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Coffee Meets Technology at the New York Coffee Festival 2018

Technology also brings coffee with the new innovation.

The Bubble Lab, a company doing robotic products of the coffeemaker. Their amazing products in a row—The Drip and Drop Machine, The Water Heater, and the Filter have made the coffee bar a high-efficient place for you to get coffee, enjoy then go. These products have not been released on the market yet, but I was told that the company will sell them next year both in the US and China.

In this festival, some pastry companies have also got their booth and introduce delivery service to most of the cafes in New York City. Patisserie Vanessa, the handcrafted daily kitchen located in La Marqueta, Harlem, has offered catering service by taking orders from their virtual pastry shop. You can have your individual French Pastries by baked-to-order on click.


Yes, delivery lets you get the food from elsewhere, and the AI-powered system can let this process become even quicker. SumAll, a social media-based software help cafes automate their back office administrations like ordering inventory and scheduling staff. You can not only manage the supply chain better but also, as they say, “makes creating and maintaining your hourly employees’ schedules easy”.

DeLonghi, the coffee appliance manufacturer has an Instagram game for the attendee to join. You can pick one of the boards which have hashtagged types of coffees to take photos with, then posted on social media. If you have the luck to win, the prize would be one fancy espresso maker.

photo booth.JPG

And this is not the only chance you can take photos. Right near the entrance, there is one photo booth which you can take selfies with friends, then you can either email it or get one tangible color photo in seconds.

For more information, please visit the website of The New York Coffee Festival 2018:




Wake Up with The New York Coffee Festival 2018

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There is enough stock of coffee in one place to get you to rise and shine. In the past weekend(from Oct 12-14), the New York coffee festival was held all day long. Metropolitan Pavilion, this 4-floor venue was crowded with more than 10000 coffee lovers and industry entrees, to gather together for celebrating this coffee scene.


The New York coffee festival this year was full of surprises. Not just the product itself, but the interactions made by coffee-makers and audience have also brought the coffee a new meaning.

When you came in the entrance, the booth you see just on your left is the latte art workshop. One barista was using the high-speed latte foamer to make one first latte—the Golden Bee Latte quickly. The milk used in it tastes like turmeric mixed flavor, which will be the perfect coffee choice for fall, with grains of bee glue and lavender aroma on the top.

bee production


Speaking of art, the coffee festival has also held an art project this year. Several pieces of work made with different materials were shown on the wall. Qu lulu, the previous editor of Heydoyou, has her work “ new york coffees in my sketchbook” been selected by this coffee art project.

lulu work

coffee art project

Well, the art of coffee is not just the art on the wall, and also originates from the sound and alcohol there (excuse me for a second).  On top of the art project, there was also a music scene on one separate stage, bringing attendees together to taste coffee with the huger background of live music experience ( of course more enormous than what the usual cafes have).


Beside the stage, there was also a coffee cocktail bar nearby. From there, you can either order or get one alcoholic coffee drink( Free for the Super VIP Attendee). All the drinks are sponsored by Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur with three choices in a column: Martini, Tonic, or Spiked Ice Coffee.

coffee bar

At this event, I am also happy to see the diversity of coffee products as well as the countries they come from. For instance, I have tried GEISHA, this type of expresso commuted from Italy. The strong sour taste has been pushed straightly to my nose if have it only. However, once it is mixed with milk, the feeling will become magically creamy.

Italian Coffee

The ministry of Kaapi, the coffee brought from South Indian has hailed the coffee tasters with its amazing brewed coffee( from ground coffee powder), and wonderfully decorated by all kinds of milk.


Stay tuned for tomorrow! I will keep writing about the tech and media part of this coffee festival.



The Princess of 42nd Street

It was a great night at the Museum of Sex on September 13th to celebrate the launch of the memoir The Princess of 42nd Street: Surviving My Childhood as the Daughter of Time Square’s King of Porn by Romola Hodas with Elizabeth Ridley.

Author Romola Hodas Pens Her Inspiring Memoir About Growing Up

as the Daughter of the Man Who Created New York City’s Pornography Empire

After surviving a chaotic childhood, Romola Hodas, the eldest daughter of Times Square’s “King of Porn,” recounts her chaotic childhood amid the turmoil of publicly growing up as the daughter of the man who almost single-handedly built New York City’s pornography and adult entertainment empire from the 1960s to the 1980s before his spectacular and public fall from grace.  Her memoir, The Princess of 42nd Street: Surviving My Childhood as the Daughter of Times Square’s King of Porn by Romola Hodas and Elizabeth Ridley (Riverdale Avenue Books, September  2018) tells the tale of her childhood publicly for the first time.

