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Nature’s calming call. Discover how healthy, restorative sleep can support your mind and body without big pharma’s formulas

What if you could be and feel your best everyday⁠ without conventional pharmaceuticals? What if, instead⁠, Good Pharma could harness nature’s powerful ingredients⁠, centuries of global wisdom and modern science to⁠ create an alternative pharma?

Small, simple changes to your routine can have a meaningful impact on your life. Like adding a Good Pharma ritual to the end of your day for moments of calm and self-care.

Rest Assured™* – Herb & Jujube Seed Infusion


Don’t give up on your dreams! This caffeine-free, tasty tea infusion supports the restorative sleep you thrive on.* Each Good Pharma Pour-Over Infuser contains supportive botanicals blended with this proprietary Rxtract™ (see Supplement Panel). These alchemized particles infuse blissful rest and vitality through a precisely potent serving of Traditional Chinese Medicinals and other key ingredients.

What’s it taste like? Think refreshing lemon citrus with hints of vanilla!

INDULGE IN HIGHER BEING. That’s the mantra as Good Pharma deliciously revives old-world wellness practices from “Nature’s Pharma” with the power of modern science. A vibrant life thrives with proactive practices of self-care, liberating what’s possible from the inside out. Good Pharma’s Pour-Over Fresh Brews engage the senses in a satiating ritual elevating you to the top of your game. Revel in a powerfully effective, yet craveable path to a balanced, optimized life!*

Good Pharma encourages you to Indulge in Higher Being. From the founders of Mighty Leaf Tea, Good Pharma believes your highest potential comes from the ongoing practice of nourishing the mind, body, senses and soul. Their fresh pour-over coffee & tea infusers hold precisely dosed granules containing herb extracts, functional mushrooms and amino acids, all concentrated for maximum activation and effect. Crafted to aid with functions like energy or focus, digestion or sleep to optimize you for a balanced life. Each Infuser contains either organic roasted Arabica coffee or organic whole leaf tea blended with their proprietary Rxtracts™. These alchemized particles infuse vitality through a precisely potent dose of functional mushrooms, adaptogenic plant extracts, and amino acids. With enticing aromas and fresh flavors, each pour over fresh brew engages the senses in a satisfying, mindful ritual throughout the day.

Well-being starts with immune support and flourishes⁠ with ongoing health-maintaining practices to liberate what’s possible from the inside out. That kind of radiance can’t be contained. Like a stone thrown in water, the ripples radiate out into the world. Imagine a small revolution, where the good of everyone starts with you.



Barebells Chocolate Dough – Say Yes I Dough to Taste and Nutrition

For all of the Chocolate Lovers! A Chocolate Dough Protein Bar like no others, with 20 grams of protein and no added sugar!

The whole February is the season of loving and time to celebrate your loved ones, and what better way than with Chocolate? Let’s share the love with the NEWEST Barebells Chocolate Dough! Barebells – the revolutionary, high-in-protein, no added sugar* protein bar brand – just launched their chocolate dough bar February 9th. For all Chocolate Lovers – this one’s for you! Are you ready to fall in love?

Barebells delicious new Chocolate Dough bars are filled with mouthwatering chocolate dough, covered in creamy milk chocolate, and coated in chocolate crisps. With 20 grams of protein and no added sugar, this indulgent treat will have you back for more!  Its flavor is so sensational it will make you say YES, I DOUGH!

“Our richest bar yet will be available on our online shop, just in time to satisfy all the chocolate cravings that come with Valentine’s Day,” said Ben Jones, CEO of Barebells Functional Foods™. “A real tribute to chocolate without the guilt, Chocolate Dough is rich in protein and nutrition to support health-focused goals, while presenting a flavor that will drive the taste buds mad.”

Chocolate Dough features 20 grams of protein, no added sugar and is free from palm oil. Since launching in the U.S., Barebells’ has quickly become known as the best tasting protein bar on the market, ideal to fuel a workout or satisfy the taste buds as a dessert alternative.

