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NOERDEN Introduces LIZ Self-Cleaning Smart Bottle with Hydration Reminders

NOERDEN introduced LIZ Smart Bottle.  A next-gen self-cleaning smart bottle with UV sterilization & hydration reminders, LIZ helps users live a healthier, active lifestyle by providing them with clean drinking water and reminders to stay hydrated. The Indiegogo Campaign, which launches today with a funding goal of $20,000 USD, features limited Early Bird specials of $49 USD, as well as several other rewards for backers.

Featuring a touch responsive smart lid with a built-in UV-C light, LIZ Smart Bottle destroys up to 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria.  Users will simply need to tap the lid twice to start the sterilization process, which sends the UV-C light through the empty bottle or through the water in the bottle to destroy bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA.  The LED indicator will stop flashing when the sterilization is complete.  By sterilizing the bottle and the water, LIZ Smart Bottle allows users to drink clean!

LIZ Smart Bottle keeps users’ favorite beverages hot (up to 12 hours) or cold (up to 24 hours) and will remind them to drink every 2 hours thanks to its smart hydration reminders.  The touch responsive smart lid can also indicate the temperature range of the beverage inside. By tapping once on the smart lid, the LED will blink in the color corresponding to the beverage’s temperature range: blue for cold, yellow for warm or red for hot.

“Water makes up 60% of bodies and 85% of people’s brains,” said Christophe Cermolacce , Founder and General Manager at NOERDEN.  “Even a 2% drop in our hydration level can cause immediate physical tiredness and loss of concentration. A healthy adult requires 1.5-2L of water per day, but in fact 75% of people suffer from dehydration. With LIZ’s smart hydration reminders, users are reminded every 2 hours to drink.”

Available in 2 sizes (16oz and 12oz) and a variety of colors (small bottles: white, blue and pink / large bottles: black, white and red), LIZ Smart Bottle delivers a great user experience in a lightweight, elegantly designed bottle built from durable materials (vacuum insulated surgical grade stainless steel and a Tritan anti-leak lid made of food-grade BPA-free plastic), making it the perfect reusable solution to stay hydrated on the go.

Other great features include:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sustainable certifications such as RoHS and CE for being heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly
  • Anti-slip grip and carabiner
  • Fits standard cup holder
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery (6 months with 1 UV sterilization/day) with low battery warning
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cable


Born of Parisian design & Shanghai tech, we are the new French Brand of smart devices to stay connected with style. From hybrid smartwatches to health tech products, our vision is simple: bring together minimalist design and smart technology to enhance your daily life. For more information, visit



Friends, co-workers, family from kids to grandparents. New moms, athletes, travelers, environmentalists, college students, gardeners, boaters and pet lovers. Virtually everyone on your holiday shopping list can and will use this gift—and they’ll love telling the story of how they got a bag of ‘coal’.

Charcoal that is. Charcoal deodorizers and humidifiers for rooms, shoes, boats, gym bags, cars, basements, garages, and even fish tanks! Reusable, recyclable and 100% natural.

Ever Bamboo charcoal is produced from moso bamboo, which is fast-growing, sustainable, and more absorbent than regular charcoal. Its porous structure consists of countless tiny holes that absorb odors, moisture and polluted particles—not just mask them. Deodorizers and dehumidifiers come in discreet packets in various shapes and sizes and are reusable for up to a year. Simply place in direct sunlight every 30-60 days to “recharge” the bamboo charcoal.

Some suggested uses:

  • Rooms:
    • Baby’s room/changing area, kitchen, family rooms, laundry room
    • Basements, attics, garages, warehouses
    • Boats, RVs, campers, cabins
    • Dorm rooms, hotel rooms
    • Room Deodorizer + Dehumidifier is available in small, medium and large sizes. One pouch absorbs removes moisture and odor from the air for up to 400 ft.

  • Shoes, Boots and Skates: Slip in a Shoe or Hockey Skate Deodorizer and keep stinky feet away.
  • Gym bags/Gloves/Cleats: Sports Kit Deodorizer + Dehumidifier kit includes a various sizes to banish that athlete odor.

  • Pet Areas: Ever Bamboo is safe for pet areas and softens aquarium water, absorbing harmful minerals such as chlorine.
  • Gardening: After a year, recycle bamboo charcoal granules into the soil to improve aeration for grass, plants and vegetables.