Behind the salacious headlines, Marty Hodas’ family paid a terrible price. In her shockingly honest, no-holds-barred memoir, Romola describes hanging out as a child in her father’s porn shops on 42nd Street and meeting the eclectic clientele who frequented the stores, making friends with the girls who performed live sex acts on stage, and spying on her parents’ sex orgies and crazy all-night swinger parties. Romola relates, in moving detail, how she cared for her three younger siblings when her brilliant, bipolar mother broke with reality, and how she survived verbal, physical, and emotional abuse; a year in reform school; her father’s three stints in prison; two kidnapping attempts by the mob (one while at summer fat camp); and how her baby brother, Jarrett, actually was briefly kidnapped by mobsters wanting to send Marty Hodas a clear, unambiguous message.

“My story has its darker moments, but it is also infused with humor and hope. Hope always burned brightly inside me, even during the darkest of times,” said Romola Hodas. “My book is provocative, but also inspiring.”

For all its darkness, The Princess of 42nd Street is, at its heart, an uplifting and inspirational story of how one young woman overcame incredible odds to become a successful businesswoman who now devotes her life to helping others. Raw, unflinching, and devoid of self-pity, The Princess of 42nd Street is a one-of-a-kind story.


Great Gift for Guys – Customizable Pocket Knife Brand Deejo

Inspired by the timeless tradition and transformative technology in Everyday Carry (EDC) items, Deejo® is excited to bring its custom-made pocket knives to the United States.For the first time, the award-winning My Deejo online design portal will be hosted in the United States in order to ensure fast, personalized service. Deejo aims to offer high quality and unique products without sacrificing time and details.

The new My Deejo design portal will allow those in the United States to design their Deejo, without compromising on quality, timeliness or innovation, in order to create something truly personal for everyday carry.

“Whether it be your phone, wallet, sunglasses, or pocket knife, there’s an art to what you carry and how it portrays who you are.” said Luc Foin, found of Deejo®. “EDC items are designed to simplify your life while also remaining highly portable and practical on-the-go, and now Deejo can ensure its product and service do the same in the United States”

Deejo® began with a desire to rekindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket for wherever life may take you, but quickly became a way to express yourself and the things you admire. The Deejo® pocket knife is all about personalization. You can design a Deejo® with just a few clicks and to the finest detail, choosing from literally several thousand customization combinations to make a Deejo® that’s one-of-a-kind and personal. Choose from a variety of etched tattoos, weights, finishes and handles to make a custom Deejo®.

Deejo® can be customized at, and prices range from as low as $29 up to nearly $80 depending on the customization and selections chosen. With three-day international delivery, Deejo® guarantees your personalized knife gets delivered on time. Pre-designed Deejo® knives can also be found in hundreds of retail stores and outlets throughout the United States, including REI, Mast General Store and Hagan Ace Hardware (Florida). Learn more about Deejo® by visiting its website and joining the conversation on social media by following @deejo_knives.


Elevate Your Training Experience In And Out Of The Gym

I found something very cool to share with you. As a lifestyle blogger, I love exploring everything fun, cool and new! This brand is perfect for gym people, who enjoy working out and sweating.

Oil is a symbol of purity. Power and brotherhood. Historically used in rituals of cleansing and protection, oil is the substance we use to start and end our days with a clean slate. Aromatheraphy is the use of natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to promote healthy outcomes. WILL formulas are professionally designed using modern aromatheraphy techniques to elevate your workout experience, in and outside of the gym!

WILL enhances your training ritual by blending essential oils that cleanse, protect, energize, refresh, relax, moisturize and groom the body and mind.

There are two ways your body receives the benefits of WILL’s essential oils:

  • Repeat skin absorption of natural and functional ingredients
  • Consistent stimulation of the brain and olfactory system through aromatic scents


Integrating the Art and Science of High Quality Ingredients,

Way of Will’s New Skin Care Line and Deodorants Elevate Your Beauty and Wellness Routine

Way of Will, an essential oils line for active lifestyles founded by fitness-enthusiast and CEO Willie Tsang, is excited to debut its new skin care collection and deodorant line at Indie Beauty Expo this summer. Way of Will hopes to bring value to the beauty and wellness space that compliments active lifestyles with 100% pure grade essential oil products. The new skin care collection comes in beautiful packaging and holds the newest face toners, serums, cleanser, moisturizer, and clay mask set, with the addition of two new deodorants and two deodorant sprays.

Way of Will creates essential oil products that elevate your wellness experience in and out of the gym through the power of aromatherapy, which protects, energizes, refreshes, relaxes and grooms the mind and body. The brand’s essential oil products come in three lines – skin care, home and athletic – which work in two ways: repeat absorption of natural and functional ingredients and consistent stimulation of the brain and olfactory system through aromatic scents.

The new skin care collection by Way of Will is made to compliment active lifestyles, revealing your best skin by gently cleansing and moisturizing with 100% pure grade essential oils. The new toners, serums, cleanser, moisturizer and clay mask and therapy oil are made for all skin types. The toners are composed of silk amino acids derived from the silkworm cocoon, which are known for their moisturizing properties and are easily absorbed into the skin.

