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Selective-Automatic Pet Feeder Makes Meal Times Stress-Free, Suitable for Both Wet and Dry Food

Her is the best holiday gift for pet parents! I believe a lot of your family members and friends have pets. Like me, I am a cat mom, and Yvonne, she is a dog mom. We love our pets, and any gift for our pet babies, we love it!

Do you have a houseful of pets? Does one cat steal the other’s cat food? Does your dog steal the cat’s food? Stressful Feeding times? The Microchip Pet Feeder makes feeding times so much easier! It uses the pet’s Microchip ID or by wearing a lightweight RFID collar tag to communicate with the feeder to open for that specific pet. All feeders come standard with one tag (unit stores 32 ID’s); additional collar tags can be purchased separately if necessary. Ideally one feeder per pet.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents food stealing and stress at mealtimes in multi-pet homes
  • Keeps your pets healthier by controlling portions and helping to keep weight under control
  • Saves money by not overfeeding expensive prescription foods and helping to avoid vet bills related to pet health conditions.

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder only opens for a registered pet’s veterinary implanted microchip or RFID collar tag to prevent pets stealing each others’ food. One collar tag is supplied with the product. This feeder is ideal for multi-pet households to prevent greedy pets becoming overweight and to ensure prescription or life-stage food is consumed by the right pet. The lid of the feeder closes onto a sealed bowl, which keeps food fresher. One single grey bowl, one split grey bowl and one grey mat is included – additional bowls and mats in grey, green, pink and blue can be purchased separately. Stainless steel bowls are also available. The training mode closes the lid in stages to help timid pets get used to the movement. The product includes a three-year warranty.

  • Great for Pets on Prescription Diets: Holds 13.5 fl. oz, wet or dry pet food. The lid closes to form a seal with the neoprene lip, helping to retain moisture and to keep food fresher longer.
  • Microchip Compatibility: Works with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers; if unsure of your pet’s microchip number, you can check with your veterinarian, pet shelter or animal rescue. Automatic Cat Feeder opens when the assigned pet microchip ID approaches, and closes when it moves away. Simple one button programming.

Feeding multiple pets needn’t be a nightmare. Make sure pets on prescription or life-stage diets have exclusive access to their food and stop greedy pets stealing food. Give each pet a Microchip Pet Feeder so that everyone can lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Programme your pet’s microchip at the touch of a button – Your pet’s microchip is then permanently stored in memory

  • The lid opens when a registered pet approaches – Your pet can access their food at any time without the fear of it being stolen

  • The lid remains closed for unauthorised pets – All your pets can now live healthier lifestyles

  • Introduce movement to the lid gradually – The training mode helps pets get used to the feeder in their own time

Customize your feeder to suit your home and pet’s personality. Using color also helps when you have multiple feeders. Each feeder comes with one gray mat, one gray single bowl and one gray split bowl.


About Microchip Pet Feeder:

Using the microchip reading technology from Sure Petcare’s pet door range, the team developed an exciting new product which revolutionised feeding in multi-pet households. The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder ensures that food is only eaten by the correct animal and is ideal for pets on weight management or prescription diets, or simply to keep a greedy pet away from his housemate’s food. The Sealed Pet Bowl, with its motion-activated lid, was added to the range in 2015, to keep food fresher and insect-free.


Petsies – A Personalized Gift for Pet Owners

Petsies are custom stuffed animals made to look just like your pet. They’re a fun gift for someone obsessed with their pet, make a wonderful keepsake to remember a past pet, or great to give business travelers who are away from their pets for long periods of time. They’re made from faux furs & airbrushed to match your pet‘s unique markings. They specialize in pets of all sizes: dogs, cats, horses, rats, birds, monkeys.