Chocolate Dough has been available for purchase on, as well as at select retailers and gyms nationwide. Barebells is available at Trader Joe´s, GNC, Muscle & Strength,, Maverick, Hyvee, Jackson´s, Harmon´s, Gelson´s & more coming. For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram.

About Barebells Functional Foods™

Barebells Functional Foods™ was launched in Sweden in 2016 to offer products high-in-protein that never compromise on flavor. Since the launch, the functional food brand has revolutionized the industry with its bestselling protein bars delivering 20g protein and no added sugar* – a real treat for everyone who wants to feed their cravings.


Broken frames? Offers A Personal Service to Find A New Frame That Will Fit Your Lenses

Broken frames?! You can still save those expensive lenses by putting them into a new eyeglasses frame. offers a personal service to find a new frame that will fit your lenses. The opticians will search through their massive catalog of 200,000 eyeglasses to find one that will work for your lenses.

How to find a replacement eyeglasses frame

Replacing your broken frame does take some time, and you will need to mail your broken eyeglasses frame to Their opticians will then search the database to find a replacement frame, and they will email a picture to you. If you like it, they will install your lenses in the new frame, and send it back to you. It’s that easy! Follow this link to replace your broken glasses.

If it’s the time to move on to a new frame? Maybe try a Eco friendly frame made by recycled material. Get ready to ride with sustainable, beautifully designed eyeglasses and sunglasses by Eco. Eco uses recycled and biobased material in all Eco frames. ECO Eyewear provide stylish prescription frames that are environmentally friendly. The company is the first and only brand that has produced an optical and sunglass collection made with 95% recycled materials. 

All ECO biobased eyewear frames are constructed with a functional yet invisible spring hinge, allowing for a more comfortable, lightweight fit. The temple tips are adjustable, with a stainless steel core and anti-slip finish. All ECO glasses and most ECO sunglasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of the other glasses and sunglasses.

If you are looking for a certain brand as a gift? No problem, there are tons of styles and brands at I believe you can find your brand for sure. My mom’s favorite brand is Burberry. She loves Burberry’s bag, coat and even perfumes. Matching a pair of Burberry’s sunglasses for her as her birthday gift is a sweet idea.

Burberry glasses represent a signature series of frames, created by a heritage brand with more than 150 years providing stylish, ready-to-wear fashion and accessories. Burberry glasses are a newly inspired innovation that combines the elegance of the brand with the functionality suitable for both men and women. Today, Burberry is a leading luxury brand across the globe, famous for its plaid designs while delivering high-quality, fashionable accessories to the eyewear world. Explore the latest designs for Burberry glasses, eyeglasses frames, and Burberry sunglasses, available online for both men and women.

The house of Burberry has ensured safety to its wearer, by getting its range of sunglasses equipped with the best protective device so as to combat the harsh glares of the sun. Burberry glasses and Burberry sunglasses can also be customized with prescription lenses. Their aviator styles, such as the Burberry BE3090Q sunglasses, include their iconic pattern with the traditional style of eyewear frame popular amongst men and women. If you’re considering this style, square and heart-shaped faces bring out the best aesthetics. However, they can work for other face shapes too, thanks to their frames being virtually rimless.


  • Lower Prices On Stylish Prescription Eyeglasses Online

    Glasses prices are about 50% Lower Than Average Retail

  • Best Fashion Glasses Brands, Biggest Selection

    Offering 380 top designer eyeglasses and sunglasses brands, and over 200,000 styles of chic glasses frames.

  • Highest Quality Lenses. Perfect Prescription Lenses Guarantee lenses are all US made by world leaders in prescription lenses, read more.

  • Looking For Low Quality, Cheap Eyeglasses?  You Can’t Get Them Here!

    Most online glasses stores are selling low price, low quality glasses frames and lenses. doesn’t. And if you call them, they will answer the phone (email and chat too)

  • Replacement Lenses Service

    Mail those glasses frames to, and they will replace the lenses, saving you a bundle of money and aggravation.

