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Magpie Designs Summer Cocktail

“Magpie Designs is all about exploring new ways to think about textile and design in women’s fashion…”

Lovely ladies, Angela Mann and Cathy McDayter recently celebrated their relaunch of Magpie Designs, and I was honoured to be in attendance at this special occasion! The Magpie Summer Cocktail was a lovely evening of wine, hors d’oeuvres and informal modelling!

I love that Magpie Designs are unique, exhibit a wide range of textures, and have so much personality!

The Magpie models doin’ the damn thang!


The garments and accessories are ALL HAND-MADE, and are creative in their crafting of linens, tapestries, woolens, hand-painted silks and leathers, antique textiles and exotic beads. When it comes to their garments; they allow the uniqueness of every piece of fabric to guide the design process as a way to respect the integrity of the textile. The striking and memorable accessories are influenced by many countries and cultures that have supplied their textiles. For example, Africa, India, Japan and Italy to name a few.

These garments are truly unique and exotic! The best part about them is that they are custom-fitted to the customer, allowing them to have that one-of-a-kind design! They offer a diverse range of jackets, dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, coats, jewelry, belts and scarves.

Pictures don’t do these garments and accessories any justice. You just have to go and see them for yourself!! Their store is located in the diverse and vibrant Queen Street West community, at 884 Queen Street West at Crawford.

These ladies definitely “push forward and redefine our perception of the fashion phenomenon.”

Wanna see more?! Click here!



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Barchef 1st Annual Mixologist Competition

So last night was Barchef’s 1st Annual Mixologist Competition… I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.
I will say though, that it was an AWESOME night!! Congratulations to Wes (Winner) and to all the other Mixologists, you guys ROCKED!!


Top right: Wes (Winner) CONGRATULATIONS!
He won a week long trip to France, and a mixology package valued at over $7,000!!
He can tell you any and everything about cocktails!

The First Impression

Elan’s so cool 🙂

Nishan you are amazing!


Moses and I (Prince and Princess lol)
Miss Elizabeth Savage will give you a run for your money! Watch out for her!!

Bottom right: Brent and Me
Far left: Mixologist Renata and Me 🙂

Top right: The Winner (Wes) and I
Bottom left: Mixologists Elan & Wes, and me!
Bottom right: Select Wines National Director of Marketing Mr. Trace Hanlon

The cocktail culture needs to be embraced!! Look at all the happy faces!!

Kisses for the heydoyou team!!

Enough said. Next year YOU should be there, but until then embrace the cocktail culture, and GO experience Barchef for yourself. You won’t regret it!



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What Women What – What to Wear!

What Women Want is this Sunday! Here are some outfit suggestions for all you girls who are ready to wine & dine in a dress… and SHOP! Make sure you say hello to HeyDoYou’s Shay & Bella @ Formula byBella’s booth. She is a vendor this year, make sure you try her delicious amuse-bouche creations. All the best and love from LA, Shannae!


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sip & Savour Ontario!!

sip & Savour Ontario is exactly what I did this past Tuesday. As a food and drink lover, I was so excited to attend this event! 

A little history:
In 1995 Tony Aspler founded the Ontario Wine Awards; these awards recognized Ontario VQA wines (Vinters Quality Alliance) for their quality, distinction and brilliance. As a result “sip Ontario” was created to showcase Ontario’s finest VQA  award-winning wines. “sip Ontario” teamed up with Savour Ontario to bring you the finest in Ontario food and wine together under ONE roof.
This exciting event attracts vineyards and restaurants from all around Ontario; all of who recognize the importance of the thriving culinary industry in Ontario!

I got to meet some of the Chefs in attendance, as well as indulge in delicious hors d’oeuvres that were pre-selected to be paired with these fabulous wines! By the time I got to some of these vendors the food was gone!! That’s how GOOD it was!

Chef Martin Kouprie was there for Pangea Restaurant, Chef Tim Dunhill was there for Old Mill Inn & Spa, Chef Ben Denham of Six Steps Restaurant & Bar, Chef Brad Long of Veritas Restaurant, Chef Betrand Alepee ofAmuse-Bouche Restaurant, Chef Anne Yarymowich of Frank Restaurant/AGO, and Chef Ryan Gustafson ofEPIC Restaurant.

This event was amazing! The Winery/Estate representatives were more than willing to teach people about the wines they were serving, and even taught a few people how to taste wine. The event was fun, educational and very interactive! A definite must for next year!

The final results for the 2009 Ontario Wine Awards can be found here!

See you there next year!



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Get with the Cocktail Movement!!

Delicious Cocktails + Good looking people + exciting “Swag” Bags = The AMAZING Drinks Show 2009!!!

I was honoured to witness these mixologists experimenting with taste to create mind blowing, tongue tantalising, and eye pleasing cocktails!

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Hunt, creator of the fabulous Martini Club!
She put me onto the amazing Dusk Martini: 360 Eco Luxury Vodka stirred with white creme de cacao, served icy cold and sprinkled with shaved Dove Dusk Chocolate!

HOT mixologists…

MMMmmm The Amarula Indulgence Cocktail was to die for!
Everybody was having such a GOOD TIME! LOVES IT!!
Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they had samples of Calvin Klien’s limited edition eau de parfum ETERNITY summer, Davidoff Adventure, and the new Davidoff Cool Water- Woman!!

Me and Michelle Hunt of the fantastic Martini Club

Me and Simon Hancock from Evangeline PR

I am SO going again next year!!! YOU SHOULD TOO!

Embrace the cocktail culture… you won’t regret it!



For more pics of the drinks show click here!

Try these cocktails for the summer!!

Mango Slice: Absolut Mango topped with lychee and Ocean Spray cranberry juices, topped with a splash of ginger ale and garnished with a mango slice.

Fill a tall glass with ice: Add 1 1/2oz Absolut Mango, 1oz lychee juice and 4oz Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Top with 1-2oz ginger ale, and garnish witha mango slice!

Absolut Meadow: Absolut Vodka shaken with crushed kiwis, lemon, basil, and Ocean Spray white cranberry juice, garnished with a fresh kiwi slice and basil leaf.

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice: Add 1 1/2oz Absolut Vodka, 1 kiwi (peeled and diced), 1/2oz lemon juice, 1/2oz simple syrup, 2oz Ocean Spray white cranberry juice and 1 basil leaf. Shake well and strain into a martini glass and garnish with a kiwi slice!


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Fun Times!!