Pet Stuffed Animals

  • Perfect for any type of pet, past or present
  • Handmade with specialty furs, noses & eyes
  • Detailed airbrushing to match their unique markings


  • Handmade & Detailed: Made to look like your pet, down to the smallest of details
  • Perfect for ANY pet: From dogs & cats to horses & rats
  • Best Gift EVER: Whether celebrating a current pet or honoring a past companion, this handmade gift is sure to bring warmth to your heart

Despite the thousands of ego-boosting customer reviews like this one (thanks, Al!!!) stating that their Petsie is “perfect” and “looks so real”, it’s important to remember that Petsies are representations and not exact replicas of your real pet. Although Petsies artists do their absolute best to capture your pet’s likeness, they work within the natural limitations of plush and faux fur materials. For better or worse, your Petsies will not smell, shed, or bite like your pet.

Size: 10″ and 16”

Material: Premium polyester furs and specialty noses and eyes, combined with full airbrushing to capture even the smallest of details.

Turnaround Time: All Petsies are completed and shipped to your home in approximately 6 weeks. During the holidays, production time is typically longer, but we’ll keep you updated!

The Creation Process: It’s SUPER easy! All you have to do is send them the photo of your pet (via email or text message) that you want them to create your Petsie of, and Pesties’ll take over the rest. Making the perfect Petsies plush takes time, dedication and many challenging steps. To keep you happily in the loop, they will send you email updates throughout the entire design and sewing process!

A Beautiful Plush Lookalike of Your Best Friend

Petsies Forevers recognizes your greatest love forever and always.

Who are Petsies Forevers for?

  • Anyone who loves their pet: honor the love and joy your pet gives you with the most special gift you can cherish forever
  • Anyone who has lost a beloved pet: give yourself or your loved ones a way to hug and honor a past pet
  • Anyone who misses their pet: give joy to your loved ones going to camp/college/school or friends moving out to a new town
  • Anyone who wants to have fun: It’s hilarious to watch your pet interact with their Petsies, and it’s also fun to dress them both up and take lots of photos

One of the things that makes the Forevers line so amazing is the detailed airbrushing techniques used to give the Petsies a more realistic look. Each one is delicately airbrushed to match their pet counterpart as closely as possible. The artistry used by the designers is a stunning thing to behold.

Petsies Pillows are fun, soft, and affordable personalized gifts for all pet lovers. It’s easy to turn your best friend into a huggable pillow that you can take with you wherever you go. They are also wonderful to give kids who have lost a pet to help them with their grieving process. Several styles to choose from. Affordable custom gift for any pet owner!

Pet Shaped Pillows

These pet pillows are hand-made with the highest quality materials and super soft plush. The team professionally apply the exact image you send them to a solid white pillow shaped like your pet. All you have to do is send the team a picture and they’ll make a one-of-a-kind keepsake pillow, so you can cuddle your pet whenever you want!

  • Pet Shaped Design
  • 3 Different Sizes
  • Head Only, Half Body or Full Body

Pet Photo Pillows

  • Square Design
  • 16 x 16 Size
  • Multiple Design Options Available
Petsies has just launched custom socks featuring your pet. Just upload your favorite photo of your pet and choose your background. You will love sporting these stylish socks featuring your furry (or not-so-furry) friend. They make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Warm your toes and your heart with a pair of custom pet socks, featuring your pet’s face!

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Upload a photo of your pet (Note: Only the face of your pet will be included on the sock)
  2. Choose from the various styles and patterns from the dropdown
  3. Enjoy your super fun & cozy socks with your pet’s face on it

Custom Face Masks

Two Layers, Tightly Woven, Customized Just for You

Step #1: Choose a Custom Design
Step #2: Upload a Photo of Your Adorable Pet
Step #3: Make Everyone Jealous of Your New Face Mask

Now you can show off your adorable pet while still doing your part to help keep yourself and others safe. With many places requiring face coverings, why not wear something that makes you and others smile (even if you can’t see it)? 🙂

Product Details:

  • One-size-fits-all face covering
  • Made of premium polyester [exclusive of decoration and adjustable straps]
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Two layers with a filter pocket [filters not included]
  • Adjustable straps

At Petsies, they truly appreciate the unique bond that people have with their lovable companions. In fact, they are self-proclaimed “crazy pet people” and aren’t ashamed to admit it! After all, pets bring so much joy and happiness into their lives and that should be openly celebrated. They’re adorable, loyal and provide heaps of unconditional love (and cuddles); And each pet leaves an everlasting mark on our hearts that simply can’t be replaced.