  • Free Shipping offers free shipping in the US and to many countries.

  • Easy Returns offers an easy 30-day full return policy on glasses frames. You can even order 4 eyeglass frames and return 3 for a full refund.

  • Best Consumer Reviews

    Don’t take the word for it: Check out the reviews at the independent rating agencies, Shopper Approved and Trustpilot.

About is a leading online eyewear store, specializing in high-quality prescription lenses, glasses frames and sunglasses since 1999. The Westport, Connecticut retailer features over 350 popular name brands with the world’s largest catalog of over 200,000 shapes and styles right at consumers’ fingertips. also offers helpful information on the many types of prescription glasses available today, including blue light glasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, kids glasses and sunglasses, with tips on how to find the perfect eye doctor and the right frames to fit each person’s unique face.
With highly-competitive pricing and special deals, offers uncompromised excellence, as well as free shipping, impeccable customer service and a Perfect Lenses Guarantee.  To learn more, visit




Dermatologist Julie Russak Shares Six Skincare Tips to Alleviate the Winter Itch

When the cold weather arrives, so does lowered humidity, making dry and itchy skin an uncomfortable but customary part of the winter season as the body naturally reacts to the abrupt temperature changes. In addition to seasonal changes, drying soaps and detergents can trigger factors such as eczema, psoriasis, and aging creating additional seasonal skin irritation. Julie Russak, M.D., FAAD., Board-Certified Dermatologist and founder of Russak Dermatology Clinic and Russak+ Aesthetic Center provides advice on how to best care for skin in the colder weather.

“Paying careful attention to your own body and taking note of any skin discomfort is one of the first steps to relieve any itching and dryness,” says Dr.  Russak. “Because skin irritation is common during the winter, with cold weather as one of the top culprits for itchy skin, there are many over-the-counter treatments available to help quickly address winter itch at the first sign of discomfort.”

To help soothe itchy and dry skin, try the following tips:

  1. Pay attention to your skin type. It’s important to use skincare products geared specifically for your skin type – whether it’s normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin. Oil-free soap is recommended for acne-prone skin and for dry skin, it is best to avoid witch hazel.
  2. Apply an intensive moisturizer or ointment when stepping out of the shower. Water evaporates off the skin quickly after a shower and can leave skin feeling dry, making it the perfect time to moisturize skin. Powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and petrolatum bind water and help retain moisture. Petrolatum is used in products like Aquaphor Healing ointment which can be used to soothe over dry and cracked skin as well as prevent moisture loss.
  3. Use oil-free and fragrance-free soaps, lotions, and creams. Those who frequently hand-wash and bathe use plenty of drying soaps with irritating ingredients which further cause skin discomfort in the winter. Make sure to apply a fragrance-free lotion or hand cream after washing hands to help soothe and subdue dry and patchy skin.
  4. Use a hypoallergenic, fragrance free laundry detergent. Laundry detergent with artificial dyes and skin irritants can trigger skin reactions and cause further irritation to dry skin – especially with all of winter’s extra clothing: layers, scarves, sweaters, hats, and now masks. Try Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin, Free & Clear detergent when washing clothing and face masks—this product is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and dermatologist-tested to help avoid skin irritation and itchiness altogether, and avoid products that advertise “wrinkle free” such as drying sheets.
  5. Advance to a thicker cream or ointment if lotion isn’t hydrating enough. For those who need extra moisture and protection from the dry air, a cream is a great barrier for the skin since it’s thicker, locking in moisture. For a comprehensive winter skin routine, try a light serum on the face followed by a thicker cream or oil.
  6. Avoid extreme temperature changes. A humidifier is great for those who suffer from dry skin and eczema as temperatures fluctuate throughout the seasons. A humidifier can help the indoor spaces maintain a relatively cool environment with a humidity level of 30-40% for the winter months.