Is ‘stink’  running a marathon of moisture and odor in your shoes? Then why let it linger, or make choices that don’t work? Chemical laden sprays just create more damp surfaces, while scented balls simply mask with artificial scents. Time to go the distance  and completely ELIMINATE! Pop the Ever Bamboo inserts into your running shoes, and boom! Your stride will be STINK FREE.


Your shoes stay dry & STINK sprints to the finish line for good. Ready? Set? GO! Think of Ever Bamboo as tech gear for your running shoes. Ever Bamboo pouches consist of one ingredient – Bamboo Charcoal. Each of our all-natural, non-toxic, sustainable inserts contain tiny porous charcoal granules that naturally pull & absorb moisture and odour from surfaces. To learn more about Ever Bamboo, visit


November is MOVEMBER, and Aneros is Here to Help

November is MOVEMBER, dedicated to the awareness of men’s health issues and how it affects us and our everyday lives. For those with prostates, it’s an important reminder that prostate health is a principal factor in overall wellness and contentment. With Aneros’ line of prostate massagers, anyone can make MOVEMBER the time to turn things around for their own benefit. Aneros wants to make sure no stone goes unturned, because sexual health is a huge part of overall health.

Since 1996, Aneros has been committed to bringing customers high-quality devices that promote sexual health and wellness, led by its patented line of therapeutic prostate massagers, the only products of their kind to be evaluated in a medical study for their effectiveness. Additionally, the Aneros Forum was created for both new and advanced users to continue discourse on the value and benefit of prostate massage.

If you or someone you know suffers from prostatitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, or symptoms associated with BPH, you should know that the practice of self-administered prostate massage can be used as an alternative modality of treatment. Sex educators, holistic practitioners and an increasing number in the medical community are coming to embrace the use of prostate massage for sexual wellness and vitality.

Here are some of their findings:

●    Prostate massage can increase blood flow to the gland, reducing inflammation and may facilitate the breakup of microcalcifications (small deposits of calcium) that aren’t cleared by ejaculation alone.

●    Prostate massage can relieve tension in the gland and the surrounding pelvic floor muscle group, reducing pain and discomfort.

●    Prostate massage with Aneros products can improve pelvic floor muscle tone, supporting stronger erections, stronger ejaculations and improved urinary flow control.

Aneros‘s mission is to generate awareness about the importance of prostate massage for men’s health and well-being.


Give Your Lips a Pop of Color with Lucky Chick Cosmetics

Don’t let the stress of the holidays dull your sense of glamour this year. Lucky Chick wants you to reignite your creativity and treat yourself like a masterpiece with color that feel as luxurious as they look. Choose from eight perfectly pigmented shades. Lucky Chick Cosmetics provides the perfect pops of color for Fall and Winter.

Each color is precisely picked from the painting of the Poppy flower created by the founder’s mother. The entire brand is rooted in art, grounded in nature and blossoming with color.

Given a project to create a painting every day as a meditation while she was going through breast cancer treatment Stephanie’s Mom turned it into a collection of inspiring creations. Ignite your own creativity with some artistic and highly pigmented colors that range from deep reds and oranges, pinks and calming nudes.  Feel the energy this collection brings to life with each detail that creates the complete masterpiece.

 Hydrating Ingredients Include:

  • Coffee Oil

  • Rosehip Seed Oil

  • Jojoba Oil

As naturally beautiful as the products themselves, Lucky Chick’s products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, peg free, D-5 free, gluten free and made in the USA.

About Lucky Chick: Stephanie Sakoff founded Lucky Chick in 1999 as she was putting her art degree to work as a shoe designer in New York City. Nicknamed “Lucky Chick” by a friend for living in her LC (Lobby C) apartment, she decided to create a persona around her new name inspired by life’s indulgences. Lucky Chick first started out as a luxury bath and body line and has evolved into make-up.  The brand provides a vibrant range of color cosmetics so women of all colors, shapes and sizes can treat themselves like the masterpieces they are.


Brooklyn Cloth 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Boy and Man in your Life – Father/Son Outfits

Guys– no matter their hobbies or interests, shopping is a pain for them, especially during the holiday season. But Brooklyn Cloth has done the work, choosing gifts for the guy in your life—that he hasn’t already gone out and bought for himself.