Petsies is here to help you celebrate that loving bond between you and your pet and make it last forever! Whether your pet is 8 weeks old, full grown, or forever in your heart, Petsies wants you to feel their love now and always.

Learn more about Petsies custom plushies and how the ordering process works!


Enrich your pet’s life and keep their food secure

With obesity being one of the major contributors to onset diabetes and in honor of November being National Diabetes Awareness Month, Sure Petcare is offering a viable solution for maintaining a pet healthy weight. Both the SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect and SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder are designed to control access to food helping to ensure a pet’s healthy weight.
The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that nearly 54 percent of cats and dogs in the United States are obese which can lead to a number of health problems, including diabetes. One way to help maintain a healthy weight is to control the amount that a pet eats by using a SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder or the SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect.

Feeding multiple pets needn’t be a nightmare. Make sure pets on prescription or life-stage diets have exclusive access to their food and stop greedy pets stealing food. Give each pet a Microchip Pet Feeder so that everyone can lead a healthier lifestyle.

The Microchip Pet Feeder (MSRP $149.99)
Designed for multi-pet homes, this feeder uses a pet’s embedded microchip or the included RFID collar tag to control access to the food bowl. When a pet approaches the feeder it recognizes the pre-programmed, authorized chip or collar tag and opens the bowl to allow feeding.
This prevents other pets,  ie. the fat one, from stealing food and also ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet. It is suitable for both wet and dry food and the sealed bowl keeps food fresher and free of flies. The feeder will operate for up to six months on four “C” batteries and includes a three year warranty.
  • Designed for multi-pet homes to stop pets stealing each others’ food
  • Great for pets on weight management diets
  • Works with the SureFlap RFID collar tag (one tag included)
  • Sealed bowl keeps food fresher and free of flies
  • Ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet
  • Compatible with all identification microchips worldwide & SureFlap RFID collar tags
  • Suitable for both wet and dry food. Bowl capacity 400 ml or two pouches of wet food
  • 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries -– not included). A low battery indicator will flash when the batteries need changing
  • Stores up to 32 pet identities in memory. Remembers all registered pets even when the batteries are removed
  • Colourful bowls and mats available to purchase separately (1 x grey bowl, 1 x grey split bowl, 1 x grey mat included)
  • 3-year warranty
The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect (MSRP $253 w/Hub)
The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect uses the same microchip or collar tag to control access to food and goes further by connecting to the Sure Petcare smart phone app via the feeder’s Wi-Fi connection to the optional Hub connected to a home router and the internet. This feeder is the ideal solution for overweight catscats with medical conditions that require close monitoring of feeding or multi-pet homes. 
Using the app owners can access multiple pet feeding profiles and view frequency, duration and times. The app provides a record of normal feeding patterns for each pet and will allow owners to notice changes in behavior that could be an indicator of illness. Use the app to set portion size and the feeders integrated scale uses an LED indicator to measure the exact amount to within one gram of accuracy. The feeder will operate for up to six months on four “C” batteries and includes a three year warranty.
  • Connects to the Sure Petcare app (REQUIRES HUB, SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • The Feeder connects to the Sure Petcare app via the hub (sold separately). you set the portion size within the app and then when you fill your pet’s bowl, LEDs guide you to the correct portion weight within 1 g of accuracy.
  • Accurately weigh your pet’s food using the integrated scales. Notice changes in your pet’s feeding which could indicate illness.
  • GREAT FOR PETS ON PRESCRIPTION DIETS: Holds 13.5 fl. oz, wet or dry pet food. The lid closes to form a seal with the neoprene lip, helping to retain moisture and to keep food fresh.
  • Microchip operated – stops pets stealing each others’ food (Uses pet’s ID microchip or RFID Collar tag available from Sure Petcare)


Programme your pet’s microchip at the touch of a button
Your pet’s microchip is then permanently stored in memory

The lid opens when a registered pet approaches
Your pet can access their food at any time without the fear of it being stolen

The lid remains closed for unauthorised pets
All your pets can now live healthier lifestyles

Introduce movement to the lid gradually
The training mode helps pets get used to the feeder in their own time

About Sure Petcare:

Sure Petcare® became the new company name for SureFlap® in 2017, to reflect the future strategy to expand their range of connected products. The SureFlap, SureFeed® and SureSense® product brands remain and play an important part of the company’s heritage and continued success.