“While over the counter options are quick and simple to implement into your lifestyle, make sure to consult your dermatologist before making any extreme changes to skincare and see if these changes are right for your skin conditions,” adds Russak.

0 Comments Unveils Top Safety Tips for Clearer Vision During Lockdown, a clear leader in the online optical industry, is sharing an important reminder that while in-person care may be more difficult during COVID lockdown, online services are still up and running 24/7.
“As optometrists risk a higher rate of infection in brick-and-mortar stores, websites are offering care providers safer choices with plenty of fashionable eyewear options without having to travel outside of their homes,” said CEO Mark Agnew. is currently offering new customers a 15% discount with the code NEWYEAR15 on their first order, as well as helpful tips to make safety a priority during this stressful time.
  • Want made-to-order glasses recommendations? Use’s Online Optician Personal Stylist Service to find the best fit that looks great with a risk-free money-back guarantee.
  • Need replacement lenses? provides a mail-in option by sending in existing frames with a new prescription – or the old lenses – for contactless care in just days. Same goes for replacement frames – on sale now at only $15.00!
  • Does wearing glasses help protect against COVID, or possibly make it worse? According to company blog Vision Magazine, “the jury is still firmly out on whether everyday eyewear, such as eyeglasses, can offer any protection at all from COVID-19… you should not rely solely on eyeglasses to protect yourself or others from Coronavirus.”
  • While studies are not yet conclusive, many ophthalmologists are making a strong case for wearing eye protection such as glasses – which creates a barrier when an infected person coughs or sneezes nearby – to help lower the chances of contracting the coronavirus.
  • Remember to regularly sanitize glasses alongside hand washing to prevent spread of germs. Hot water, gentle non-abrasive soap and a soft cloth towel can easily do the job!
To take advantage of the company’s 15% off new customer deal (excluding Ray Ban, Oakley and Maui Jim brands – offer expires July 1, 2021), visit and begin the journey to better vision.
About is a leading online eyewear store, specializing in high-quality prescription lenses, glasses frames and sunglasses since 1999. The Westport, Connecticut retailer features over 350 popular name brands with the world’s largest catalog of over 200,000 shapes and styles right at consumers’ fingertips. also offers helpful information on the many types of prescription glasses available today, including blue light glasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, kids glasses and sunglasses, with tips on how to find the perfect eye doctor and the right frames to fit each person’s unique face.
With highly-competitive pricing and special deals, offers uncompromised excellence, as well as free shipping, impeccable customer service and a Perfect Lenses Guarantee.  To learn more, visit

Everyone Should Be Able to Wear What They Want – Be Confident, Be You, Be Brassy

Brassybra is a disposable adhesive boob tape. Forget what you’ve tried before and stop searching for the perfect solution, because you’ve just found it! Have you tried other products that wouldn’t fit, stick or stay on? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you! Brassybra is carefully designed and manufactured to work with your body like a second skin.
Brassybra Caramel
Brassybra Chocolate
Brassybra Licorice
Brassybra is an invisible breast tape (boob tape) that fits, shapes and supports your breasts, just like a regular bra.
No matter the outfit, Brassybra can accommodate a variety of necklines and low back styles to keep you supported and strap free.
Brassybra is like a second skin that’s made with a unique medical grade adhesive:
  • It mimics your skin by breathing and stretching.
  • Brassybra’s water-resistant adhesive sticks with you through dancing, swimming and all your special event needs.

Each Box of Brassybra contains:

  • 3 one time use bra sets
  • 3 pairs of nipple covers
  • One test strips

Brassybra’s boob tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic, made from 97% cotton. Brassybra is adjustable, customizable and can be cut to fit any unique shape of style.

About Brassybra:
Inclusion and supporting the black community and communities of color has always been part of the Brassybra DNA. The brand donates a portion of proceeds monthly to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Brassybra is known for their diverse invisible breast tape that lifts, shapes and supports your breast, just like a regular bra.