The launch includes the addition of two deodorant sticks and two deodorant sprays to the existing athletic care line. The deodorants include the 02 vanilla and mint and 02 lime and black spruce, which are designed to keep the body smelling fresh during your training sessions without clogging pores. For those who enjoy spritzing deodorant instead of using the stick, the 01 deodorant sprays now come in chamomile and geranium and peppermint and lavender.

“I was excited to develop this new skin care collection and add to the existing deodorant line,” says founder and CEO Willie Tsang. “My team and I are passionate about bringing natural and good-for-you ingredients together with pleasant aromatic scents that create focus, calm, and protection.”

All Way of Will products are cruelty free and leave out harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates, alcohol, silicones, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic oils. For more information about Way of Will, please visit

About Way of Will

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2016, Way of Will is a modern aromatherapeutic essential oil body care system for active lifestyles. WILL products are made with 100% natural, cruelty free, pure grade essential oils to elevate your experience inside and outside the gym. Way of Will founder and CEO, Willie Tsang, was inspired to start the company after his father’s health began to fail. Willie’s father only showed happiness when he smelled food or other familiar scents around him. Willie came to understand the power of scent.


Mondo.NYC returns to New York City at October 2-5

Mondo.NYC returns to New York City October 2-5 with a new Brooklyn home. The global emerging music and frontier technology conference moves to Williamsburg, its daytime conference HQ at the spectacular Williamsburg Hotel with evening live music showcases in legendary Manhattan and Brooklyn venues including Brooklyn Bowl, Pianos, The Delancey, DROM, Coney Island Baby, Berlin, Arlene’s Grocery among others. Tickets are on sale now, with special 50% pre-registration pricing and student discounts.

This year Mondo.NYC partners with The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Guild of Music Supervisors, Record Store Day, international consular and export agencies, and multiple additional partners to present a comprehensive program for industry, artists, media, and fans. At Mondo, fans connect with artists, professionals build their network, and leading names in music and tech engage with an audience of business pioneers and veterans.

2018 Mondo.NYC highlights include:

  • RIAA hosts “Everything You Need to Know About Streaming Revenue and Policy in One Hour”
  • Guild of Music Supervisors NYC Education Event & Film Fest
  • Record Store Day presents “A Conversation With…” Series at Rough Trade Records
  • The Second Annual Marauder Radio Room @ Pianos — College stations record interviews and live sessions with Mondo showcasing artists.
  • MusicTech Day @ Mondo.NYC hosted by Brian Zisk
  • Northern Beat: Indigenous Canadian New Music Showcase at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with iskwé, DJ Shub with James Jones and Elisapie
  • HOTS, The Hungarian Music Export Bureau, presents Breakthrough Artists from Hungary Ivan & the Parazol and Mörk
  • SWISS LIVE TALENTS present KT Gorique, The Last Moan, Sophie De Quay & The Waveguards, Eliane Amherd

Mondo 2018 will showcase over 150 breakthrough artists from around the world. In addition to the above international artists, the first round of U.S.-based artists – from Brooklyn’s best to breakthrough acts from across the USA – will be announced shortly.

Artists can currently “Apply To Play” via the Level Artist Submission platform presented exclusively by Level, a new music distribution platform for independent artists focused on building community and tools for the next generation of musicians. Artists wishing to be considered for Mondo showcase performances can apply here. For more information about Level click here.

Mondo’s initial agenda has been unveiled, inclusive of panels, speed meeting sessions, one-on-ones, NY music industry meetups, and more. Conference events will be held at The Williamsburg Hotel, Rough Trade Records and Brooklyn Bowl. Click here for the schedule.

New for 2018, Mondo.NYC is proud to launch an association with The Guild of Music Supervisors, (GMS) a non-profit organization with the mission to promote the craft of music supervision for the mutual benefit of all media stakeholders in film, television, games, advertising, trailers and emerging media.

The NYC Guild of Music Supervisors Education Event & Film Fest is an immersive full-day symposium to meet, network and learn from some of the top music supervisors and industry executives in the business, will be held at The Williamsburg Hotel, October 5.

New Mondo Hotel HQ in Brooklyn: Mondo has partnered with the extraordinary Williamsburg Hotel to be the conference headquarters of Mondo 2018. The Williamsburg lights up the Brooklyn waterfront on the North Williamsburg/Greenpoint border. Special discount rates for Mondo accommodations are now available. Click here for more information and reservations.

Mondo.NYC is a festival and global business summit of music and tech industry insiders and innovators, emerging artists and their fans. Mondo connects fans and creators in a shared mission of empowering artists and advancing ideas in an ever-changing music business and technology landscape.