After experiencing first-hand the unpleasant consequences of unwanted neighbourhood cats entering his home through the cat flap and terrorising his cat Flipper, Dr Nick Hill – a Cambridge physicist – set out to find a solution.

He knew he didn’t want Flipper to wear a collar, so he developed a revolutionary technology that uses a cat’s existing microchip like an electronic door key, giving Flipper exclusive access to his home and leaving intruder animals at the door. After three years of intensive research and development, the Sureflap brand was born.

Using the microchip reading technology from the pet door range, Sure Petcare developed an exciting new product which revolutionised feeding in multi-pet households. The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder ensures that food is only eaten by the correct animal and is ideal for pets on weight management or prescription diets, or simply to keep a greedy pet away from his housemate’s food.

The Sealed Pet Bowl, with its motion-activated lid, was added to the range in 2015, to keep food fresher and insect-free.


Gifts Fido & Kitty really want in their stockings

Tomorrow is the first day of November, the holiday season officially started. If you haven’t made a list for the holiday shopping, seriously, you are running late. But no worries, we are always here to help you pick the best holiday gifts on the market, you can save the time to watch your favorite shows, and I spend time doing the gifting research. I made a lot of articles about what to get for our family, from parents to kiddos, but how about our best friends? We shouldn’t forget them in this sweet holiday gifting time. They make us happy, we make sure they are having a good life. CBD products are not only for ourselves, but also good for our pets. Unlike giving human CBD products to your petCBD Living Pet products are specially designed to solve problems uniquely suited to animals.

CBD Living Pet products are an all-natural way to help your pets manage anxiety, pain & inflammation and more. All CBD Living products are manufactured using 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado. Every product is tested by third-party independent labs, with the results posted online for complete transparency. CBD Living’s 6-year relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, and an in-house scientist, allow CBD Living to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. All CBD Living products are sold online (shipping to all 50 states) and in over 3,000 stores, and are made in the USA.
If you are a cat mom like me, you should totally understand cats need to calm down sometimes. We enjoy playing with them, but they have much more energy than us, plus we need to work, our jobs are not just to play with our energetic baby cats. This purrrfect CBD bundle is the right gift chosen for cats.

The Purrrfect CBD Bundle – CBD 

Includes a Purrrfectly Packaged CBD Gift Bundle for Your Furry Friend or For That Special Cat Lover In Your Life. All CBD Living Products are organic & lab-tested. So not only is it safe & non-addictive but it’s impossible to overdose. Studies show using CBD treatment for dogs has no harmful side effects. Setup Morris with this perfect CBD Pet bundle package that includes CBD Living’s Best CBD Pet Products:

CBD Living Cat Nose & Paw Salve: is specially formulated with 100 mg Broad Spectrum CBD.

  • Utilizing Skin Retention Technology, ensuring quick and long-lasting absorption.
  • Keep your cat’s nose and paws moisturized and irritation-free with CBD Living Cat Nose and Paw Salve. This salve is uniquely formulated with Candelilla Wax and Coconut, Oat, Sunflower, Avocado, Grape Seed, Olive, Reenlisted Tea and Rosemary Oils to soothe dry and irritated skin.

CBD Living Cat Tincture: is specially formulated with 150 mg Broad Spectrum CBD.

  • Utilizing Self-Emulsifying Delivery System.
  • Also includes Omega-3,-6 and-9 Fatty Acids to encourage healthy skin and a shiny coat. Algae Oil (obtained from a sustainable Vegan source) supports cognitive, nervous and immune system functions.
  • Give your cat immediate relief with CBD Living Cat Calming Tincture, formulated with a mouth-watering seafood flavor your cat will crave.

CBD Living Cat Hot Spot Foam: is specially formulated with 250 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD.

