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(NY) Mysterious Guy #4

I was on the F train last week heading to the Pro Keds event and I saw this fine fella.  I noticed his square handkerchief in his blazer pocket, I noticed his Varvatos-esque boots and of course his fingerless gloves. But more so it was his magnetic aura that interesting people all possess.  Anyway, in my previous post about how ‘he has to match my fly‘ – I am always amused when my thoughts manifest into reality.  I got off at 2nd street and left for the event.

Then I called Joey telling her I swear I felt like he wanted to talk to me too lol. But I was too chicken. So here is the twist of Guy #4… you ready? HE WAS HEADING TO THE SAME EVENT.   So anyway needless to say, he is just as awesome as I thought. Justin Bridges, stylist and owner of Tucked LLC.
Til the next one…

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(NY) TopShop Rocks

In September, I bought a coat from TopShop. I kinda splurged but I really loved it.  But have 2 months of being with me in LA, TO and NY – the pocket decided to rrrrrrrrrip. Sad to say, I had to bring it back to TopShop.  They were so nice and helpful and told me I can exchange for something of equal value.

Those of you who know how I shop…know that this was not an easy task for me. It took me almost 8 months to find a jacket I liked! And it broke 🙁  And if you guys remember, my Zara suede hobo bag also broke… Grrr… So I spent 2 hours and a half in TopShop and exchanged my coat for a new coat AND a bag 🙂
Fur Collared Flying Jacket

 Leather Metal Trim Satchel

Pretty good deal right? Thank you TopShop for being flexible and putting customers like me first ^_^

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(NY) ProKeds S/S11 Preview

My girl Aisha is so super connected and I love her! She invited me to the ProKeds Preview party last night on 76 Orchard St and it was an evening of streetwear bloggers, fashion fanatics and everyone who wants to mingle amongst them. I went down with Joey and it was a delightful evening with fresh fly sneakers and boys who love them.
Open bar of red + white wine, Red Stripe and TsingTao with a crowd to match! Jamaican beer and Chinese beer is always a recipe for a good time. There was also cod fish coquettes, jerk chicken wings and baby beef patties. Yum.

Carrie Koscal of The Foundation (brand incubation + pr)
um hi, i love your squirrel sweater
cutest in charge! that’s how we roll!

me and @kajeki

Find out more about ProKed at
PRO-Keds Sneakers – Since 1949. Shop Athletic Heritage & Royal Lifestyle canvas and leather shoes.

Same event, different pov here: and
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(NY) Nygård Preview

Bianca Nygard is a trendy casual clothing line that is proudly Canadian. They had an event in NYC this week and I was invite to come meet with some NY ‘who’s who’ of the fashion world. 

Some notable individuals included the president of the the Chambers of Commerce, John from LIM (the fashion business school of NYC) and of course the Nygard marketing team.

Mark Jaffe, CEO of the NY Chamber of Commerce
Mike Robertson (videographer) + Shayne Stephens (Marketing, Men’s Fashion/Religion Guru)

These are ‘swackets’ lol Sweater/Jackets hee hee

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(NY) Sparkly Sneakers

Jacob and I were walking around the Garment District and I saw the cutest girl. She was like Fifi Lapin come to life. She was talking to her friend on her phone loudly in Mandarin and we were just a block away from Fashion Institute of Technology. She is so cool. I noticed she was wearing over-sized round Chanel shades, a grey nonchalant sweatshirt and then these lovely sparkly sneakers!  I didn’t recognize them, they are probably from somewhere fantastic like China.  Here are the one’s I found online:
Keds $88
Forzieri $277
Converse $135
Take a sparkly step for fashion’s sake.

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(NY) Fishtail

Fishtail NYC

I love visitors and when Margaret told me she wanted to go to Fishtail for dinner I was more that ecstatic! We had the Sunday $35 prix fixe Lobsterfest. YUM. We also go the Lobster Mac and Cheese.. it was divine.

Pretzel crusted Crabcakes

To start… I had the Lobster Dumplings and Crabcakes for Appetizer

Then I had the Hong Kong Lobster… So delish

For dessert, the fuzzy and amazing Fig Cream. The fuzzy was made out of pure sugar.

Such an incredible experience! When you come to NYC, I will take you to Fishtail 🙂  The one and only David Burke….

Blurring the lines between chef, artist, entrepreneur and inventor, Burke stands as one of the leading pioneers in American cooking today. His fascination with ingredients and the art of the meal has fueled a career marked by creativity, critical acclaim and the introduction of revolutionary products and cooking techniques. In addition to Fishtail by David Burke, Burke’s other properties include davidburke & donatella (New York, NY), David Burke at Bloomingdale’s (New York, NY), David Burke Las Vegas, Burke in the Box at McCarran Airport (Las Vegas, NV), David Burke’s Primehouse (Chicago, IL), David Burke Fromagerie (Rumson, NJ), David Burke Prime and Burke in the Box (Mashantucket, CT).

more info here

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