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Rare Salon

After being just south of Canal Street in Tribeca, Rare Salon is still doing what they do best – giving your hair all that tender loving care. I went in to meet my new friend Kevyn and get a super conditioning treatment + trim.

Here is my before – since my hair is growing out, it’s a bit unruly and somewhat flat in the back.

Inside Rare

All the current glossies

then we soak, wrap and wait

Rock on!

make sure you say hello to Fatima

and of course… Kev Bridgeman, the most tame Leo I ever met…


Renegade Kitchen

Damn!  Dan Kohler is so fresh :] Met him yesterday at Food Fete and he is just more than amazing. This is the kinda men we find here Brooklyn!   This is what I call a soul-connection. Enjoy!

Soft Pretzels from Renegade Kitchen on Vimeo.

Dig it. Renegade Kitchen finds the independent manufacturers, bakers, restaurants, and chefs in your town who are making life easier for people living with food allergies. We post exclusive video-interviews with these cats, giving you the stories behind their products. Check in for weekly recipe updates, is your place for living gluten-free, dairy-free, whatever-you-want-free


“Life tastes better when you’re not single. Cook for someone.”


Food Fete

Did you know that 9% of all adults are allergic to gluten? Americk and I went to Food Fete to check out new Foods for People with food allergies and learned so much!  After tasting everything from cookies to pastas to sandwiches and yogurt… I realized that there are so many other alternatives than to what mainstream products we may buy at regular grocers.  There were over 15 vendors and we had a great time.   The best thing besides all the free food was the opportunity talk and really understand the purpose behind gluten free. I will be highlighting each of the products and brands throughout spring – Read the labels people!

the nice girls from Chobani Yogurt

Get this at Costco.. yumm!

ever tried Oat, Hemp, Almond milk?

the cute sour cream guy



More pics here

Shout out to Am for being the taste-tester and hi-res photos ^_^


Messy New Yorkers

The Style Network’s HIT SHOW ‘Clean House’ is coming to the NY TRI-STATE AREA looking for families with CLUTTER that NEEDS TO GO!!

Do you need help ridding your home of clutter? Are you having a hard time letting go of stuff you don’t need? Is your house in dire need of a makeover? If AT LEAST 3 ROOMS IN YOUR HOUSE ARE MESSY, then you need CLEAN HOUSE!!
If you OWN a SINGLE-FAMILY HOME with at least 2 adults live in your home, then please e-mail the following information to us and we’ll be in touch with more details:
1. Names & relationships of EVERYONE living in the house.
2. Address, phone number, e-mail
3. Photos or video of all your cluttered rooms.
4. Tell us about yourself and why you and your family need CLEAN HOUSE!!!
5. Do you own or rent your house?
For prompt attention, please answer ALL of the above questions!!

Email us at:


Mystery Guy #8

Look what I found 🙂

Vaitari Anderson – Marketing & Branding:

Vaitari has worked his way up from consumer marketing to online marketing through affiliate marketing for companies such as VH1, CMT, and MTV2. As brand manager, he drove the phenomenal conversion of the Enyce clothing brand which put the company on a new launch pad which has lead it to be acquired by Sean John.

Kind of scrumptious right.