  • Utilizing Water Soluble Nano CBD Technology, ensuring quick and long-lasting absorption.
  • Hot Spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis, are areas of skin inflammation and bacterial infection. Hot spots can start out as small red areas that look like insect bites, but rapidly progress into hot, red, oozing and painful lesions. They can be caused by scratching, licking or chewing the arm, parasites, fleas, food allergies, dirty coats and even boredom. CBD Living Cat
  • Hot Spot Foam is specially formulated with Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Neem Oil and Witch Hazel to soothe your cat’s hot spot.
  • Serves to soothe Kitty from the inside out. CBD Living Cat Hot Spot Foam also provides support against fleas and ticks.

CBD Living Cat Moisturizing Foam: is specially formulated with 100 mg Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble Nano CBD.

  • Utilizing Water Soluble Nano CBD technology, ensuring quick and long-lasting absorption.
  • CBD Living Cat Moisturizing Foam provides protection against fleas and ticks while soothing itchy, dry, irritated skin. Our advanced absorption foam technology uses a blend of vitamins, proteins and marshmallow root to protect and moisturize your cat’s skin without a sticky residue or foamy mess.

We know you love your pets and now you can give them the holistic health products they need to support them fully. Here are some other products you might be interested. Also, if you are a dog mom, CBD Living still has something you are looking for!

CBD Cat Gel Capsules 75 mg

Keeping your cat calm, happy and healthy has never been easier. CBD Living Pet One-a-Day Gel Caps for Cats are specially formulated with 75 mg broad spectrum CBD, Vitamins D and E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Cranberry Seed Oil and Coenzyme Q10 to support your cat’s overall health.

CBD Calming Dog Tincture

Give your dog immediate relief with CBD Living Pet Calming Tinctures for dogs. Available in four strengths – 100 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg and 1,000 mg CBD – CBD Living Pet tincture is formulated with a mouth-watering peanut butter flavor your dog will love.

CBD Calming Dog Chews 175 mg

Give Fido a treat that will also serve to soothe and relax him. CBD Living Pet Calming CBD Soft Chews for Dogs combines CBD, nutritious prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes with a delicious peanut butter, banana and pumpkin flavor your dog will crave.

Chews contain 5mg of CBD each, 30 pieces per bag.

CBD Dog Gel Capsules

Giving your pet a higher dose of CBD has never been easier, thanks to CBD Living Pet Extra Strength Gel Caps. Each gel cap contains 25 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 56 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

About CBD Living:

Driven by the interest in the global hemp industry, CBD Living’s team spent their early days lab-testing claims on other company’s products. After noticing gaps between what people were advertising and the level of expertise that companies where bringing, they decided to create CBD Living to push the envelope on the science of CBD. First established in 2013 and headquartered in Corona, California, CBD Living has grown to reach stores all over the world, providing people with products far superior than any other hemp-derived CBD product on the market.

Global scientists, business minds and thought leaders have come together to form CBD Living, an international, world-class company producing over 100 CBD (cannabidiol) products far superior to any other hemp-derived CBD product on the market.


While Pets Suffer Separation Anxiety as Their Humans Return to Work, a New Pet Safety Product Helps Humans Resolve Their Own Anxieties, an online source for unique pet items, has launched a new petsafety product that brings to life ‘In Case of Emergency’ planning for pets, just in time to help pet parents anxiously returning to the workplace.

As people emerge from lockdown and return to work, many find their pets at home suffering from classic separation anxiety. While pets sulk as their humans return to work, pet parents also experience their own anxieties over pets left home alone.  The Pet Parent Alert Kit has been launched just in time to help them manage these anxieties.

When a pet parent leaves a pet at home to go to work (or run an errand, go to dinner, etc.), they assume their return will be timely. But what if it isn’t? What if suddenly they couldn’t return home due to an accident or emergency? Without a proper plan in place, pets that rely on them could be abruptly left without care.

While an emergency interrupting our daily routine seems improbable, vehicle accident statistics from Progressive Insurance seem to indicate otherwise:

  • 52 percent occur within 5 miles of a person’s home
  • 77 percent occur within 15 miles of a person’s home

A car accident that sends a pet parent to the hospital in an incapacitated state could result in pets at home going without care for an indefinite period of time.  Having an emergency plan in place ahead of an emergency, via The PetParent Alert Kit, alleviates concern for such a situation.