This Gifting season, it’s all about cozy, bold, bright graphics and comfortable Joggers. The Sherpa Collection, featuring an updated Denim Trucker jackets in both dark and light wash, Cozy Sherpa Hoodies, Updated 90s fleece jackets and hoodies introduced as Original Garment by Brooklyn Cloth will be on everyone’s list. The gift of the The Jogger, both in customer favorites (twill jogger) or newer styles (such as Cozy Knit Joggers, Heatsealed Cozy) is a no brainer and wont be returned.

And the boys? Besides gifting electronics and maybe a new i-Phone, boys always needs clothes. Brooklyn Cloth takes the same dope styles from the men’s line and shrinks them down to mini-me size. The little kid in your life is going to want to wear what his Big Brother, Dad or Uncle is wearing when he gets these gifts, easily mixed and matched and can be worn year round.

Tagline- “We make dope sht”

For more information, please visit

More about Brooklyn Cloth Established in 2011, Brooklyn Cloth is a leader in on-trend apparel that enables our customers to express their individuality. We pull inspiration from across the globe, and in our backyard of New York City, to develop our bold collections. Brooklyn Cloth stands out for its unique fabrics, eye-catching graphics, and must-have silhouettes We observe trends that define today’s market to bring fresh, expressive collections to the table. In our oversaturated fashion landscape, we bring clarity and focus to help our customers reach their style needs. Icer Brands portfolio of brands, a leading design, wholesale & manufacturing company established in 1997. Icer Brands has the license to the NBA & NFL along with other Brooklyn Cloth, BKLYN athletics, BKLYN Surf, The Narrows, Wayside and Brooklyn Cloth Womens.


Ingredient Spotlight: Witch Hazel in Clean, Botanical Skincare

Winter is coming, we want to adjust our beauty routine to against the dry weather from now on. Keeping moisture and hydrated skin is the goal. I want to introduce Bio-Hydria collection from Arbonne.

Witch Hazel is the latest trending ingredient in the beauty industry. Just one look at the amazing benefits and one can see why! This ingredient acts as an astringent and works at reducing inflammation, redness and acne. It also has calming properties that help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. There are tons of benefits that protect the skin, fight bacteria and leave skin looking healthier than ever.

One of the top clean & botanically based skincare brands that prioritize this ingredient within its product formulations is Arbonne.  Their newest collection, Bio-Hydria, is infused with organically farmed witch hazel. When combined with Arbonne’s botanical formulations and sustainably sourced aloe vera it leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and supple.

Bio-Hydria Eye Gel ($42,

Pat this magical-looking gel around your eyes and watch the pearlescent pigments help visibly brighten the appearance of dark circles.

Bio-Hydria Gel Cleanser ($24,

This gel cleanser lathers into a delicate foam that cushions your skin as it rids the surface of makeup and impurities. Witch hazel in the formula helps soothe the skin so it’s left feeling comfortable, not taut.

Bio-Hydria Gel Cream ($40,

This pudding-like cream absorbs quickly to soothe and moisturize skin, with botanicals like organically farmed witch hazel and sustainably sourced aloe vera that leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and supple.

Bio-Hydria Liquid Serum ($45,

An innovative serum that boasts a crushed jelly texture that breaks to a cool, thin layer over your skin to provide instant hydration as our proprietary sustainable edulis cellular water helps maintain critical moisture.

Bio-Hydria Herbal Tea ($18,

Healthy Living inside and out can be yours with a chamomile, thyme and rosemary blend as a tea to help support hydration. Make this herbal tea a delicious part of your daily self-care rituals to help you support your most authentically beautiful looking self.

Key Product Highlights:

  • Sustainably sourced aloe vera, containing vitamins and minerals that are taken from the inner part of the leaf, help moisturize to soothe and support skin’s natural ability to maintain a healthy-looking glow.
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free

About Arbonne:

The idea to provide skincare products that are unparalleled in quality and effectiveness was developed in Switzerland in 1975, when one man, Petter Mørck, together with a group of leading biochemists, biologists and herbalists, set out to fulfill his vision and founded Arbonne.

Arbonne skincare products, based on botanical principles, came to fruition in the United States in 1980 and are now shared throughout the world by a growing network of Arbonne Independent Consultants. Building on these same founding principles, the product line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results.

The wonderful thing about Arbonne is that it’s not just about great products — it’s also about great people. The Arbonne family is made up of thousands of individuals working to make their dreams come true. Through sales incentives and rewards, travel opportunities, a competitive SuccessPlan and great products, Arbonne offers a unique opportunity that can help make anyone’s vision for the future a reality.