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Life or Death – For shelter dogs, that’s the stakes of a good first impression

What if the stakes of a good first impression was LIFE or DEATH? That’s the reality for shelter dogs.

August 10th is ‘National Spoil Your Dog Day,’ but let’s not forget about the MILLIONS of shelter dogs that deserve some pampering too. Sadly, most dogs enter shelters dirty and matted. And less than half get the grooming they need so their lovable, adoptable personalities can shine through.

To spotlight the influence grooming can have on dog adoption, pet industry leaders Wahl and teamed up to donate funds and grooming supplies to shelters nationwide. Hundreds of these amazing makeovers can be seen in the Dirty Dogs Before & After Photo Gallery ( – including the…

Griffin was in a kill shelter before being saved by the local Humane Society. He was in horrific shape as the severe matting was causing nerve damage in his back legs and irritating his sensitive eyes. Once groomed, he turned into a completely different little dog. Free from all that fur, Griffin was able to walk and play like a normal pooch.

Gallagher was rescued from animal control where he arrived as a stray. A dirty, matted and miserable mess, during Gallagher’s grooming he had to lose most of his fur. However, while Gallagher lost his fluff, he got to keep a bit of flair on his ears and tail.

Dexter was found living on the streets, and it was clear he’d had it hard for a long time. He was a mess of matted dreadlocks so long he could barely see. However, under all that uncomfortable fur was a sweet boy who sat patiently as burrs, foxtails and even pieces of plastic were cut out of his coat.

Arlo was found by the side of a country highway. He was taken to the local shelter where he was quickly groomed to remove painful mats. His rescuers didn’t know much about his prior life, but at about 10 years old, it was clear he’d had a long rough road.

Berkeley was living a life with little to no care, never even being allowed inside. What’s worse, his one companion, a senior St. Bernard, had recently passed away. Luckily things turned around for Berkeley. Once rescued, he was swiftly groomed and freed from nearly five pounds of muddy fur so matted a fishing lure was found tangled in it.

Ollie was originally found by animal control, but thankfully found his way to a rescue. Once safe, he was given a desperately needed grooming to remove painful mats. The transformation revealed a happy, adorable dog.

Gaston arrived at his rescue nearly unrecognizable as a dog, let alone a poodle. Neglected for years and only used for breeding, his life was bleak. After hours of grooming, Gaston’s transformation was incredible and his personality blossomed.

Zorro was rescued from a rural field at only seven months old. With nearly no fur and crusty scabs covering his skin, his rescuers couldn’t even tell what kind of dog he was. Due to some health issues as well as neglect, this sweet puppy was in constant discomfort. However, after a long road of restorative baths and medications, a gentle German Shepard emerged.

Odie’s owners lost their home and had to surrender him to a rescue. He arrived scared and with thick, matted fur. With temperatures at nearly 100 degrees, he desperately needed to be groomed. Once he had a fresh, clean coat he was instantly more comfortable and his character shined.

Jasper was surrendered to a shelter when his owners decided he wasn’t a good fit for their family. At just two years old, Jasper was a world of energy, and it was clear he wasn’t getting the exercise, care or attention he deserved. After a proper grooming and some training, Jasper is on his way to becoming the perfect pet.

You can help shelter dogs too. From now until August 19, 2019, vote for your favorite of the Top 10 Dirty Dogs and help a shelter win a monetary grant in the seventh annual Dirty Dogs Contest (


Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy Expands Cat Camp To Las Vegas

After three successful years in New York City, Jackson Galaxy, renowned cat wellness expert, host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” and New York Times best-selling author, is expanding Cat Camp to Las Vegas!

Sponsored by Petco Foundation, Cat Camp will bring entertainment, education and empowerment throughout the city of Las Vegas and to The INDUSTRIAL Event Space on November 9-10, 2019, with a goal of inspiring even more people to celebrate cats, connect with their community and cultivate advocacy.

Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp, the premier cat-advocacy event in the country for cat lovers of all stripes, is expanding and heading west for the first time to Las Vegas, NV. With a lifesaving investment by Petco Foundation, a national, nonprofit animal welfare organization working to inspire and lead change for animals across the country, Cat Camp brings entertainment, education and empowerment throughout the city of Las Vegas and to The INDUSTRIAL Event Space on November 9-10, 2019.

Hosted by co-founders Jackson Galaxy, renowned cat wellness expert and host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” and Christina Ha, co-owner of NYC’s first Cat Café, Meow Parlour, and president of its affiliated non-profit adoption group, Meow Parlour Cats, Cat Camp Las Vegas is a celebration of love for all things feline. For the first time ever, Cat Camp aims to do a city takeover by partnering with multiple cat organizations to host camp-style sessions all over the city.

The weekend will be packed with adventure where cat lovers can shop for swag, have fun mingling with fellow cat aficionados, and – most importantly – become inspired to be better cat guardians, lovers and advocates! Saturday will feature engaging educational presentations with speakers including Galaxy and kitten advocate, Hannah Shaw (aka Kitten Lady). On Sunday, guests can expect interactive workshops, arts & crafts and cutting-edge products for both cats and their guardians. Attendees can sign up for additional events taking place all over Las Vegas as Cat Camp invades the city to spread cat love so residents can create a better future for both companion and community cats.

The feline-focused festival started in 2017 and recently celebrated its third successful year in New York City, attracting campers from 31 states and eight countries. Cat Camp was created to bring together the country’s first community defined by their passion for helping America’s most popular companion pet, and has now trained over 9,000 people from all over the US and other countries to become more involved in their community to save lives. By using the momentum built over the past three years, the goal of this expansion to the west coast is to give even more of the country access to the immersive event in order to inspire even more people to celebrate cats, connect with their community and cultivate advocacy.

Cat Camp is sponsored by Petco Foundation, a valued longtime partner of Meow Parlour and Jackson Galaxy, dedicated to creating a lifesaving nation.

For additional information and the latest updates on programming and ticket sales, visit For all vendor and sponsorship inquiries, please contact through the website at

About Jackson Galaxy
Popularly known as “The Cat Daddy,” Jackson Galaxy is the host and executive producer of Animal Planet‘s long running hit show “My Cat From Hell.” Jackson, an animal advocate and cat behavior and wellness expert, is also a two-time New York Times best-selling author with more than 25 years of experience working with cats and their guardians. He is on a mission to educate people about cats and deepen the human and cat bond, while reducing the number of animals that end up in shelters. He is also the founder of The Jackson Galaxy Project, a Signature Program of, a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, that seeks to improve the lives of animals at risk and help the people who care for them through innovative programs that educate, inspire and empower staff, rescuers and adopters to continually raise the bar for  animals at risk and reduce the number of animals that end up in shelters.

About Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp
Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp is a weekend-long adventure devoted to exploring and celebrating your love for cats. The immersive experience with a summer camp-like atmosphere includes a cat cafe, cat yoga, speakers, arts & crafts, adoptable cats, workshops and more! Cat Camp is about celebrating cats, connecting with the cat community, and cultivating advocacy.

About the Petco Foundation
At the Petco Foundation, we believe that every animal deserves to live its best life. Since 1999, we’ve invested more than $250 million in lifesaving animal welfare work to make that happen. With our more than 4,000 animal welfare partners, we inspire and empower communities to make a difference by investing in adoption and medical care programs, spay and neuter services, pet cancer research, service and therapy animals, and numerous other lifesaving initiatives. Through our Think Adoption First program, we partner with Petco stores and animal welfare organizations across the country to increase pet adoptions. So far, we’ve helped more than 6 million pets find their new loving families, and we’re just getting started. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved.