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In the Biz: Beth Fricke

In the Biz with Beth Fricke

Beth Ficke is responsible for A listed manicures and has developed an impressive celebrity roster including Drew Barrymore, Sheryl Crow, Heidi Klum, Mariska Hargitay, Miranda Kerr, Christina Ricci, Mariah Carey and Lindsay Lohan. Fricke is currently serving as an O∙P∙I Celebrity Manicurist. Here is her tips to help you!

How can you extend the life of a manicure?
The best, easiest way is to put an additional coat of topcoat on and then apply oil to the cuticles.

What nail colors are complimentary on all skin tones?
There are some sheers and slightly darker reds that seem to work pretty universally.

Why should we use different products to moisturize our nails than for our hands?
When we moisturize hands, we are trying to moisturize the skin. When we do nails, we are trying to moisturize parts under the skin or the layered nail, that both require substantially more penetration.

What tips do you recommend to ensure a perfect manicure at home?
File the nails the same shape. Clean out under the nails to make sure there are no rough edges or corners. Gently buff over the top of the nail and cuticle with a soft (220 grit or higher) buffer and then brush them with a wet nail brush. Before you polish, wipe the nail with some polish remover to remove any oils. Make sure you hit the outer edge of the nail with polish and with the top coat to seal it in.

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(NY) Shecky’s

Shecky’s has a well-earned reputation for knowing what girls like, and for being able to give it to them the way they like it. Go to a Shecky’s event in any city where one is being held and you’ll find all the stuff we girls crave – clothes, jewelry, handbags, makeup, candles and perfume, and maybe even some naughty toys to enjoy with our significant others. 

This week’s Holiday Night Out – being held through tomorrow at the Altman Building in Chelsea – is no different (except that, unfortunately, it’s sold out, unless you want to try getting a ticket from someone who can’t go, and they often post messages on Shecky’s event message boards).
With a huge variety of vendors, the Holiday event event is touted as a fun way to finish your holiday shopping with your girlfriends – and to treat yourself to a few things, as well. Clearly, everyone who attends these events has a fantastic time, evidenced by how difficult it is to get a ticket to how packed it is and how elated the vibe is throughout the evening. From trying out new techniques in tooth whitening and home-manicure scrubs to sitting on Santa’s lap for a group photo, all with cocktail and cell phone in hand, this is one happy group of women.

This year’s event does more than just make attendees happy, though. The proceeds from the event are going to support Nest, a non-profit organization that empowers impoverished female artists and artisans around the world by using a unique combination of interest-free microfinance loans, mentoring from established designers and a market in which to sell their crafts. Nest instills pride of ownership, preserves ancient artistic traditions and successfully moves women from poverty to self-sufficiency. 
Along with Midori cocktails, great music and tons of girl power to spare (boys are not prevented from entering but they certainly aren’t encouraged), everyone who attends gets the now-famous and coveted Shecky’s Gift Bag, usually included with the price of a ticket, because, well, girls love taking their stuff home in cute bags!

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(NY) +CHILL Marketing Group

me and @adgomez

Robbie Blake + Tiffany Chanel

Nothing like a random party at the Rivington Hotel!  +Chill Marketing Group throws the best parties and their holiday party was no different. Happy birthday Kevin! Tons of cool people, a slow open bar and lots of balloons. Now that I have been to a few NY parties where there are helium balloons everywhere, I am convinced that balloons are the new cupcakes.

This is what I wore
Black Wall Street 🙂
Balloons everywhere
Don’t miss a thing @teamchill
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(NY) SantaCon

Today I went out on the street and saw 7000 Santas!  Did you know it’s SantaCon! It is the biggest mass gathering of people dressed as Santa Claus… So cool right? It’s madness out here. Happy holidays..

Washington Square
“SantaCon is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-logical Santa Claus convention, attended for absolutely no reason”, says the description on NYC Santa Claus official web page.

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(NY) Charmin Po(o)p Up Store!

I went by 42nd street today for a meeting and I came outside to this!  The Charmin Pop Up Toilets!  The cold weather always makes me want go to pee to I had to go check it out. Each mini toilet was equipped with 3 kinds of TP for your pleasure.  I use the Ultra soft at home so I tried to Ultra Strong to see what that was all about.

The Charmin Toilet Photo Op!

All the restrooms available for use
I love pop up stores! I also love experiential marketing. I had a good chat with the reps Larry, Kevin and Donny.  Outgoing, friendly and super helpful. Donny offered to pose with me! Prom time lol – It’s a giant toilet! So fun – The outside is gold, there a 2-step thing to climb up to the ‘throne’. To make you laugh, the reps say.. come on, let it all out >_< ew.

There is even stroller parking… You know, for all the moms… 🙂

Ha ha ha!  For more, follow them on Twitter @EnjoyTheGo: Dedicated to making going to the bathroom more enjoyable. We all go. Those who go with Charmin, really Enjoy the Go
This is a classic case of a huge company with a huge budget and huge idea trying to make use of ‘social media’.  How come you have 160 Twitter followers only?  Sometimes Social Media needs to be prompted and steered. Not once when I was in there did anyone ask me if I was on Twitter or if I wanted to share my photo on Facebook. SMH. If you gave me that kinda marketing budget, I wouldn’t use it to wipe my butt… 


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