“As a veterinarian, I find that pet owners consider their beloved animals to be members of the family. Their critters are loyal and adored companions. Caring for our wonderful creatures is a top priority. But what happens to them if we are in an accident or have a health crisis that lands us in the hospital? The Pet Parent Alert Kit offers peace of mind to animal lovers by providing notification to medical staff, law enforcement or emergency response teams that your animal needs care. I highly recommend this simple-to-use kit that contains everything you need to make sure your fur babies get the vital care they need when you can’t be there.” – Hannah Smith, DVM (DACT candidate), Gainesville, FL

The kit is comprised of several components, including key ring tags and brightly colored wearables that alert first responders to the existence of pets at home, directing them to emergency contact information stored in the wallet.The ICE contact can be notified of the situation immediately and can take over a pet’s care quickly.  Pets never need to miss a next meal, vital medication or a reassuring hug from a human caretaker.

The kit also provides a ‘Please Rescue My Pets’ home window sticker for fire/flood emergencies.  It notifies firemen or other responders that pets are in the home and need to be found and rescued before leaving the site. This is especially important to have visible during hurricane season on the coast and fire season in the west.

Two versions of the kit are available and priced from $19.95 to $24.95, including shipping. More kit detail is available here:

About is an online source for uniquely designed and carefully curated pet products.  Its mission is to create an evolving world of goodness for pets and their humans, focused on pet safety, wellness and comfort.


Fresh Patch Announced the Launch of “Cats” and “Small Pets” Line

Fresh Patch is REAL grass training pads are all-natural, making them completely safe to use within the home. Dogs instinctively want to go on real grass, so training is easy. The living grass absorbs liquids and controls odors naturally, turning puppy potty training into an easy and stress-free experience.
There is no cleaning or maintenance needed because the entire unit is fully disposable. Simply replace your discarded unit with a new Fresh Patch when it arrives at your doorstep.
On February 3, 2015, Fresh Patch went on to receive national attention when the founder pitched his Doggy Grass patch on the ABC television show Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban made a combined offer of $150,000 for a 20% stake in the company. Today Fresh Patch has become one of the most successful pet products to ever appear on Shark Tank. Fresh Patch has also been named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and has been recommended by Hoda Kotb on NBC’s Today Show.
Fresh Patch just announced the launch of their “cats” and “small pets” line for rabbits, hamsters, turtles, etc., and their new treat line.
Fresh Patch Cat (Standard)

The Standard Fresh Patch pet grass pad for cats is the purrfect size at 16 x 24 inches.  Weighing only 8 pounds, this box of hydroponically grown grass can easily be picked up and placed in your kitty’s favorite hang-out spot. Meow!!

More than one cats? Here is the bigger one for you!
Fresh Patch Cat (XL)

The Fresh Patch Cat (XL)grass pad is a 48×24 inch grass mat that is sure to get your kitty’s tail going!  Purrfect for multi-kitty households or for the cat that demands a larger grass throne to hang-out on.

Fresh Patch just launched treats as well, and have grass and hay available for small pets too! You can view more here: your pup when they use their Fresh Patch correctly with Fresh Patch Small Batch Treats. This Chicken and Sweet Potato treats are sure to make tails wag.

All the grass are grown locally in Southern California, Fresh Patch’s hydroponically grown pet grass is soilless and 50% lighter than traditional grass. Fresh Patch utilizes several different kinds of grass including rye, blue, fescue, zoysia and bermuda.
Try Fresh Patch if you:

*Live in a condo or apartment without a backyard
*Work long or unpredictable hours
*Wish to avoid carpet, floor and furniture mistakes
*Have limited mobility
*Are potty training new dogs or puppies
*Have an older or injured dog
*Wish to avoid taking your pet out late at night, in the rain, or in the snow
*Are fed up with cleaning artificial grass and pee pads

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of Fresh Patch. It has been and continues to be an amazing journey.

– Andrew & Chloe (The Founders)