black, and making a mockery of one of the greatest groups *ahem Michael* in history… The man who played Michael Jackson in the skit says the act was meant to be a tribute to Michael Jackson not a mockery…
Check out the video!

So what do you think? Do you find the skit offensive (doesn’t matter whether you’re black/white/yellow/whatever you could be a fan :)). Do you think they crossed the line?
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Time to get ‘LAID’!!!

We are sooo proud of Toronto’s own Shannon T. Boodram and her new book ‘LAID’!!! Come out and see what all the hype is about! Get your copy of the book, schmooze, be entertained and get to know the writer that is Ms. Boodram!

Wednesday October 14, 2009


The Free Official Book Launch of ‘LAID’!!!

The event will be hosted by Tika Simone from The MTV Aftershow with music by Dj P-Plus from Flow93.5-with musical performances based on the book by Kim Davis, Andrea Lewis & Daniel Daley. NO RSVP REQUIRED!

Purchase your copy of LAID here!

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Guest Blogger!

I am excited to introduce Wendy as a guest blogger to HeyDoYou for the month of October! I have know Wendy for a LONG TIME! Since our Matchstick days 05(?!), to endless promos, to our Toronto Fashion Week Fashion Showdown March 09!

Wendy is a designer, an artist, part owner of West Salon&Spa and a Leo/Virgo cusp.

Welcome Wendy! We are excited to have you 🙂

Melanie Fiona

Ok… If I’m late to this bare with me my loves (I have been sick lately), but I just found out some stellar news and want to make sure that we are ALL in the know! Melanie Fiona… BET Rising Icons… October 12 at 1am!!! Toronto’s very own R&B beauty! This city, country, has some incredible talent and I am soooo proud that we are finally letting the rest of the world know! I’ve had the opportunity to meet Ms. Melanie on a few different occasions and she always has the same down to earth, gracious personality… she’s gorgeous and her music literally ‘sings’ to you! She won me over with ‘Give it to me right’ and sealed the deal with her new single ‘It Kills Me’! Go pick up her debut album, The Bridge and find out what I’m talking about… like you don’t already know! Support your city Toronto. HeyDoYou LOVES Melanie Fiona!!! This is not the first and its definately not the last you’ve heard from US about HER… xoxo!!!

It Kills Me, Melanie Fiona

Give it to Me Right, Melanie Fiona

Visit Melanie’s Page


Delicate. Detailed. Paper Pumps!

“A snap shot of intricate handmade paper shoes…featuring sparkling, multi-coloured stiletto & other unique works by the French artist.”
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks for all my blessings as well as for SHOES! I’M SO THANKFUL for shoes!! I love shoes! Anyway, seeing as it’s probably gonna be raining all weekend, make sure you check out the Thierry Agnone Paper Sculptures exhibition at the Bata Shoe museum AFTER you check out the Petite Feet Sample Sale! 
“Lately I have only worked on women’s shoes made from paper. This is not because paper is an affordable medium, but instead to underline the fragility and lightness of women’s shoes. I want to convey the message that shoes are not only a utilitarian object but also a symbolic one. Faily tales, princes stories and magic lands.”Thierry Agnone 
FYI: The Bata Shoe Museum houses a collection of over 10,000 modern and historical shoes! Access to the Paper Sculptures exhibition is included in the museum’s regular admission price.
Happy Long Weekend!